A journey to Elysium

A journey to Elysium

By:  The Alpha  Completed
Language: English
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Dreaming about unnatural events which have no relation with present, was that ordinary?The feeling of being haunted by the same tragedies as she dreamt of, whose dreams those were? And why is she watching them?MURPHY MARTINO had no answers to these questions. As she was an orphan, she had no one by her side except SAM LEONE with whom she shared milk kinship as they were fed by the same Nanny in an orphanage.It soon turns out that the death of her parents wasn't an accident but a murder! And why did someone wanted to do that? What was her relation to the dreams and that Royal Palace? And what role did Sam have in her life? Was the death of his parents an accident too?She was living destiny of someone else's life, whatever she does she will end up with the same end.Why was her blood so precious? No one knew till when she turned 18 and her blood bore the strength and will, it is then when everything will reveal itself, every story will uncover itself.But! Will she be able to endure it?Will Sam stay by her side forever?

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Mr Grinch
This is so mysterious, I love it❤️❤️❤️
2020-10-14 22:39:05
106 Chapters
21st August 1965
‘Wake up Murphy’, a soft alarmed voice hit her consciousness, she was too familiar with this voice. ‘Murphy, wake up’
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3rd March 1965
The beach stretched alongside the water widely, marking the gold bronze sand from the blue-green water so accurately.The waves seemed busy in smoothing the sand over and over as if the only purpose of their existence was to look after the sand so gently, to undo any disturbances on it.The muted sand didn’t have evidence of any other being arou
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5th March 1965
She woke up to the ringer of an old alarm clock on her side table. She wished to harm that clock for waking her up every morning.'Life was so tedious', she thought.Over the past years, life had been a rough journey for her, living alone in this dilapidated rented house, paying her bills on her own at this age of her life, earning her own meals and spendings see
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6th March 1965
“Ah! Another beautiful day, cleaning and clearing garbage,” Sam chuckled,” Have you gone job hunting inside your head?”Sam was trying to ease the tension in the air as Murphy was glossing over the comedown events that happened lately.He was a sweet distraction that she would allow being around.“Someone’s in
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7th March 1965
“Are you up?”, Sam knocked at the door and said gently, “It’s morning according to you”.Murphy jumped out of bed and opened the door.“Sam you’re up so early”, Murphy exclaimed.
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7th March 1965
The door opened to a mystical symbolic spacious interior, ancient architected temple.It was vast and sublime, beautifully rustic.It had the patterns of some beautiful memories been carved. 
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7-8th March 1965
  The travel to Nanny’s home was a smooth one, they got helped by her work boy in assisting them with their journey to her home.They finally were there at the gate of the house, in which someone dwelled, a person who was the only unnamed relation left for them, to whom they could call a mother. 
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8th March 1965
She stood there, eyes locked staring at her, barely moving a brow. She could feel her heart sinking, there she kept looking at her at constant gaze.She tried to absorb the heart-wrenching truth and was trying to keep her conscious intact to think about the possible reason before it.“Who killed them?”, she finally gasped these words out after a span of silence.
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8th March 1965
Nanny took a breath before continuing to reveal more of the tragic event happenings. “Your dad ran outside to combat the intruders,He was a brave man. . . .He had decided to fight it off, he was ready to bear the consequences for the love of his life. . . 
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8th March 1965
She continued revealing the story which has been kept masked by her over the years. Slowly the book of her life was showing itself, the long dusty covered book was going to speak itself now.      
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