Early in the morning Bocha went to his office. Lilianah was unaware of the upcoming storm. She wake up at 7:00 a.m and went to bathroom for fresh and up. She took her bath and came outside. She walk through her closet and grab a pink crop top with blue jeans and wore it quickly. Mrs.Romanov was busy in kitchen preparing her favorite breakfast.

Lilianah hugged her mother from behind. "Good morning mom. What are you making its smells so nice"...

"Good morning sweetheart. hahaha you little punk sure knows how to butter up?"...

Lilianah pouted cutely and said

" mom I was just praising you"... Mrs.Romanov  was happy to see her daughter's jovial mood.

"I've made your favorite French toast and omelet. Come sweetheart".

Soon Michael and Mr.Romanov also join them. Lilianah was looking for her first brother so she asked Michael

"second brother where is first brother?"..

Michael clutch his chest dramatically and made a sad face and said " princess you never asked for your second brother? Your brother is hurt a lot" ...

Lilianah roled her eyes on her dramatic brother. Getting no response Michael said

" well bro went to office early today. he had to attend some meetings"...

"Oh" all what she could say.

In Romanov's company

Sitting his large chair Bocha was continuously flipping the documents but all his attention was on his little sister. 

He was in deep thoughts when his phone start ringing, he attended the call and before he could say anything a loud shriek of Lilianah was heard. Bocha's heart beat stopped and he walked out of office

" princess what happened why are you crying?".

"Princess?"..tut tut. He was terrified and hurried to his home.

In Romanov's Mansion

Lilianah was spending her time with her family except Bocha who was busy in office. Suddenly one of there bodyguard came running and said

" sir someone attacked us and kill most of our men. they are coming inside"

Mr.Romanov quickly took his family inside the house. But today faith was not with him. Before he could step inside the house 


someone shot him and with a thud sound Mr.Romanov fall on the ground. Bullet was aimed directly to his chest.


Michael and Lilianah wanted to rush towards their father but Mr.Romanov stopped them

" No, don't come here I know I can't be saved now but you all must run from here your mother needs you"

Michael nodded and wiping his tears he took his sister and mother inside the house. After seeing her husband being shot Mrs. Romanov had become a statue. Lilianah was crying while Michael was trying to call his backup but all in vein.

Out side Mr.Romanov was taking his last breathes when a bulky man with lots of scars on his face sat beside him and said..

"tsk tsk Darvin now your whole family will pay for what your and Margret's sins hahaha" He laughed like a maniac.

" Lucifer why are you back after 25 years. I will not allow you to destroy my family. "

"Huh? your family? You bullshit you destroyed my sister and you snatched my love from me and now you think I will let you go so easily. Never. By the way Darvin your daughter is very beautiful first I'll enjoy and then I will think what to do with her" ..

"No Lucifer you can't do that..." without letting him complete his sentence Lucifer slit Darvin's throat and his head rolled down the stairs with a pool of blood.

Lucifer ordered his men to kill other members but to bring Lilianah unharmed to their place. With that he walked out.

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