Mapula-The Rain Queen
Mapula-The Rain Queen
Author: Lady Tamia


Dolphins stood around the portal as it opened in the middle of the ocean, their heads towards the opening as if waiting for something to jump out or to jump in. The rain queen floated above the portal with an unconscious Thabiso, his body beaten beyond recognition and he lost a lot of blood. If he were to be taken to the hospital now, he would surely die before he gets there as his life is hanging by a thread. His breathing barely audible and his heart rate lower than that of a vampire. The portal finally opened wide and the water around it started to settle and calm down. The queen floated and lowered herself into the portal as the dolphins started moving around it as if scouting for an enemy. When she was finally in, the portal started to close on the surface while underneath it was moving in an incredibly high speed, taking the queen and a barely alive prince of BaTloung straight to the entrance of the mystical kingdom. The fallen queens who awaited their arrival met her as she landed taking the prince off her hands, leading the way to the giver of life's layer. They laid him down in front of the fallen queen Bahomi, the first ever giver of life to walk the lands of mortals. She looked at the queen and asked in a sweet comforting voice. "Do you wish for him to live my queen?" The rain queen did not even think of the answer as she opened her mouth and answered her ancestor. "He may have hurt me but i do not wish harm upon him as that is not the way of our people. Heal him my queen and i can only hope that he will redeem himself after this ordeal." The giver of life gave her a proud smile " If it pleases the queen then it shall be so" said the giver of life, Mapula sat not so far from them and watched as fallen queen Bahomi breathe life into the prince. The only question that was in her mind through all that was " Is our marriages even going to work?" that is the question that the queen didn’t have an answer to, she could only wait for the future to unfold and pray to the gods that all goes well.

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