Stalked By The Mafia Boss

Stalked By The Mafia Boss

By:  Hanifah Amirah  Completed
Language: English
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After another failed attempt at love, grief-stricken and orphaned Korina Black decides to move to New York to start afresh after swearing off men for good. But all that changes when she meets a hot doctor Cole smith and her life get messier when she finds out that she is being stalked by an evil mafia boss who is hell bent on having her all to himself and would trample anyone in his way.

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91 Chapters
*warning*:This story contains sex scenes violent scenes and mature themes.          She ran her fingers across the engraved letters on the ash colored tombstone. The coldness of the stone was shocking to her warm fingers.                             R.I.P                           PHYLICIA.S.BLACK          A loving mother,daughter         
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Daniella held up the white cardboard paper with both hands, with the names 'KORINA BLACK' written on it, while she  impatiently tapped her left foot in annoyance."Where the fuck is she?" She swore out loud.An old woman standing next to her gave her a scolding look for swearing in an obscene word and Daniella glared back at her.She tried peering through the sea of faces for the umpteenth time, trying to see if she would finally have a glance of Korina's but her efforts proved abortive yet again.Her phone rang and she put her hand in her purse to pick it while still holding up the now arched cardboard with the other."Hello mum." She said putting the phone on her ear."Are you guys on your way yet? or you stopped to get lunch."Her mum asked assuming she had gotten her from the airport already."Nope, I haven't even seen her yet, I have been waiting for nea
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"It's perfect." She said looking around the room, it was a studio apartment bigger than she expected, a little on the high side but she loved it, especially the fact that it was situated in a sky rise building and she loved the views from the tall glass walls."So korina, are you taking this one?" Daniella asked impatiently, she had heard these words 'it's perfect' for every apartment they checked over the weeks and korina never picked anyone."Yes,I am." She nodded in affirmative and turned to the landlord, "How do you want it, E-money or cash?"          Korina watched Daniella hand over the card to the cashier and looked at all the multiple shopping bags wondering who was going to carry them for her cause she sure ain't touching shit."Is that all ma'am?" The cute asian lady behind the counter asked."Errm, I think...I would ta...?" Korina hit Daniella cutting her se
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A year and some months later.          The worse thing to wake up to in the morning was the sound of an annoyingly loud alarm."Drrrrrrrrrggghhhhh." The alarm kept ringing continuously, Korina reached out a hand to the bed shelve top, grabbed the clock aggressively and put it off.Well, happy lazy Sunday to me, She thought with internal joy as she leaped off the bed.She stood in front of the tall glass window and watched the sun rising with squinted eyes, the rays streamed through the glass illuminating the room.That was what she loved most about the apartment, it was the view.She yawned and stretched before she felt a sharp shooting pain in her head."Ouuuuuwwww!" She shouted.A hangover?"Oh, you are up." A voice said."Yes,I am." She replied, wait what?s
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"Nothing, absolutely nothing is changing my mind this time." Korina huffed in frustration as she looked at the now halved black comb in her hand.It broke while she was trying to comb  her hair."Nah, I don't think dreads would fit you."Daniella said.She stood up from the bed and pulled some part of korina's hair playfully." ooouuch."She slapped her hand away and gave her a threatening look."I am honestly tired of my hair, it's hard to comb, hard to detangle, always breaking combs! It's frustrating, ugggh!" She complained further."Try combing it again!" Daniella suggested, "But with this, this time."She said handing Korina another comb.Korina took the comb and began combing."You see it works!" Daniella said in excitement as she saw Korina combing effortlessly.Snap!"Oh God!!!!"Korina screamed and looked
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          The hours Daniella had to wait were the most tiring and elongated hours she had had to wait in her life.She sat in the waiting room as she was tired of pacing around, her head bent over and shoulders slumped, tears streaming down her cheeks.She was sober now, the shock of the incidence had gotten rid of the liquor.She couldn't stop crying, thoughts of any possible terrible outcome of the situation ran through her mind.What if she dies?She raised her head and wiped her tears, chiding herself for being a cry baby, she going to live, she assured herself."Daniella." She glanced towards the direction of the voice and saw her mother approaching. She threw herself into the woman's arms and started sobbing all over again."Mom." She sniffed, "I am so scared.""It's okay baby." She consoled her rub
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His jet black hair wasn't sleeked backwards this time, unlike the day she first met him,   it was more ruffled and neatly unruly,    maybe he rubbed his palms through it, She thought.Her eyes raked over his features, studying his oval face, blue eyes, a pointed nose and tanned skin. He had a real sharp jawline, she imagined it cutting through glass. She looked over him and guessed maybe he was about 6"1.No, don't get attracted, no men, no men, She scolded herself."Korina!" She snapped back to reality at the mention of her name."Yes." She replied looking at him squarely."I asked how you were feeling now." He said, "Repeatedly.""A lot better i think, just that my head bangs and I am a bit sore all over."She replied and looked around the room only then did she notice that aunt Dido and Daniella had excused them minutes ago.
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Korina wore her mittens immediately she heard the timer go off, she opened the oven and brought out the tray of brownies.The aroma wafted through the air and she did a dramatic sniff, her mouth watered at the sight of the brown pastries. She set them down on the counter, took a knife and proceeded to cut them into shape when she heard a knock on the door."Coming." She yelled as she quickly made her way to the door.There was no one in sight when she answered the door, even when she peeped at both sides of the hallway not a single soul was found. She was about to step out further when she hit her foot on something.Korina looked down to find a white box and bouquet of flowers.She picked them up and took them into the apartment silently praying that a bomb wasn't implanted in them.She dropped them on a coffee table and took a whiff of the flowers,they smelt heavenly, yello
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"Hey!" Korina's hand flew to her chest as she jumped off the chair in fright, the voice startled her."Daniella!" She screamed as she watched her walk excitedly into the apartment,"you can't just barge in like that, don't frighten me into having a heart attack."Her hand was still on her chest, her rapid breathing was beginning to slow down."Oh come on." Daniella dropped her purse on the bed and began pulling off her jacket,"you knew I was coming and besides you gave me your spare key, remember?""That I did and I might have to retrieve it back, in fact why are you here? It's 7pm and it's dark and late." She asked resuming her position on he chair."You have a date tonight remember? I am here to fix you up."Daniella walked over to Korina's closet threw the covers apart and started rummaging for an outfit."Oh my God, I totally forgot I had a date tonight."
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"This him?" korina asked as Daniella parked her car and turned off the ignition."Yes, that's him." She replied, using her hand to pull some hair away from her face, "So that's the place." She pointed to a 3 story building they were parked two buildings away from.          The building was painted in all white, It looked a bit grand with the great architectural design  of  the pillars, Super fine tall glass windows and you could see the numerous chandeliers and all the other stuff associated with grandeur through them. The name of the restaurant was carved in bold italics on the top of the building, Korina thought the restaurant was simply magnificent, the type all the billionaires go to dine."You done gaping at it?" Daniella asked as she saw the way Korina scrutinized every visible detail of the restaurant."I think I should go now, I am running late." Korina said grabbing
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