Chapter 4. "MINE"

Mj could feel her ears turn hot and her cheeks flush and now she was furious. “What the hell gave this man the right?” She thought and decided to try an old trick she learned in her early years as a bartender.  Some drunk asshole would make an advance more than once or confront her in the parking lot after shift when she was alone and she couldn't always overpower them physically, a few times they had grabbed her and she couldnt get free and had actually started to panic. But for whatever reason Mj always just became very calm and focused like she knew exactly what to do to get herself free of the situation. She had figured out that most of the time all these dirty fuckers wanted was to grope her and for her to just accept it, so she figured out a way to fool them. 

Mj calmed her mind and relaxed her body, she pushed herself softly into the chest of the man holding her and relaxed all muscles except the ones in her calves and feet. She looked up and found the small black spot in the center of his eye, offering sweetly. “Can you at least loosen your grip a little so I can breath” she bit the bottom of her lip as she realized what she said actually sent small bursts of what felt like electricity through her entire body,” whoa!” She thought “I should have been an actress. I'm so good!”

To her surprise he did loosen his grip but only enough for her to move her arms out of his and it's only then did she realize just how massive this man's forearms actually were, her heart skipped in her throat shen she realized she was now softly stroking his arms with her fingertips. “Did he just purr?”She wondered to herself. 

He was surprised at her forwardness all the sudden and to his amazement he realized what was happening. He felt the small jolts of electricity travel through his body and on instinct alone the beast within him purred with excitement. “It couldn't be true,” he thought, he was so old already and had not found a mate he had already accepted the fact that the moon had not meant for him to share his life with another. “After all, what kind of life was his to share?” To his horror and dismay, the beast inside him momentarily took over and spoke. “MINE” he purred so low it was almost a growl. 

He let her move just a little and she looked up at him and he couldn't help himself, he leaned forward to inhale her and tucked his head in the crook of her neck. Unlike most of the women he had met in his time there was nothing false to cover her scent. It was clean and sweet and the only falsity about it was the scent of shampoo. He didn't mind though, it was natural for humans to use scented cleaning products on themselves. “How sweet she must be,” he thought to himself. 

“Are you fucking serious” Mj thought, “did he just smell me?” This was the last straw, she traced her fingers up his arms and around his neck. She cupped One side of his face with her hand so she could get a better vantage point. 

“Unbelievable,” he thought, “she was accepting him?” He knew she was human because he couldn't smell wolf on her and he was pretty sure she wasn't aware of who he was because of the way she spoke to him earlier. “Could their natural attraction be that strong already?” He wondered. How much he wanted to just take her into the woods, mark her and keep her hidden from anyone but himself for the rest of her life. His bliss was interrupted by the sudden loss of his balance, all at once he found himself flying head over feet and landing on his back. “Did she really just flip him” he thought? 

“Success!” Mj was giddy as a little girl. “It worked just like it always did, albeit not the way it usually worked” she mentally noted. 

He wouldn't let her turn around completely, to get a better grip so she had to throw herself to the ground with him. It looked more like a power slam from a wrestling match than a defensive maneuver. Mj tried to pull herself upright and for some reason she felt the need to take off running. Not only did the move not really go the way she wanted but this man was now laying on his back laughing instead of gasping for air and she was pretty sure she was now gonna really be in trouble as there were more figures starting to gather near the back door and she could hear Lou’s loud footsteps nearing them. “What the fuck is going on out here unload the meat before-” Lou stopped mid sentence as he saw the sprawled out bodies in the parking lot. Lou looked around at the 4 hunters standing around and down at the 2 bodies on the floor. “Oh shit”, he thought “this damn girl had amused the assassin earlier with her spirited attitude but he wasn't sure how long he would put up with whatever shit was happening now. I can't do this”, thought Lou. “I gotta get her outta here before she gets herself hurt or worse”.

Lou pushed past the other hunters standing around and reached down to pick up the girl on the ground as she had started to get up on her own. Lou heard a low threatening growl and found himself thrown back towards the door. He hit the ground with a thud. “MINE” came a growl from the beautiful god-like creature still laying on the ground. 

Mj turned around to see Lou flying backwards and she screamed in horror. She was going to run away but when she saw Lou’s body fall limp to the ground she turned on her toes and headed for Lou. Someone grabbed her ankle and tripped her. She felt a hand press into the small of her back and she was pinned to the ground. A hand grabbed the back of her pants and another hand grabbed the collar of her shirt and pulled her to her feet but did not let go.

“Not so fast kitten” came that voice from behind her again and she started to struggle against the hands holding her. She both looked and felt like a desperate little animal trying to escape from a predator. “Let go of me you asshole, what the fuck is wrong with you” Mj screamed still trying to break free. “Lou!” She continued to yell, “Lou! Answer me old man are you ok LOU!”  She looked around at the other faces staring at her, searching each one for help. But they all just stood there gawking. “What the fuck is wrong with all of you? Help him? Who the fuck are you?” Mj sounded more than desperate now. She was starting to panic a little. 

This man was still holding her and she was pretty sure she heard him say something like “mine” before he threw Lou like a bag in the wind.//

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