13th November 1873

It was pitch dark, the wind was carrying sand in it, a thin shower of sand falling slowly on the castle.

The peace that the castle held was unbelievable.

Hugo sat on the wooden plank in the dungeon lost in his thoughts, mumbling to himself.

"The seventh heart is lost.

The chain is broken now.

Why is it that castle is not destroyed yet?

I wonder.

Nor the fortune eye had come to consume the king?

Whoever I read about in the wisdom collections, who had encountered the eye, doesn't get to live a second further.

How is it that the clock is prolonging its duration?

Why is it so?

What's there that is still unknown?

The queen is no more apt to produce a child again.

Then what is it that nature is holding its hopes on?

It's been a month, but nothing had happened yet".

The chains of the door suddenly clattered, echoing through the wall of the dungeon, the voice of the lock opening was hitting the bare
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