Next day sun was shining with all its wits. There was no sign of chirping birds. Weather was hot unlike other days.

In a secluded restaurant which seems more like a haunted house masked woman and Lucifer were waiting for other two.

Just at that moment Danzell came with Lilianah. And as usual Lilianah was wearing her "queen" jacket with skin tight black pants.

Lucifer abruptly stood up seeing her. His blood began to boil in anger and hatred.

"Long time no see Lucifer" Lilianah said and make herself comfortable on a large chair.  Danzell was not surprised as he already knew a little.

"Lilianah Romanov" he uttered and Danzell froze on his place. The legendary family which disappeared and no one knows who kill them.

Lilianah turned her towards the woman who was having a smirk.

"Where is your twin?" Lilianah asked in an authoritative voic

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