Mapula-The Rain Queen

Mapula-The Rain Queen

By:  Lady Tamia  Completed
Language: English
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Years passed after princess Mapula was born, she set on a life's journey a new adventure, moving from her home Boakoena Kingdom in LeSotho to study in Cape Town. She was to discover her powers as the rain queen to harness it to full extent allowing her to transform physically into supreme being as well as connect with the spirit realm. Meanwhile her parents king Lerumo and Queen Mabotle live happily running a prosperous kingdom in which they were loved for their kindness and generosity. Only to find king Lerumo murdered by a contingent of his jealous advisors and aspiring leaders of the opposite factions. He finds his way back as a spirit that only Mapulas gifted daughter could see to seek his revenge as well as to protect his kingdom as it comes under attack. Neighboring the Bakoena were the Batloung, another successful kingdom their crowned prince Thabiso falls in love with Mapula and they are betrothed to later marry and unite their kingdoms with their power and might. While Mapula is in school she befriends a Xhosa girl Kwezilomso daughter of Brian a shady and shrewd businessman. In a cunning move Brian facilitates Mapulas kidnap but he ended up being the one wipes out clean begging for scraps to survive as punishment. Tokelo Mapula's brother falls in love with the princess of Batloung Thabiso's sister. Kwezi falls in love with the adoptive brother of Mapula Lebo, the fun yet temperamental brother. The two wed under drastic circumstances as Brian Kwezi's father was against their union. In their early days they made a friend who become more like a brother to them after eventually helping him save his kingdom, Prince Ntsika of Manzini kingdom in South Africa.

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106 Chapters
 Dolphins stood around the portal as it opened in the middle of the ocean, their heads towards the opening as if waiting for something to jump out or to jump in. The rain queen floated above the portal with an unconscious Thabiso, his body beaten beyond recognition and he lost a lot of blood. If he were to be taken to the hospital now, he would surely die before he gets there as his life is hanging by a thread. His breathing barely audible and his heart rate lower than that of a vampire. The portal finally opened wide and the water around it started to settle and calm down. The queen floated and lowered herself into the portal as the dolphins started moving around it as if scouting for an enemy. When she was finally in, the portal started to close on the surface while underneath it was moving in an incredibly high speed, taking the queen and a barely alive prince of BaTloung straight to the entrance of the mystical kingdom. The fallen queens who awaite
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The birth of the rain queen
 It was hot sunny day in LeSotho Maseru, queen mother maBotle was in labour ready to bless the world with her second child. Under the meticulous care of their trusted royal midwife as well as two palace maidens, she was in the room screaming her lungs out due to the unbearable pains. King Lerumo and the elders anxiously awaited the birth of a prince or princess. “She has been in there for more than 4 hours now and still no update, what could be taking so long? Because I can hear my queen is in pain” said the king worried that something is wrong with his queen and child. “ I can feel you pain my king but there is nothing we can do at the moment but wait and let nature take its course” said one of the one of the king’s elders Mosia trying to comfort his king seeing how distraught he was about the situation. &ldq
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The revelation
 Bakoena KingdomThe chief priest stood outside the throne room, chanting and praising the Bakoena ancestors, his bag of bones hanging on the side on this shoulder with the sling going down his hip and moving around as he paced granting and chanting the Bakoena clan names. Inside the throne room the tension was raising with each passing minute, as they anxiously waited for the chief priest to enter and deliver the message from the gods. The chief priest finally went inside, he was dripping wet from the rain, he went and stood in the middle of the room facing the king. " My king, the gods have shown favour on you this day, they gave you a gift, a rain queen and as of today this land shall prosper because of her but she is to be treated well for you shall shed tiers should you make mistakes with her" said the chief priest to the king " My thanks eye of the gods, what do you mean we must not ma
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Maliscious plans
 Bakoena KingdomThe following morning the king and queen were in their sleeping chamber, it was early sunrise but the king was awake looking at his queen who laid beside him and wondered what he has done right for him to be blessed with such a beautiful soul. As if that was not enough the gods also blessed him with a prince and a princess. While King Lerumo was still admiring his wife the queen woke up, when she opened her eyes, she was met by those of the king. " Sunrise greetings my king" she greeted him with a smile. " Sunrise greetings my queen, how was your slumber?" he asked returning the smile his queen graced him with. "Wonderful my dear, I am well rested." she said still smiling at him as if it was the very first time they met. "That is good to hear my dear, I was thinking that after 10 days when the umbilical cord has fallen off the princess we should hold a ceremony to formally introduce her to the gods, our people and other kingdoms.
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Will it rain?
Bakoena Kingdom The king came back from his royal duties with anger radiating through his body, he was riding his horse at full speed, he stopped at the palace gates then got off the horse and went inside with his guard right by his side. " Ask the maidens to bring me bathing water, I will be in my chamber" the guard bowed his head and went without a word, when the king is like this no one dared say anything to him. The guard ran to the where the maidens were, " One of you must take bathing water to the king, you will find him in his chamber" he then walked away bumping into the queen. " My apologies my queen I was not looking to where I was going" he quickly apologised to the queen, but her concern was that he has never acted this way so surely something was wrong. "What is happening?" She asked worried that something might have happened to the king. “My queen, the meeting the king and I went to didn’t go well, I don’t have all the details but
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 Bakoena KingdomAfter a while, the chief priest instructed the queen to take the princess inside. She did as told and as soon as she stepped inside with the princess the rain stopped, the clouds cleared and the sun came out. People were shocked and all the kings who has princes quickly requested to have a word with king Lerumo. They had already sensed that the child was favoured and none of them wanted to miss out. The king asked his personal guard to tell the kings to wait for him in the throne room where the meeting will be held. The king then called the elders and went to the guest chamber.
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According to plan
 Bakoena Kingdom The celebrations went on until late in the evening, other royals left only a few remained. Elder Simon and Lance were on the lookout for the mystery man as he told them to leave and wait for him at the palace. As they were complaining about how tired they were of waiting and how long day of a they had. A stone was thrown at their direction, they got startled as it was dark out, they looked at each other wondering who could be throwing stones at them. Another stone was thrown, and they decide to go and investigate, they saw the man they were waiting for in the bushes.
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'I hold no knowledge of this'
 Bakoena Kingdom16 years have passed, the princess was in high school studying in South Africa, Cape Town to be exact and was now 16 years old. She goes home only on school holidays but has a bodyguard as per the king’s orders. Prince Tokelo her brother is now 26 years old and owns a law firm with his partner and brother Lebo. The kingdom has prospered over the years, the palace was renovated and now looked like a village on its own. They also own different farms and trade in livestock, crops and have shares in a coal mine. The people also benefited a lot from all the developments, they renovated their huts and were able to send their children to school after a new school was built in the kingdom.
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Unsuccessful plans
 Bakoena KingdomThe next day prince Tokelo woke up early to prepare for his journey to the palace since he did not make the journey the previous day. He did his morning routine and put his travelling bag in the boot and drove to the palace. After an hour and half, he arrived at the palace and the guards opened for him. His personal guard came to help him with his bag. “Sunrise greetings Tiisetso” the prince greeted his guard; they have always been close as they grew up together and are around the same age. Tiisetso’s family has always been personal guards to the royal family, from his great grandfather to him. “Gre
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Foolish Pirnce
 Bakoena KingdomPrince TokeloI finally arrived at the capital and I was so tired after driving to and from the palace without rest now I need it. It has been a long day but before I rest, I need to contact Lebo. I dialled his number and waited for him to answer. “Brother” his voice came on the line. “They have arranged marriage for our princess man.” I say to him “That’s bad but we knew this will happen sooner or later.” I sigh “I prefer later man, she’s our little sister.” He sighs on the other end. “So, who is she getting married to and does she know?” he asked, his always been the rational one between us. “She doesn’t know man but when I spoke to her, she didn’t have a problem at all with getting ma
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