Ancestor, Please Let Me Go

Ancestor, Please Let Me Go

By:  Aine  Ongoing
Language: English
5 ratings
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Ji An Ling, often referred to as blue rose was given the job of assassinating the business legend Mu Zeyan She was notorious for her vixens like beauty, bitchy attitude, and her abilities. He was well-known for his clean private life, money, and ruthlessness. They were entangled with each other. One day he handed over a marriage certificate to her and arrogantly declared "You are mine" "Mu ZeYan One day, Maybe not today yet one day I will teach you a lesson of ethics" she warned him in anger and tore the marriage certificate apart. "Don't worry, I still have the real one with me". NOTE: This Cover belongs to It is not mine

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A very intriguing storyline. Got me curious for more. And the pace is good. Good job author! It was fun to read :D
2021-04-10 21:02:26
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Read the first chapter, add it❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
2021-04-10 01:58:50
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I have /so/ many mixed feelings about this story and the characters in it... but isn't that what a good story should do? It really makes you think about /so/ many things. Overall approve!
2021-04-06 11:08:33
user avatar
I've read all the chapters. I like the starting point. it's different from other story and I like it very much. the ones who like intriguing and dramatic stories, give it a try 😍
2021-04-05 22:04:41
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Choux Pastry Heart
It's a bold and dramatic story. It starts off strong and hooks the reader in with intrigue.
2021-04-03 22:33:25
35 Chapters
Chapter 1 The Complain
China, Ming CityMu EnterprisesThe Chairman's OfficeA 50-year-old man was sitting behind the desk. His features were handsome with a few signs of aging. Those wrinkles added to his charm and masculinity, but the masculine old man was frowning.The door of the office was knocked and another middle-aged man entered the office."Sir, Miss Ji is here. Should I let her in" Secretary Yin asked cautiously. He kept examining Chairman Mu's expressions.The more he looked at him, the more he felt that he is a formidable man. Secretary Yin had worked with him for 20 years but he had never seen him with such a dark face.Today was the first time when Mu linghao believed that his son was a disgrace."Bring her in" he ordered. Secretary Yin nodded and proceeded to leave."Wait, address her as Mrs. Mu from now on" he added. Secretary Yin didn't
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Chapter 2 Such A Handsome Yet Such A Fate
S Country, T City   Hilton Bar   Vip room   A young girl clad in a white T-shirt tucked in her faded black high-waisted jeans and white sneakers. A black short blazer was placed beside her. She was swirling a glass of red wine.   As for her actions, they could be described as contemplation. She wanted to drink and not drink the wine at the same time.   This year, according to the world she had turned twenty but in fact, she just turned 18.  She stopped playing with the glass and brought it to her pink lips.   Before she could take a sip, the door slammed open and a male voice entered her ears.
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Chapter 3 When Did Puppy Eyes Ever Manage To Move A Lion
I never thought that I would be played that badly. My manager, organization, and the man I love. They all betrayed me. *Cries*S Country, T CityHilton BarVip roomJi Anling looked at the door and demanded Johnny to come in explain.He was peeking from the door.He was her friend, confident, and manager. The rumours about her bitchy temperament were all spread by him. He did this so that people would fear her and wouldn't think of her as a pushover.She never thought that she would be betrayed by her best friend. Not even in her wildest dreams did she ever dreamed such a thought.He took a deep breath and entered the room with his head held high up, as he had done nothing wrong.In fact, he never did anything wrong. He was following orders from the higher-ups. He tried to rebel against their decision but failed. He had no choice bu
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Chapter 4 There Is Nothing Better Than Seeing My Wife
China, The Western Pacific Ocean,Seaside Palace,Morning,The sunlight shone on Ji AnLing's face illuminating her delicate features. Her eardrums were hit by the voice of the sea waves and cries of the seagulls. She tried to open her eyes but her eyelids felt heavy.  She felt a hand on her waist holding it tightly.The sound of the waves and the cries of the seagulls made her feel a sense of crisis.She turned her head into the direction of the hand which was on her."Huh?" her facial expression distorted in surprise. She curbed the urge to scream and examined the man's features.His eyelashes were long and pretty. His nose bridge was high and his eyes were almond-shaped. His lips were thin and lean. He was devilishly handsome.His handsome face was sending chills through her spine. That was the first time she felt fear, the fear of being cage
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Chapter 5 The Marriage Certificate, My Savior
I will never let you leave, hehehe *evil smile* West Pacific Ocean, China Seaside Palace, Ji AnLing entered the bathroom and looked through it. She checked it several times before confirming that there was no camera. Even if there was no camera, she didn't have the courage to take off her clothes. She was afraid he might barge into the bathroom without her consent. She didn't know what Mu Zeyan was gonna do to her but she wasn't going to bear it. She knew that escaping was not possible from this place which is why she decided to surrender. She opened the shower and allowed the water to flow through her clothed body. But after a few minutes, the fabric started to stick to her body. It was uncomfortable. She felt as if Mu Zeyan was hugging her. She was disgusted by it. For the sake of her comfort, she decided to compromise and took off her
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Chapter 6 My Man Doesn't Even Gives Me Coffee
Give me some coffee*screams* West Pacific Ocean, China, Seaside Palace He said in a solemn tone "I will keep you here, but I won't torture you". A mocking smile appeared on her lips as she mocked him while looking for something on the table " then what are you gonna do to me?". "I am gonna love you with all my might," he said with a straight face. Ji AnLing was not in the mood to entertain him. She nodded her head at his reply and massaged her temples. Right now, she was suffering from a serious headache. Her vision was becoming hazy revealing signs of extreme sleep deprivation, she needed a cup of coffee. She looked at him and revealed her caffeine addiction in the following words. "Okay, I get it. If you really love me then get me a cup of coffee before I die". For a moment, Mu Zeyan thought tha
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Chapter 7 As You Wish
Kiss, Kiss, fall in love *sings* West Pacific Ocean, China, Seaside Palace, Evening, After 2 hours At 6 o clock, Mu Zeyan opened his obsidian eyes and stared at the Ji AnLing sleeping peacefully in his embrace. After having his fill he kissed her forehead and got off the bed. No matter how calm he looked in front of Ji AnLing he couldn't deny that an internal struggle would take place inside him every time he interacted with her. Mu Zeyan wanted to tell her that they were married but he was afraid that Ji AnLing would hate him even more than she already does. She feared being caged and he feared a life without her. They never knew that one day their fears would come true. Mu Zeyan turned down the air conditioning of the room and entered the bathroom to take a bath. While he was in the shower, the petite little girl wo
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Chapter 8 Signals! There Are Signals Here
Are you better any better than me * confident* West Pacific Ocean, China, Seaside Palace "Yayyy" Ji AnLing squealed in excitement. Just the thought of getting her hands on a surfboard was enough to convince her to live in such a remote place. He instructed the domestic helpers to bring two surfboards. Ji AnLing looked at him in surprise. She didn't want him to surf with her. If he did how will she look for exits? Mu Zeyan felt her eyes on him. He ran his fingers through his hairs in irritation and gave her a complicated look. "How good are you?" he asked with a tinge of suspicion. "I am the best in all sports. Volleyball, soccer, skateboarding...any sport. Bring it!!!" Ji AnLing bragged placing both her hands on her waist in confidence. His lips curved up into a slight smile as he closed upon her.
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Chapter 9 Tips From Anime
Damn this man *surprised*  West Pacific Ocean, China  Seaside Palace,  Ji Anling entered the mansion, rubbing her stomach as if she was comforting it. She hadn't eaten anything since morning. It was her first day here and she had already competed with him in surfing. For some reason, she was looking forward to her days in the future.  She threw the laptop and phone on the couch, looked around to spot a human being. But to her surprise there was none. Not even Auntie Yu who usually followed Young master Mu around and sabotaged her attempts to escape from his arms was present today.  "And here I thought there were people who would tend to each and every need of mine" she grumbled as her stomach chimed in too.  Auntie Yu had completed the task assigned to her and was coming down the cu
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Chapter 10 Nobody Knows What's Happening In There
Why are you back*dumb* West Pacific Ocean, China Seaside Palace, Ji AnLing connected the laptop with the Samsung Wall TV through HDMI and decided to pull an all-nighter to finish every anime and drama on that laptop. Earlier when she was looking through the laptop she saw that there were all sorts of ports in it. It didn't take her much time to understand that this laptop was custom made. It was designed to let her know that she can't escape.  She sat on the bed, opened up a packet of lays, and started munching on it. Soon, she was asleep and the bag of chips was leaning on her stomach. The whole room was a mess. There were wrappers of chips lying near her and on the ground. The TV was still playing on full volume and its light was brightening her face. Later that night, a helicopter landed on the helipad and a man with an extremely gorgeous face
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