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Maisy Quinn does not expect a singular act of kindness to put her in the battlefront with a shifter prince. One with secrets that could end her very life. In a week, She becomes his wife. Leaving her at the mercy of a scorned woman, a vengeful cousin, and a chimera taking a liking to her latent abilities. Will Maisy survive?

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Muleba Makukula
wow. wow. wow wow
2021-09-02 05:32:16
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Dawn Marie Meece
This was a really good book. I hope that there is a sequel to this book. It was a really good story line that would be nice to have more of.
2021-04-23 14:32:35
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Theresa-Terri Morg
I really enjoyed this book.
2020-12-14 07:15:47
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Joy Waleghwa Mwakio
Really good!! It's also complete!
2020-10-20 15:33:18
user avatar
Amazing book. I love it. The suspense made me keep going on and also fuck father Nick
2020-09-14 04:32:01
user avatar
Well-written and an absolute perfect read. This definitely deserves so much more recognition!!
2020-09-10 12:55:13
45 Chapters
I found a noble
Somewhere in Linsea MaisyCold October mornings were a sight to behold every day for me. It was one of the advantages of living in the mountains.The early settlers of the village were travelers who saw the mountains as a great place to stay and even hide from their enemies.It's been years now and we still resided here. I watched the foggy splendor taking in the cold air and feeling satisfied."Maisy, where are you?" I heard my father call and instantly woke up from my daydream.I had this habit of imagining to be somewhere else and tended to drift far off."Coming Dad," I said and closed my windows.The sight was ruined after all.The wooden floorboard creaked as I rushed downstairs clothed in one of my mother's old gowns."Yes father", I politely acknowledged when I go
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I found a Clarke
MaisyMy humanity kicked in and I checked on his breathing. He was alive. I could feel the mist of warm air in my fingers.I tore up his already charred clothing to see how serious his injury was.The pinkish wound stunk horribly and I wondered how long he had been there.Two days at most.I couldn't be of help to him now. He needed medical help.Ria couldn't go past the shrubs so I had to take the injured man all by myself until I got to the open where I could place him on Ria and get help."Forgive me." I pleaded before grabbing his feet and dragging him out like he was dead.His head hit a stump or two but the pain was worth it to save his life.I finally got to the open. Ria whinnied seeing the new person I had brought along.I drop the man to catch my breath and inspected his head for an
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Second chances
MaisyI dashed to the healer as quick as light and returned the same way.Unfortunately, the old man wasn't as agile as me so I made it home before he did.Father saw me and began to raid me with another round of questions."Maisy, Where did you meet him?" He badgered."Dad, I've told you before. I met him on my way back home. He was unconscious, attacked by a wolf.""In Linsea?" My father raised an eyebrow.I blamed myself for babbling too much. Father already doubted how I met the boy but now he would think I was hiding something.I did believe he was more afraid for me."Ok." My father said, cutting how conversation short when the healer arrived.The healer was led to the patient and instantly got to work.I saw him open his kit and pull out a bottle with a thick brown substance.
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His eyes were starry
MaisyThose eyes were too mesmerizing to let go of.All I wanted was to continue staring at his gorgeous blue eyes, silent talking until he said something."Tatia?"Who the hell was that?He advanced towards me and brushed a stray look away from my face.What was happening?A part of me enjoyed whatever he was doing but still, I had to modest. I took a step back and questioned him."What are you doing?"My breathing was out of control. I felt like I had been running all day.What effect did he have on me? I had seen s lot of cute guys even butt naked ones and I hadn't had the slightest desire for more but there was something about his starry eyes.For the space of time, we gaped at one another."You're real." He mumbled bef
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Rekindling embers
EricI watched her sleep. Who could have guessed destiny had fated us to meet.She looked just like TatiaIt took all the control I had left not to burst in and run off with her.I quietly entered her room and locked it.The skylight was a warm blanket of shimmery silver. My wolf danced around awaiting release, seeing Tatia's lookalike made it even worse.It sought escape. I reached into my breast pocket and took out my pills.I swallowed one and kept the rest. My wolf struggled with being subdued. My migraines returned and my sight blurred."You lose." I sneered to my wolf.It stopped resisting as the effect of the pill ran in full effect.I had just three left which meant I had to get her before I ran out of my pills.I ran my hands through her hair ravishing the velvety si
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Gold and men
MaisyMy decision scared me but I didn't care.No one was going to take advantage of me like that.I grabbed my dress from the earth and rushed to put them on.
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Crown of thorns
MaisyAfter the incident at the Lake, I avoided Eric. It was strange due to the fact it happened today and I was acting like a rape victim. The assault was real though.Eric, on the other hand, would not be put down so easily. He got his opportunity when we arrived home.
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Chained by the ring
EricToday determined my future. Whether I would return home a Victor or lose the throne.I was convinced Maisy would fight for what she thought we shared but still, I could not be so sure.I had to be one step ahead.
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Butterflies 1
Maisy  Tears flowed freely as I remembered what Eric spat right into my face.It just didn't add up. He loved me in Linsea and now, He hated me.
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Butterflies 2
MaisyI ran my fingers on the rough surface of the mirror. It was terrifying, seeing how deep the scarring was. I wanted badly to put it behind me but no one was in the room. It didn't make any sense.The whispers came again. This time, they sounded like they were in pain. It was a chime of horrifying hushed voice.
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