XXI: Treachery

After classes, the three kings headed to football practice.

Dae-Hyun, who was the star striker and co-captain of the team, had an advantage over Javier and Marcus, he could brutalize them in training and they wouldn't be able to do a single thing about it.

As of moment, the new recruits as well as the original team members were non-verbally having a competition of who had the better body, the three kings were definitely in the running.

"Hey, Tommy," Marcus called as the captain of the football team minded his own business and tied his shoes on. "I heard Lilac's going to our match."

Tommy didn't reply and pulled his socks up, once he was satisfied, he gave him a look and turned away without a word.

Javier snickered at his reaction while Dae-Hyun raised a brow.

"Can you believe that loser?" Marcus chuckled.

"That loser's the captain of the team. If I were you, I wouldn't push it while you're on the field." Mishka mumbled as he fixed the

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