Xinya Lu

 Xinya walked through the doors of Lu Corporation dressed in a classy black trouser suit, a pair of heels and a smile plastered over her face. As she walked in she soon became the topic of discussion across the reception since she had become one of the most controversial topics in the company. People could not fathom how a girl with seemingly no background could easily complete all the tasks assigned to her with no mistakes and how she always seemed to be classily dressed, even in nameless brands. A lot of people believed she was someone's mistress but there was no evidence to prove it and because of the fact that she had refused to date anyone regardless of who and the extreme politeness and coldness she seemed to exude she had earned the title of the ice queen yet somehow she never seemed to care. 

Nodding at the people who said a greeting to her, Xinya made her way to the accounts department, where she got blocked by Kira, an intern with the Finance department which was right next to the Accounts department. Kira was one of the interns who had gotten into the company by sleeping with one of the team leaders in the company and had continuously gotten things done by buttering up the said higher-up. Kira was a problematic individual who believed everything should go her way and she hated Xinya who had no scandals within the company but got things done quickly. She was the perfect example of a white lotus and spent a lot of time framing others. Several team members of hers had gotten into trouble over her issues and had been scolded for no reasons.

Xinya had initially had no intention of entertaining her and had initially wanted to walk away but Kira had not wanted to let her go so Xinya had coldly tried to walk past Kira with the words "letgo". But Kira had immediately fallen to the ground screamed and begun claiming that Xinya had pushed her down. "What did I do to you for you to shove me down? I know you hate me but this is a public place so you should pay attention to your image. We can get along well or you can pretend not to see me, I didn't do anything"  she said looking pitiful like she'd been bullied and as she remained on the floor looking all pitiful it indeed looked like Xinya had bullied her. At this point a lot of employees had walked out and on seeing Xinya standing and looking at Kira in mockery had instantly taken Kira's side feeling like Kira had been bullied. The Finance department's team leader who was in a relationship with Kira had walked out and on seeing Kira on the floor had without asking any questions asked Xinya to go and pick up her pay with the Finance department and to never show up again in the company.

"Go and pick up you monthly pay from the Finance department. You don't need to come back tomorrow either."

Xinya looked at him emotionlessly with a mocking glint in her eyes.

"Are you sure you want me to pick up my pay and resign?"

The team leader had felt she didn't take him seriously and had berated her all over and insisted on her leaving the company 

Xinya smiled, a mocking smile as she'd calmly replied "I hope you do not regret it".

Then as she turned in her heels she'd said " Oh, and do remember to check the survelance cameras, I think they captured everything" "And team leader don't bother having it deleted, it would be impossible to delete it now" she said waving her phone as she sauntered away. Everyone could see that she hadn't seemed to care if she had a job or not. But the problem was "How did she manage to get her hands on the footage?" Very few people knew but Kenzie was also a world class hacker, however she'd rarely used that skill. At that point however, she'd really not cared anymore and had lost all hope in her dad so she'd chosen to become a full time hacker.

She had pulled out her phone and dialled her father's number. After 3 rings he responded rather impatiently"I'm busy, what is it?". Xinya smiled, her expression mocking as she replied,

"I've been fired"

" What did you do" The man questioned believing that the problem was his daughter. To him, his daughter was just an incompetent little girl. He'd never viewed her as someone capable of anything.

"Rather than wondering what I did I think you should check on the number of illegal and unethical workers in your company maybe you can find out what is or rather who is syphoning your funds. Xinya decisively cut the call feeling rather bitter. Her thoughts running wild as she walked towards the coffee shop besides the company. Taking a window seat she'd ordered a cup of bitter coffee as she let herself reminiscize about the past.

Growing up she'd never remembered having a father's love after her mom died. That term to her was distant, initially, her father had showered her with endless love and had adored her, she could faguely remember that her parents had been in love and her mother had rejected a marriage arranged for her which had led to the family cutting off ties with her. She wondered if her father would have been more caring if her mom was still alive. Xinya had always known even as a child that she was expected to marry someone of equal or higher status and that her marriage would be expected to bring benefits for both parties but she'd never expected that her father would sell her off as a good to the highest bidder. At that point she'd wondered if her father would call off the marriage contract if he had enough money to ensure his company pulled out of this crisis. At this point, Xinya hadn't realized it, but she was on her way to becoming the fiercely independent woman who would stun her country. She had begun to lose that innate, lingering fear she'd felt for her father, she was beginning to shed the quiet, mild air around her gaining a domineering air that would follow her for life. Xinya had begun to plan her life  promising herself that regardless of what the future held she would never let herself fall into a situation where she would need someone to hold her up or into a situation where she would need to rely on others. With a cold look in her eyes, Xinya promised to become the best version of herself, and maybe several years later when she would think back to this very day, Xinya would remember the overwhelming despair she started that day with and the unwavering determination she ended the day with. She would remember that on this very day, she'd begun to build the foundations of the life that she had always wanted. But these were all in the future, and at this point, Xinya had merely gotten up, shedding all vestige of the person she used to be, starting on the part to become a new version of herself.

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