XLVII: Caught

I stand in the parking lot, growing impatient waiting for who I was.

As some students walk to go on their way, they turn to me. And it's not that I care about that they think... I mean, not really, but I try not to show my face.

I jolt when a car beep is sounded close to me.

For a moment, I think my ride is here, but when I see the familiar blue sports car, I bend down and smile at who is inside, "Hello, twins."

Mishka in the steering wheel waves while Sashka beside him lowers his window ans sticks his head out, "You need a ride?

I shake my head, "I'm waiting for Javier."

The two knit their brows and pull their head back in sync. "Javier Rosario?" Mishka calls loudly from inside.

I can't help but chuckle, "You know any other Javier, Einstein?"

"Why are you waiting for him?!" Mishka says the same time Sashka says, "Don't trust him."

"C'mon we'll drive you home," Sashka adds.

"And why would you when she has me?"

Javier walks up beside me and grabs my hand, "go on, you Russian zombies. I
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