Arrogant Young Master Meets His Match

Arrogant Young Master Meets His Match

By:  Jay_Rhem  Ongoing
Language: English
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Eighteen years old Lu Xinya had barely just placed her life on track. Young Lord of the Hacker Alliance. Heir to Lu Corporations. And Student with two majors. So what is this about marrying Mu Feng? Hey why don't you ask for my permission first? Everyone says the Smith family doesn't treat her well but who knows "Xin'er, your dad and I are preparing to go abroad, come with us?" "No need" "Your husband bought the limited edition bag for you". "Return it." An exciting tale of a young girl who slowly discovers that all around her were buried secrets each more intriguing than the next.

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28 Chapters
It was another of such days,Xinya woke to the sounds of the housekeeper bustling around. She tuned around and looked at the time it was exactly 6:30 am so she got up,freshened up and changed into another outfit and went to accompany her in the kitchen.Mrs. Bricks, an elderly woman in her 40's was preparing breakfast when Xinya walked in.  "Good morning Annie", She greeted lightly. Annie turned around as she responded with a smile. It was obvious how much love the elder woman had for Xinya as she had a huge smile on her face."Your father is in the dining room and it seems like he has something to tell you. Why don't you go and meet him now and come over later to see me? I'll have something for you by the time you come over"  Annie said as she stirred her pot. Xinya took a deep breath, She would love to ignore her father if she had the ability especially now that the man was so irritable as he was
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Mu Feng
Mu Feng, a 6ft 20-year-old young man with a face which could rival a top face model of any country stepped into the My family home after having received an urgent SOS distress call which he had long perceived was fake from his mother. He had calmly walked up to his mother asking what the problem was. She'd instantly thrown a tantrum about him never visiting home unless forced to and only after much coaxing did she finally relent asking him about his work and lifestyle. Mu Feng was the current president of his father's establishment Mu Corporation. He had joined the company a year ago after graduating from college at 19. He was fiercely independent and had always loved to stay alone moving out of the family home at 16 when he'd graduated from high school.After dealing with all the questions his mother had asked him to stay for lunch and to accompany his dad and her to a dinner appointment. Sensing something amiss in the entire scenerio he had kept probing until his mother had
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Xinya Lu
 Xinya walked through the doors of Lu Corporation dressed in a classy black trouser suit, a pair of heels and a smile plastered over her face. As she walked in she soon became the topic of discussion across the reception since she had become one of the most controversial topics in the company. People could not fathom how a girl with seemingly no background could easily complete all the tasks assigned to her with no mistakes and how she always seemed to be classily dressed, even in nameless brands. A lot of people believed she was someone's mistress but there was no evidence to prove it and because of the fact that she had refused to date anyone regardless of who and the extreme politeness and coldness she seemed to exude she had earned the title of the ice queen yet somehow she never seemed to care. Nodding at the people who said a greeting to her, Xinya made her way to the accounts department, where she got blocked by Kira, an intern with the Finance department whi
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Alert: Arrogant Young Lord
At the same time on the topmost floor of Lu Corporation, the CEO/Chairman, stared at his phone incredulously, he could not believe that the little girl who would quiver at his presence would oh so openly ignore him. To his surprise, she had dared hang up on him, something that has never happened in all 18 years of her life and for him in more than 20 years. He'd chuckled darkly, wondering if he was wrong. Calling his assistant into his office, he'd sent him to inquire on exactly what happened, after all, regardless of how he viewed his daughter, she was still the sole heir to his company. In less than 30 minutes, his assistant was back, sporting an incredulous look, he presented a file before his CEO and while the former was perusing the file, started telling him exactly what had happened in the company that morning. It was only then that James Lu realized that his daughter whom he had looked down on was an interesting girl, she was better than what he thought. He turned his attenti
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The Dinner
     After a tiring 4 hours before a laptop, Xinya found herself with a new Swiss account and a bank balance of a few tens of millions. Her name once buried under the dust along side thousands of others, had once again swept through the list in the space of a couple of hours, she'd made it into the top one thousand, her eyes lingered on the verification button besides her name. She didn't know it but at that moment her actions had caused a ripple in the Hacker world. She had jumped into the nine hundreds and still moving upwards. She smiled, wondering to herself if her father would let her back out of the marriage agreement if she filled in the gaps in finances and if she found him a good financial advisor.  "If I handed him a few couple of millions, would he die of a heart attack" She wondered to herself "or would he accuse me of robbing a bank?"  Xinya chuckled at her thoughts.
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Mu Feng raised his brows wondering exactly what the woman beside him planned to say. He watched as she walked pass him and out into the night. The lights formed a hallow around her making her look distinctly beautiful. He sighed, getting up and wondering to himself exactly what she planned to say.  As soon as Mu Feng entered the garden he caught sight of Xinya who was leaning on a tree, a stem wound round her in her hand. She looked quite at ease and very different from the girl he'd seen the moment he'd entered the Lu's home. "What's up" A cold voice fell through Xinya looked up, her distracted thoughts interrupted, reminding her of the reason she stepped into the cold night. "Young Master Mu, I don't know how this engagement fell into place and I am really not interested in fulfilling it neither do I think that based on your attitude so far that you are interested. So I would like you to talk to your parents while I speak to my father a
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Miss Cut Throat
It was another anoyingly slow day for Lu Xinya in the office, while she loved getting back at others, doing it in secret was more of her but now she had to get the company on track as well as join the board of directors meeting that afternoon as well as a contract discussion which meant everyone will know her identity. She had promised her Dad that she would be able to get the money required to get the company back in track without the help of the Mus but instead of agreeing to call of the marriage, the man had told her that her marriage was a must. He had reiterated that while he wasn't extremely fond of her and while he hadn't spent much time on her, he still loved her and that the reason for her marriage was even more serious than company funds. He hinted that it was very serious but refused to say anything else. Lu Xinya had begun wondering if she had been wrong. At that point there was a knock on her door. "Come in" A young girl of about 22, dres
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Cut Throat Xinya
It was currently 1:45pm. Lu Xinya walked into the boardroom. There were more than ten men already seated there. Four of them were minor share holders with no decision rights and who merely came to the board meetings to establish presence and fill up space. She ran through the information she had of the company in her head. Her father was the major share holder with 53% of the shares. Her uncle held the position of the second largest with 19%, she held third with 18%, The Mu's held 5% and the four shareholders there shared the remaining 5%. This made her father the major share holder with major decision making right especially since he could access the 37% held by this brother-in-law and his daughter. However with Lu Xinya turning 18, she gained access to managing both her own shares but the shares owned by her uncle by default since she was also her uncle's legal heir. She greeted the men and sat down on the seat reserved for the third largest share holder even though she co
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Who is she?
While Lu Xinya tore the executives apart, exposing their stupidity, a man was fascinated while watching her. Mu Feng stood in the hallway with his people, his expression filled with shock. He felt like he was seeing her for the first time. It turned out the little girl of that year had grown up.Her
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I Think I Might Like Her
It was late in the evening at The Everglades, one of the most upscale bars in F city. Two men could be seen sitting in a private room on the second floor. They were talking as they drank. The two men were Mu Feng, Vice President of Mu Corporation and Nate Yang, CEO Blaze Conglomerate, another international company on par with Mu Corporation. Both men were best friends who had gone to high school and university together. Together with Franklyn Saunders, a world class hacker, they made an invincible trio. Unfortunately, Franklyn had been called back to the headquarters by the Hacker Lord owing to the return of the Young Master of the Hacker Alliance. The three men, despite being best friends had vastly different characters.Nate, was a typical young rich heir. He was basically a sunshine boy as well as a player. He was technically a clown. His love for gossip was unrivalled and his ability to dig for it was as professional as that of the paparazzi. Well what could on
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