Chapter 6

Violen POV

My world is breaking. My feelings are being hurt. Actually, what is lacking for me? I have a lot of money, I am good at all subjects, and I act like a simple woman. I never bothered anyone. But my world is destroyed.

Is it true that I have no self-respect? Bryn's words were ringing in my head. But the fact that made me worse off was the beautiful memories I had. A silly feeling of being happy that Daren contacted me, but All that is just a fake. These are all just stupid things that are worse than dreaming.

Without realizing it, I was only loved by Daren's shadow, not by his person. Do you know what I did to make it through this long night? I choose to please myself to the night club. Listening to the sound of music that did not deafen my ears. Sipping expensive wine that tastes good tonight

"I have everything you know?" I said to the club

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