Korina was angry and furious on day one after breaking up with Jace, she had destroyed literally everything on her path, even when she received a text from Claire stating Jace was unconscious in the hospital, her anger didn't lessen.

"He deserves it!" She yelled, "That bastard, he deserves to die." 

Even Aunt Dido had tried to calm her down despite her own grieving self, Korina's anger never lessened it only worsened and eventually she was left alone.

          On the second day, she finally cried, she cried her heart out mourning for her mother, knowing that her mother died at the hand of the man she loved, the man she loved killed her.

All the memories came down on her and she cried at each one. She didn't move from her spot on the bed that day, despite all the knocks at her door, she didn't move.

She just drowned in her tears missing her mother asking why she left.&n

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