Romanov's are dead

Walking out of the house Lucifer laughed like a maniac. "Ha! poor Romanov's precious daughter I would love to taste her. Hahahaha.."..

Lucifer's men rushed inside the house and caught Lilianah who was crying and sobbing while yelling "please let my family go, why are you doing this to us".. One of the man slapped her hard and she fell on the ground " you little bitch shut your mouth". "Don't you dare to touch my family" Michael said as moved forward and punch on of them. Their leader Blake signaled his men to capture Michael and they grabbed him and tied him in chains. Because they know they can't hold him for so long as he was a well built man. 

Blake capture Mrs.Romanov's hair with his filthy hands and she cried in pain. 

Blake: Do you remember me sweetheart?

Margret( Mrs.Romanov): Blake why are you doing this? I beg you leave my family.

Blake sneered and barked " you slut just because of you I lost my woman".."No Blake it was all Lucifer's fault let my family go" Margret beg for her children. On the other hand Michael and Lilianah were confused. They don't know what was going on. Michael was trying to free himself but nothing worked. Blake smirked and slashed Margrets face brutally. "you bastard leave my mom otherwise you will regret" Michael yelled but no one was paying attention to him. Margret was crying in pain but that pain was not more than the pain she was feeling after knowing his beloved man was no more. Without listening to Lilianah and Michael's pleadings and threats Black totally disfigured Margrets face. He didn't stop their and move towards her hands one by one cut her fingers. Margret was long dead but Blake didn't spare her he even tear apart her clothes. Although he didn't touch her but to tore her clothes in front of everyone was a great humiliation for her poor dead body and her children

Lilianah had long lost her consciousness. As Blake don't want to waste his much time so without sparing a single glance to the disheveled and silent Michael , he shot him straight on the forehead and just like that he died.

Outside the house, as Bocha arrived at the main door he saw his fathers head which was cut off from his body and there was a river of blood. Bocha's hand start trembling and his eyes became teary. He kneeled down and with his trembling hands he put his fathers head on his lap and for the first time in his life Bocha Romanov shed tears because this man was his inspiration, the reason for his success but now he has gone now.

"No dad, I promise dad I will not leave them who had done this to you". He put Mr.Romanov's head aside and rage was filled in his eyes. With steady steps he went inside but what he saw inside collapsed his world. His steps stumbled but he managed to go near his mother and covered her body with his coat.

He squatted down and looked towards Michaels lifeless body and yelled " I know bro its all your pranks. if you think it is funny so stop it. Stop it..!!" But no one answered him "Princess".. " princess come out I know you all are hiding some where. This is not true. I don't believe it".

Just as Bocha tried to stand, whole house was set on fire. Bocha was running here and there just to find his precious princess but suddenly 


Romanov villa turned into ashes and soon news spread in whole Russia that Romanov's were no more. The great Romanov's were dead...



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