Second chances


I dashed to the healer as quick as light and returned the same way.

Unfortunately, the old man wasn't as agile as me so I made it home before he did.

Father saw me and began to raid me with another round of questions.

"Maisy, Where did you meet him?" He badgered.

"Dad, I've told you before. I met him on my way back home. He was unconscious, attacked by a wolf."

"In Linsea?" My father raised an eyebrow.

I blamed myself for babbling too much. Father already doubted how I met the boy but now he would think I was hiding something.

I did believe he was more afraid for me.

"Ok." My father said, cutting how conversation short when the healer arrived.

The healer was led to the patient and instantly got to work.

I saw him open his kit and pull out a bottle with a thick brown substance.

He wiped away the diets from the open wound and poured the contents of the bottle over the wound.

It made a sizzling sound and the boy grunted the in pain.

The healer continued his treatment and picked up a needle to stitch the wound.

That I could not watch. I absconded and went to take care of Ria. She had done a brave thing today, in fact, we both did.

I fed her more apples ignoring the screams of pain the man I rescued made as his wound was being stitched up.

When the screaming subsided, I went back inside and picked on a conversation my father was having with the healer.

It was first about his condition and I took it as nothing serious but then my father said something.

"What do you think happened to him?"

"The bite marks on him are signs that he was attacked by a wild beast." The healer replied.

I got inside, feeling pleased. Father would hate himself for doubting me and I... could not miss the moment.

My father continued talking to the healer outside about the boy.

For reasons I think I knew, he didn't want the boy to stay here.

Hot boys and girls who would rather stay at home didn't go so well in his stomach.

I attended to the boy refusing to be tainted by my father's baseless assumptions.

I noticed he was sweaty and unbuttoned a greater part of his shirt for him to cool down.

"Where did you come from?" I asked no one in particular.

I was really curious. We had no Kingdom close to Linsea and he must have been on a really long journey for him to arrive at the forgotten part of the world and worse he came without guards. It was unheard of.

I checked on his wound which was now closed up. It was still sore as I inspected it.

I rose to take my leave but out of the blues, he held my hand.

"Don't go." He croaked.

This was a really awkward situation for me. He wasn't awake but I didn't think he was asleep either. It must be the drugs administered to him earlier.

I got over my coy demeanor and gently got his hands off me. I took a deep breath and tried to leave again but he grabbed my hands again and pulled me to him.

I was literally on him and I had to thank the heavens, his eyes weren't open.

I would have shrunk.

"Don't leave me." He mumbled.

God! This was awkward.



I saw the healer off.

I couldn't have ever imagined paying the bills for a Clarke but I did.

It was a small world after all. It was a bit unsettling to see a Clarke on this side of the world. They preferred to stay where their money and influence could get them what they wanted.

My face wrinkled when I remembered what my wife and I faced in their hands.

I couldn't wait to send the boy parking as soon as he recovered.

I didn't need any drama in my already simple life.

I searched around the house for Maisy. I needed ger to take Ria back to the ranch for the match tomorrow.

She wasn't in her room. My guts instinct kicked and I checked Katrine's room where the injured Prince was laid and what do you know...

She was right there in his arms.

"Maisy!" I instinctively drop in on both and separated them.

I was boiling with rage as I dragged Maisy out.

"What was that?" I demanded.

I didn't wait for her answer before I chipped in something else,

"I'm very disappointed in you Maisy."

I spotted tears drop from her eyes but I was too mad to pacify her.

"You think I'm so cheap, that'll push myself on an unconscious boy because...he happens to be a royal? I should be the one disappointed.if only Mom was alive..." She retorted and walked off.

"Don't you bring her into this!" I yelled, "Take Ria back to the ranch. I didn't ask you to bring trouble to the house."

She didn't respond to me but I heard her leave the house and speak to Ria.

I felt disappointed as a father lashing out to my daughter and because of a Clarke.

I went back to my drink and drowned my sorrow before heading back to where 'Clarke' was kept.

"You know, I have the opportunity to kill you, to have revenge for all the pain your family has caused mine but I won't because I'm not a schemer like the rest of your family," I mumbled.

"I don't know what you're doing here so far from Nodith but I can sense it's not good. I hope you'll never succeed." I rambled and took another sip of my wine.

Ahhhh, Happiness.



The uncomfortable sting I felt was more than enough to get me up. I rubbed my eyes and fluttered them open to remember what had happened.

Where was I?

I remembered the fight with mission... It all came in a rush and I got a migraine.

I got off the pelt I had been placed on and investigated myself. I was still with my pills.

I checked the wound I had sustained from the fight.

Conrad has gotten his pound of flesh and would have tagged me as dead already.

I made up my mind to thank the people who saved me before I got back to my mission.

I had to get to Linsea.

I staggered outside and checked the hallway if anyone was there. It reeked of Ale and I could tell someone was around earlier.

I couldn't wait for their return to thank them, there were issues at hand that needed to be resolved. I found my clothing and searched for my pouch of gold.

Conrad didn't take that, it was bewildering.

I left for the door and got down the stairs.

The house that accommodated me looked like an inn, It was built from wood, not the cheapest one though but it was still a far cry compared to the Palace marble walls.

I couldn't wait to finish the mission and get back to Nodith and show Conrad what a monster I myself could be.

I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I didn't notice when a girl approached me.

"You're awake." She said.

That got my attention and I tried to give my reply whilst adoring her features. Sunbleached hair that was between gold and brown and her eyes were orbs of Chestnut brown reminding me of hot chocolate.

She had the most bewitching face that was complete with a smile that made her features simply outstanding but her face...

My wolf growled, uneasy seeing again what he thought was gone forever.

It took every inch of me not to take her down right there and make her mine.

All I could blurt was, "Tatia."

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