Legacy of the Wolf

Legacy of the Wolf

By:  DangerBeanz  Completed
Language: English
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MollyJay Bijou is a woman of almost 30 who works 3 jobs and has fewer friends, and as an orphan she has no family. Her life had been a perfect series of screw ups and disappointments, until an obnoxious stranger and his rowdy friends change all that. Werewolves from the moon? You have got to be joking...right? ***BOOK 1 COMPLETE**** Book 2: War of the Wolves will continue the story

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LOVE this book, compelling characters and intriguing story line. Looking forward to the next books in the trilogy. P.S. Keep writing Danger Beanz, do not listen to the haters. They're just jealous.
2021-08-05 05:39:04
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Angelique Van Der
love this book. cant wait until the next book.
2021-07-21 01:59:00
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Jason Cook
Awsome I loved it but we’re can I find book 2
2021-07-02 01:58:34
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Adelajde Wonny
This book is really good
2021-07-01 02:07:57
user avatar
Charlene Farally
can't wait until,the next books out
2021-06-30 00:27:15
user avatar
Francis Martinez
2021-06-29 19:10:40
user avatar
Landon Skidmore
love the story
2021-06-22 06:19:22
user avatar
Lulu greg
Love the cover
2021-06-21 23:41:51
user avatar
Marilyn Roman
agreed story... now forsook 2
2021-06-21 04:14:42
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Trish McGilton
Awesome book! I'm so invested in MJ. This book hits you in the feels. the world building is great. The characters you want to personally know. I can't wait for the next book.
2021-06-15 11:36:04
default avatar
Just amazing!
2021-06-14 04:09:07
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Stephanie Geise
This book was FANOMANAL!!!!! I could not quit reading it and I fell in Love with the characters ❤️❤️❤️. Can not wait till the 2nd one comes out! Thank you author for an amazing story😊😊😊
2021-06-10 04:09:54
default avatar
great read, looking forward to the next book
2021-06-06 12:22:22
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Debbie Proffer
Can’t wait for boom two to co e out. Wish MJ ‘s mate ever left her
2021-06-01 14:30:06
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Amazing writting as you turn pages you will neve be satisfied unti finishing the Book. Great style of writting.
2021-05-31 21:38:29
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202 Chapters
Chapter 1. MollyJay Bijou
BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!  The sound of an alarm clock rings off the walls of a small run down studio apartment. Tucked at the back of the 3rd floor of a building that should have been condemned and torn down by now, except for the fact that the greasy landlord still made money off of those who couldn't afford anything else in this gutter swamp of a town.   
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Chapter 2. Louisiana Peaches
The door chime rang and a silky voice spat out “good morning Louisiana peaches” Mj blushed and shot upright. she looked at Lou, half horrified and another voice rang out, just as deep as the first one but not as smooth to the ears. “I think that’s Georgia peaches bro but I get what you mean”. Mj could not believe her ears,” were they really talking about her ass right now?” She spun around on one heel to face
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Chapter 3. Do you think Lou would fire me?
Mj took a deep breath and explained the morning to Beth so fast she thought she might faint. She explained that she was late and had to go pick up the cutlets that she missed this morning and how she dropped the keys and a greek god made lewd comments about her ass so she confronted him about it.  “Good night” Beth began to say as she fanned herself with her hand “that's a hell of a morning and all dear, but what does that have to do with your head? And no, I don't think Lou would fire you for that” she said with a warm smile.  
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Chapter 4. "MINE"
Mj could feel her ears turn hot and her cheeks flush and now she was furious. “What the hell gave this man the right?” She thought and decided to try an old trick she learned in her early years as a bartender.  Some drunk asshole would make an advance more than once or confront her in the parking lot after shift when she was alone and she couldn't always overpower them physically, a few times they had grabbed her and she couldnt get free and had actually started to panic. But for whatever reason Mj always just became very calm and focused like she knew exactly what to do to get herself free of the situation. She had figured out that most of the time all these dirty fu
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Chapter 5.You can call me Dante
The others didn’t move an inch, they had no expression other than the wide eyed stare they each had locked on the man still holding onto Mj by the seat of her pants. “Please!” Mj began to plead quietly. She had stopped struggling in an act of defeat and at this point had all but fallen to her knees. Lou still wasn’t moving and Mj still wasn’t sure who all of these men were. 
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Chapter 6. Pretty boy
Dante walked up to Mj and gently loomed over her. “We have not been properly introduced” he paused as if waiting for her to run or slap him. Mj was so overrun at the moment the only thing she could do was wipe her eyes and stare at the man in front of her “You can call me Dante” he began “and these four clowns are harmless they just got a little over excited” he had started to come much closer to her now and once again Mj could feel little sparks of electricity pop all over her body, like internal fireworks.  
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Chapter 7. The great wolf Assassin
Dante stood with his back against the front door, positioned so he could watch his little obsession work. He was paying absolutely no attention to what the others were talking about. He knew that Azreal, their alpha, had sent him and the other hunters here to check out some suspicious behaviour involving butchered cattle at the slaughterhouse. 
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Chapter 8. The moon's plan
Outside Mj was doing her best to level her anger and nausea while she cleaned bird nests and egg leftovers out of the sign letters above the butcher shop, she so very much just wanted this day to end but unfortunately she still had her shift at the bar. “Luckily Lou was sending her home after this so she could take a much needed shower and she would even have a few extra hours to herself before she dove once again into the pit of other people and their bullshit” she thought.  
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Chapter 9. Lou's specialists
Mj crouched low as the two men on the ground looked up toward her and the one they called Tanner waved at her like an excited child in a parade. “Come on down doll, we don't bite much” he paused before the last word.  Ace punched Tanner in the arm “Look we don't blame you for being standoffish but we really wont hurt you and I think Lou was looking for you anyway, if you would like we can help you down but if not we understand and won't get in your way”
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Chapter 10. Who's your cute friend Tanner?
“It's nice to meet you Sam,” Mj said partially ignoring the others, she looked directly at Ace and spoke through gritted teeth“As long as you dont ever fucking put your hands on me again we can call it good”. Mj darted her eyes to the man they called Ed “Ed….nice to meet you” then she looked at Tanner.  
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