Queen Of Assassins

Queen Of Assassins

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She was innocent and pure. Her family adored and pampered her and did everything to protect her from evil schemes of this world. But things never go same as we planned. Her parents past comes in their present like a tsunami and destroyed everything.This destruction leads her to a new person. She was not that innocent girl but now she had become a monster. The woman from which everyone was afraid and shivered when they heard her name. Only purpose of her life is to avenge her family. But things did not seems easy.Will she be able to solve all mysteries and open close doors which held so many secrets or will get lost in this puzzle?

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55 Chapters
"Oh not again.... I lost my cellphone for the 3rd time in a month."... lilianah held her head in her hand. She was throwing a party on her success of Graduation. She had turned 20 last month.                                                                       Romanov was one of the richest and prestigious family. They were ranked 3rd in Russia....." I beg you please leave my family. Don't do anything to them.""She killed my woman so she also deserves death" Blake signaled his man and they ripped Margaret's clothes."Bring the girl with us" with that he walk passed the dead body of naked woman. ...."Queen is back. They all have to pay for what they have done""Throw
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Lilianah Romanov
Lilianah was the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Romanov. She had two elder brothers. One was handling family business with his father and the other was the owner of gaming company. Lilianah studied accounting and finance in the most famous and renowed University of Russia.Lilianah was a beautiful girl with long red hair, a pair of beautiful hazel eyes with butterfly eyelashes, perfect pointed noise and soft pink lips.She was searching for her phone and was getting frustrated. She looked at her watch and was freaked out. She was thirty minutes late and she knows her friends are going to piss her off for this. 'Where the hell I am stuck?', Lilianah murmered and ran her slender silky fingers in her red hair in frustration. "Fuck!!" She exclaimed and kicked her car with right foot.'Ashleena and Emily are going to kill me for being late' she bumped her eyebrows at the bridge of nose and start driving towards h
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Crime Scene
She saw so many people inside the club. Some were dancing on the dance floor, some were sitting in bar and some were enjoying their drinks while some were enjoying there own company and some playing cards. For her, all this was new. Lilianah's mind was unable to process until Ashleena drag her to the dance floor.Lilianah instantly denied her offer..."Me or dance never. I am not going to dance with such crazy people. I am going out right now.".... but she was stopped by Emily and Ashleena, both were pleading her by making puppy eyes "please sweetie" and that was it Lilianah surrendered...Sigh..."Okay but you guys can go and enjoy I'll just sit over there while watching you both. Okay?"..."Okay" saying this they both hit the dance floor while Lilianah silently sit on an empty chair and ordered apple juice for her. She was enjoying her juice when a sudden blonde hair cam
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Narrow Escape
In the street two men who were wearing black leather gloves and black suits were wickedly laughing and constantly torturing the girl. there were bruises all over her face her . They cut her fingers and hair and at last she stopped breathing and her life less body was lying while blood was rushing out of her hands and feet's...One of the man laugh evily and said "This was your punishment for not obeying us..hahaha.."Lilianah tried to run away from there but unfortunately she hit a glass jar besides her feet. Without looking back she sped from there.... Lilianah ran from there as fast as she could. After running for God knows how many hours finally she arrived at a bustling road. It was lively with people roaming around."Fuck..!!! I shouldn't have gone there. That was not my problem.Thank God, i ran out of there in time. After walking for sometime finally she found a cab."sir, will you
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Early in the morning Bocha went to his office. Lilianah was unaware of the upcoming storm. She wake up at 7:00 a.m and went to bathroom for fresh and up. She took her bath and came outside. She walk through her closet and grab a pink crop top with blue jeans and wore it quickly. Mrs.Romanov was busy in kitchen preparing her favorite breakfast.Lilianah hugged her mother from behind. "Good morning mom. What are you making its smells so nice"... "Good morning sweetheart. hahaha you little punk sure knows how to butter up?"...Lilianah pouted cutely and said " mom I was just praising you"... Mrs.Romanov  was happy to see her daughter's jovial mood. "I've made your favorite French toast and omelet. Come sweetheart".Soon Michael and Mr.Romanov also join them. Lilianah was looking for her first brother so she asked Michael "second brother where is first brother?".. Michael clutch his chest dramatically and made a sad fa
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Romanov's are dead
Walking out of the house Lucifer laughed like a maniac. "Ha! poor Romanov's precious daughter I would love to taste her. Hahahaha.."..Lucifer's men rushed inside the house and caught Lilianah who was crying and sobbing while yelling "please let my family go, why are you doing this to us".. One of the man slapped her hard and she fell on the ground " you little bitch shut your mouth". "Don't you dare to touch my family" Michael said as moved forward and punch on of them. Their leader Blake signaled his men to capture Michael and they grabbed him and tied him in chains. Because they know they can't hold him for so long as he was a well built man. Blake capture Mrs.Romanov's hair with his filthy hands and she cried in pain. Blake: Do you remember me sweetheart?Margret( Mrs.Romanov): Blake why are you doing this? I beg you leave my family.Blake sneered and barked " you slut just because of you I lost my woman".."No Blake
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The Forbidden Forest
Liliana saw her family burning and their bodies turning into ashes. Her eyes were dried, she didn't utter a word and was standing like a statue. A Black van was stopped in front of her and she was dragged inside but she didn't protest nor try to run from there. In the van, there were two men one was driving while the other was sitting in the copilot seat and Lilianah was alone in the passenger seat. Both men thought that she was traumatized and she can't do anything to them. But they were wrong. by seeing her family being burnt and the unseeing fire was ignited in her heart. All her mind could scream was one-word "revenge". She had to escape from these two stupid men for taking her revenge first. The car was moving towards the outskirts of the city and she was thoroughly examining her surroundings. One side of the road was covered with huge mountains and thick forest and another side was covered with the sea which was flowing along the road. With a faint smile, an idea popped int
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I am back
5 Years later In a dark stinky room about 10 tall men wearing black suits were standing in a straight line while shivering with their heads hung down. The atmosphere of room was cold. Smell of blood was covering each corner of room. A young lady with her legs crossed was comfortably sitting on a chair. She was siping red wine like as the smell didn't bother her. Well that's true she didn't bother with the smell because this was all normal to her. A young man was kneeled in front of her. His dress and hair were disheaveled as if someone had been dragging him since years. The young lady stretched her legs leisurely as a lazy kitten. Twirling her wine glass she stood up and walked towards the man. Within a blink of a high a heavy kick landed on his stomach. Blood start dripping from corners of his mouth. A cold and bone piercing feminine voice rang in the dark room making others shu
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After laughing like a maniac Lilianah walked deep into the forest her steps haltered when she sense someone's presence near her and suddenly lilianah was welcomed in a warm embrace and she knew who it was. Her face was cold but heart was filled with warmth."Lilly how many time I have told you not to work till this late at night". A worried manly voice rang in her ears." Danzell Smirnov how many times I've told you never to come in my hut". "Baby I was worried. you were not picking my calls nor giving any reply so I was left with no choice.""You are saying this as if you care about me? Leave me or I will kick your ass out of here". Lilianah's stern and furious voice made Danzell shiver in fear. He knew this time he had done a big mistake." You are my queen and you know very well how much I love you""Oh wow Mr.Smirnov you love me. I am very greatful to you. Now get out of my way I am tired and need to slee
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" Twirling and swirlingLaughing and grinningWe were dancing happilyBut then, suddenlyDark clouds covered usSky was roaringWe were stuck by lightingOur grinning becomes mourningI was weakAlone and innocent soulBut darkness engulf meI love to live in darknessNow I am afraid of lightI am a dark soulNo more innocence in meI loved to rule the worldYes, now I am the queenThe queen of darknessQueen of underworldThe Queen Of Assassin's "                        ****************As Lilianah entered her office she called Josh her right hand man "Josh". her voice wa
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