His jet black hair wasn't sleeked backwards this time, unlike the day she first met him,   it was more ruffled and neatly unruly,    maybe he rubbed his palms through it, She thought.

Her eyes raked over his features, studying his oval face, blue eyes, a pointed nose and tanned skin. He had a real sharp jawline, she imagined it cutting through glass. She looked over him and guessed maybe he was about 6"1.

No, don't get attracted, no men, no men, She scolded herself.

"Korina!" She snapped back to reality at the mention of her name.

"Yes." She replied looking at him squarely.

"I asked how you were feeling now." He said, "Repeatedly."

"A lot better i think, just that my head bangs and I am a bit sore all over."She replied and looked around the room only then did she notice that aunt Dido and Daniella had excused them minutes ago.

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Lex88 Salvator
completely complicated to follow and understand the story it's like gaps are missing in the story like we don't know why she got shot and who done it. I feel like it's missing a few key points in it

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