Chapter 4 There Is Nothing Better Than Seeing My Wife

China, The Western Pacific Ocean,

Seaside Palace,


The sunlight shone on Ji AnLing's face illuminating her delicate features. Her eardrums were hit by the voice of the sea waves and cries of the seagulls. She tried to open her eyes but her eyelids felt heavy.  She felt a hand on her waist holding it tightly.

The sound of the waves and the cries of the seagulls made her feel a sense of crisis.

She turned her head into the direction of the hand which was on her.

"Huh?" her facial expression distorted in surprise. She curbed the urge to scream and examined the man's features.

His eyelashes were long and pretty. His nose bridge was high and his eyes were almond-shaped. His lips were thin and lean. He was devilishly handsome.

His handsome face was sending chills through her spine. That was the first time she felt fear, the fear of being caged, and the fear of having her freedom stolen.

She tried to break free from his grip but he just pulled her closer to himself.

Right now, Ji AnLing's face was only a centimeter apart from his face. Their lips almost touched.

She backed away and scanned the room with her eyes.

Ji AnLing wriggled her body slowly and slid down from under his arm. She stood up from the bed and opened the floor to ceiling windows in a frenzy.

Her sixth sense was right. They were on the sea, but where were they? She was so engrossed in guessing her situation that she didn't even realize that her clothes had been changed.

She was now wearing a black ruffle dress with a crew neck, and ribbon on the neckline which stopped at her thighs. Coupled with her short body, she looked like a Lolita.

She entered the balcony and looked down. There was golden sand all over and the waves were crashing on the beach.

She walked over to the bed, placed her hand on Mu Zeyan's broad, sturdy shoulder, and shook it violently. The man who had already woken up due to her movements lifted his eyelids and revealed his obsidian eyes.

Mu Zeyan looked at her delicate face, revealing a bright smile spoke in his deep, hoarse voice with a hint of doting "There is nothing better than seeing my wife's face first thing in the morning".

She ignored his words and grabbed his collar, pulled him towards herself forcing him to look in her eyes which were brimming with a murdering intent.

Whereas, his eyes were telling a totally different story. They were filled with tenderness and amusement as his smile became even brighter.

His smile was pissing her off. She was on the verge of exploding.

Mu Zeyan's lower body was on the bed while his upper body was hanging in mid-air because of Ji AnLing's hands.

"Where are we?" she gnashed her teeth and spat out a sentence.

He took her hands off, sat upon the Queen's bed, and looked deeply into her black eyes. Her eyes were cold and frosty covering her fears.

"Home" he replied.

Mu Zeyan stood up from the bed and stopped in front of her. He lowered his head to look at her. She raised her head and looked directly into his eyes.

The murderous intent in her eyes had disappeared when she realized the severity of the situation. Right now, her eyes looked innocent and naive.

She wanted to use her eyes to fool him but she didn't realize that she was unintentionally seducing him.

He scanned her from head to toe and realized what true beauty was. Her pale face, white legs, and those wet eyes lit a fire inside him. His Adam's apple bobbed. He pushed her on the bed on jumped on her.

Ji AnLing was caught off guard as she was thrown on the bed. She didn't get the chance to react as both of her hands were placed over her head.

Mu Zeyan brought his face over to her face as he placed his lips on hers and started ravaging her.

She tried to turn her face away but his free hand cupped her face and held it tightly in place.

Ji AnLing brought up her legs to kick him in the shins but she was too short for him.

Her body was only long enough to reach till abdomen. So she decided to make do with it.

But before she could kick him, her legs were pried open by his legs taking away all chances of defending herself.

Johnny taught her everything other than sex education. He felt that there was no need to teach her about sex. She just turned 18. He was not in a hurry to teach about the matters between men and women. It was obvious that he had never considered her current situation

Tears welled up in Ji AnLing's eyes as she had no idea what was going to happen next. His passionate actions were scaring her. She was terrified.

Mu Zeyan had lost control of himself. His hands were wandering on her body as he started going down towards her collarbones.

But before he could do anything he caught sight of Ji AnLing's face with tears streaming down from her eyes.

He made her cry. The girl who had never even sulked before cried for the first time. She had always been protected by the people around her. The girl who nobody ever allowed to cry was now sobbing in his arms.

His heart felt as if it was going to be crushed by a stone. It ached. A sense of guilt engulfed his heart as he felt suffocated.

He didn't want to do this. He wanted to love her, pamper her and make her happy but he didn't know what came over him.

He let of her hands and touched her face to wipe her tears away but she turned her head away. He picked up the comforter from the side and placed it on her to cover her.

"What were you doing to me" she questioned him in her hoarse voice.

"Why did you touch me, I don't even know who you are although you feel a bit familiar I still don't know who you are" she added.


He gave no more explanations to justify his actions. But her words made him realize that she had no idea of the deals between the two genders.

Imprisoning her was to make sure she doesn't leave his sight. But his one mistake had sabotaged his blissful future.

It was going to be a long way but he was ready to persevere.

"I will ask the maids to bring up the breakfast," he said and exited the room.

Ji AnLing initially thought that she was alone in this mansion but the word 'maid' helped her fear reside a bit.

She walked over to the closet and picked up some modest clothes. She was surprised to see that all the clothes and undergarments were her size.

It seemed to her that the man had been preparing for her arrival.

She walked into the bathroom to take a bath.

But she forgot to bring her clothes inside.

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