Mafia Looking for Wife(English)

Mafia Looking for Wife(English)

Oleh:  Shanin.H  Tamat
Bahasa: English
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Adult Romance!! Violen, an ordinary woman who lives in her simple world. There is something that is a mission for her. She wants to feel how it feels to be LOVED. Why? Because all this time, Violen only feels how to LOVE someone when expectations are not like Korean dramas, Violen is caught in a complicated relationship. Bryn, the crazy man who constantly bullies Violen, suddenly confesses feelings for Violen. On the other hand, Daren, a man, became Violen's first love when she entered college, treating Violen like a royal princess. Then there is Noah, a man who has an argument that kidnaps Violen to ask Violen to marry him. Then who will Violen choose? Try to be Violen and feel how complicated the choices are in a slightly crazy love story.

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Merry Vegesthy
great story
2021-09-05 15:49:12
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Glow Peridote
Hi, author. It is a nice love story. I hope the female lead could find happiness and a kind man for herself. She deserves a good life with a bunch of happiness. Cheers!
2021-02-13 13:42:14
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Nice story!!
2020-09-21 13:55:33
user avatar
I hope some on read my book
2020-09-01 01:04:11
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alexandre Gauthier
Very difficult to understand where the story leads and she is dead at the end
2021-08-30 15:36:45
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Can you guess how your true love came into your life?For sure, love will come without you guessing, without you thinking. Like maybe he is your close friend or neighbor or someone from a different country with you.I am violent, and I don't think I will know what true love means in my life. Not until she came into my life in a way I never imagined.Just imagine the person who suddenly kidnaps you and then unexpectedly asks you to be his wife."Will you be my wife? You must want""You kidnapped me, and now you ask me to be your wife? Are you crazy?""yes, I'm crazy because of you."
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Chapter 1
Violen POVI believe, someday the owner of my heart will come by itself. What do I feel now ?. I have no idea. It is a matter of what love is. So far, I only know how to love. Why?Maybe because I haven't felt what it feels like to be loved, or I feel the pain of having loved sincerely and ended up in betrayal.Hi? I'm Violen Swan. Only that. I mean nothing special about my life. Now it's my second year since I wrestled with the world of college.Do you guys ask? Why do I say there is nothing unusual in my life?Maybe I'm not like other women. What did you do on the 19th with the university? I'm busy with books in the library. I don't have any friends who ask me to hang out or pajama parties. And I don't have a lover, that's obvious.But, from all that, I still have some luck, I guess. I have one friend. I can say a very long friendship. She is Lesley. She chose to set up a café not far from my campus.I don't
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Chapter 2
Violen POVMy alarm sounds as usual. It always does its job, which is to wake me up every morning. I rubbed my eyes while yawning, releasing any lingering drowsiness. I stretched my whole body still on my bed.I got up from my sleep, walked over to my bedroom window curtains, and opened them slowly. I did it so that the sunlight did not make my eyes surprised to receive it. Ahh, how beautiful this morning.The sky was bright blue, and the clouds were beautifully painted up there. But what about my life today? I have no idea. What I know may not be as beautiful as that sky.It's time to clean up before going to campus.As usual, after I took a shower, I just wore a T-shirt, jeans and let my blonde hair loose as long as my waist. Usually, I tie my hair, but today I want to let them open. At least it changes my mood.
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Chapter 3
Author POVViolen was trapped in uncertain anxiety. Either she must be happy or feel anxious about the situation she is experiencing. Happy because it was Daren who gave her the letter, or worried that she didn’t usually get messages like thatViolen was still staring silently at the letter that was on the table. She was busy sipping the orange juice, while she only looked at the letter doubtfully. Lesley, who was sitting in front of Violen, accompanied her best friend, who always visited her cafe after returning from college. And now, her friend is trapped in anxiety that makes her furious.“Until when are you just staying like this?” asked Lesley, rolling her eyes lazily.“I don’t know” replied Violen“When are you going to read this letter?”“I don’t know,” replied Violen again.“You realize now? You’re not drunk right ??”&l
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Chapter 4
Violen POVHave you ever experienced the same thing as what I experienced? Like someone, but can only secretly admire. You can feel how heavy this is, right ?. Sometimes my heart can act selfishly. I want to have the whole Daren. I want Daren to love me back I want Daren to know how I feel about himBut? Logic still makes me aware. Anything that is forced will only result in dire circumstances. Likewise, love is not it ?. What should be holy must be tarnished by a selfish presence.Then suddenly, one day, my world seemed to change 180 degrees. The person I like half to death now seems to open their heart. Give me space to enter into his world. What other reaction can I give to that other than a 'wish' .I want to grasp the opportunity that could be a good thing in my life later.Ever since I dared to contact Daren, everything flowed like a calm river current. I discussed many things with him, even though our chat was still
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Chapter 5
Violen POVI thank the luck that came to me at this time. For the first time, I felt that the night went by very slowly. I'm not just waiting for the sun to replace the moon. And this day finally came. I gave Lesley trouble choosing clothes for me. I decide not to tie my hair. I even put a little makeup on my face.You must have known why I did all this, right ?. It's because, for me, this is a day when my sweet dream is like a reality. Daren wants to take me to lunch at Cafe Lesley. Is it true that a story will end happily? Yeah, I'm delighted right now. "Violen, You welcome the morning this happy ?" Lesley looked at me with a smile"I want to appreciate this important day. at least I will feel the taste of lunch with him Lesley "I replied enthusiastically"I hope you have a pleasant day.""Ough thanks, Sweety. I'm going to college first. And I'll see you at the cafe this afternoon, okay," I left Lesley and walked tow
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Chapter 6
Violen POVMy world is breaking. My feelings are being hurt. Actually, what is lacking for me? I have a lot of money, I am good at all subjects, and I act like a simple woman. I never bothered anyone. But my world is destroyed.Is it true that I have no self-respect? Bryn's words were ringing in my head. But the fact that made me worse off was the beautiful memories I had. A silly feeling of being happy that Daren contacted me, but All that is just a fake. These are all just stupid things that are worse than dreaming.Without realizing it, I was only loved by Daren's shadow, not by his person. Do you know what I did to make it through this long night? I choose to please myself to the night club. Listening to the sound of music that did not deafen my ears. Sipping expensive wine that tastes good tonight"I have everything you know?" I said to the club
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Chapter 7
Violen POVThe whispers from the café visitors were getting heard. I was standing right in front of Bryn, staring at the man with a sharp gaze. I don't know where my fear has gone. It was enough in the first year of college and high school that he bothered me. I want to know why he hates me so much."Tell me now," I pleaded."'What will you give me? If you want to know why I did this to you, then I will let you know. But for that, there must be a reward for me."Ohh you want to act even more lowly?" the words that just came out of my mouth."What?" snapped Bryn."Yeah, you don't feel low enough for bothering a woman. And now you are trying to blackmail me too? ""Since when are you talking so cleverly like this?" Bryn drew closer to me and narrowed the distance between us. But that didn't scare me in the least. Isn't that strange?"Violen, I think,,,""I'm fine Lesley," I replied, stopping Lesley'
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Chapter 8
Violen PovI don't know how destiny works. I've been through some difficulties in my life. As you know? I don't know what it feels like to be loved by someone. I only know what it feels like to love or fight for someone.Daren accompanies my days now without me asking. This time there was no doubt for me. Why? Because this time, it was a Daren standing in front of me. Not the shadow.Once again, I said, I never asked Daren to be present in my life. I didn't ask him to be close to me like this. Everything just happened, just like the universe wanted this to happen."Aren't you tired of looking at books every day?" said Daren, who is now sleeping on my thighs. Yeah, I don't know since when he's been like that to me. I, who was focused on reading a novel in the garden after class, was suddenly surprised by Daren's arrival, who slept directly on my thighs."Daren? You will make people misunderstand like this. don't sleep on my thighs? "I said, looking at Daren. his eyes were intoxicating w
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Chapter 9
Author POVTime seems to stop for Violen. Oxygen seems to disappear around her. she wasn't even sure that she was still human with life. What she saw was like a cinema screen showing a hot scene. It was clear that Daren was enjoying a hot kiss with that woman.Daren, who realized Violen was frozen, staring at him, tried to get closer to Violen. Out of nowhere, Violen's legs suddenly walked backward when he realized Daren was walking toward her. Initially, Violen retreated with only a few small steps. The closer to him, the greater Violen's step backward, and did not need to wait for the moon to turn into noon, Violen immediately ran to avoid Daren.Violen ran his way through the crowd enjoying party music, ignoring Daren, who was shouting her name. The voice of Daren calling Violen's name made Lesley turn around, aware of the situation, Lesley came along with Daren to chase Violen to the outside door.Violen hurriedly took off her high heels, throwing them in any direction. She lifted
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