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Creed closed the door and came outside. Then he followed secretary Alia till they both reached outside his quarters.

"What is it, Ma'am? " Creed tried to figure out the reason for this unexpected visit. "Why did you suddenly want to talk to me?"

"You know JETs are due next month, right?" Alia hesitated, then looked at him."I thought maybe you might know something—"

"Know something? About what?" Creed inquired.

"It's about Jake, you are friends with him, right?" Alia clarified with bluntly. "I want to know... why hasn't he signed up for the squad leader position for the JETs?"

"I don't know... he is a sneaky guy and wants to keep things easy," Creed scratched his chin while he reminisces about Jake. "Squad's leadership position is too much effort for him and he is okay with the passing marks in JETs. At least that's what he told me !!"

"Hmm ... are you sure that is the only reason?" Alia switched to a dominant tone. "If that's the case, I want you to talk some sense into him and make him sign up for the leader's position."

"If you do that," She drew out a transparent box with a black pill inside."I will hand over this beta-pill to you!"

"Is this a bribe?" She caught him off guard, so he tried to figure out the situation. "And why does it matter to you if he is the leader or not?"

"Don't answer me with questions, punk! He has vast potential, and the position of leader will give him a recommendation for the best 3 academies."Alia responded with a temper this time.

"The only reason he is slacking off because you are in his company and holding him back. Everybody knows that."

"Wait!" Creed was out of words as if she hit a nerve. "What?"

"Don't pretend kid, I know what goes inside the minds of people like you. He treats you like a friend, but you only think about taking advantage of him by using him as your personal bodyguard."

"Ma'am with all due respect," Creed's mind flipped with fury, but all he could do was clench his fist. "About the pill you mentioned, please don't bother! I will take my leave now."

He ran back to his quarters without even looking back.

"Incompetent loser," Alia angrily mumbled while looking at his shrinking back. "Trying to act all cocky, just because Grisha favors you, bastard!"

After Creed left the discussion with Alia, he came back to his room.

"What a scheming witch! ... trying to bribe me with a beta-pill!" Creed was furious with Alia's broad accusations. "She can't even imagine how many times have I tried to tell him the same thing, but no matter how many times I insist, he just won't do it."

"Why do I have to deal with people like her!" Creed calm himself and went back to hunt."Let her be ... I'll show her who's a loser and who isn't!"


Creed Gryffon [ Human ]

Life Span - [ 100 Years ]

¤ Root Chakra - [ 37+ ]

¤ Sacral Chakra - [ 0 ]

¤ Solar Plexus Chakra - [ 0 ]

¤ Heart Chakra - [ 0 ]

¤ Throat Chakra -[ 0 ]

¤ Third Eye Chakra - [ 0 ]

¤ Crown Chakra - [ 0 ]

¤ Element Affinity -  Earth [38]


After this brief argument with Alia, he didn't meet her again. 8 more days passed. During these 8 days, his hunting capabilities and his strength multiplied drastically.

Over the past eight days, he had killed around 70 beasts, his average number of kills per day has increased from 4 creatures to 7-8 creatures per day.

This was a very drastic change since he gained 7 points in 8 days just by killing the normal creature and not to mention he also was gaining 19 points every 8 days by killing the synthesized beasts... lifting his tally from 37 points to 63 points.

This tremendous increase just in a matter of 16 days felt dreamlike to him. Every day he prayed to all the gods, to never wake him up if this was some kind of dream. But it was absolutely not. Only 18 remained from the JETs, and this was his last strand of hope.

Over these two weeks, he also observed that people were more enthusiastic regarding the JETs. A Training session has become more arduous.

Instructors gave frequent combat sessions, survival skills, and demonstrations. And they were all trained and tested every day. It felt like a crash course for the main examination.

"Man, this is intense." Creed slashed at Jake Elbow with a digital Knife. "People have gotten serious with all the training !!"

"Everybody wants a good evaluation and recommendation." Jake blocked the knife with his own and kicked him away from himself. "These are the last times we are practicing in groups. After this, they will allow us in the deeper parts of the glitches by ourselves."

This was just training, so they used the digital knife. The blade in this knife looked like a replica of a standard knife-blade, but it was a hologram. The handle had a screen with a 100 point mark on it.

When a person used this knife to attack. The sensors automatically chose a number between 0-100 and keep on adding it until the total becomes 100.

When it reaches 100 points, the buzzer rings ending the dual hinting the enemy is dead. It also gave a brief analysis of the attacks. It was an ideal training tool.

The primary purpose of the digital knife was to calculate the strength of each strike by the attack pattern, force, trajectory, critical-hits, and opponents' strength.

Today they were practicing their close combat knife techniques.

All the other Cadets didn't have a pleasant impression of Creed, so they isolated him from the bunch, and since Jake was very skeptical of his peers, so they avoided him too. Ultimately, both found themselves in the same situation and enjoyed each other's company, especially Jake.

Jake was unusually talented since he was from one of the Monarch families of the "White Clan" one of the strongest clans in the world.

Jake's grandfather held the title of 'Absolute Iron Pillar' as the head of Collins' family. With some other aristocratic families' collaboration, they had built the prestigious "White Clan".

When people starting gaining strength in the glitches. They set up a social hierarchy among humans based on their strength. And they provided several benefits among these people to incite competition among them for stature and virtue.

As a result, many prominent families emerged from the shadows to gain a better social standing in society. More the strength of a family, the higher their standing in the chain will be.

Since this social Hierarchy was strength-based over a certain period, the aristocracy became the representation of strength. 

The aristocracy was split into four ranks that were Sacred, Imperial, Monarch, and Celestial.

The people who had opened the first two chakra points (till ROOT CHAKRA (OR) SACRAL  CHAKRA) came under the category of SACRED Echelons.

The individuals who have reached the first third or fourth chakra points (till SOLAR-PLEXUS CHAKRA (OR) HEART CHAKRA) came under the category of IMPERIAL Echelons.

The folks who have opened the first fifth or sixth chakra flow (till THROAT CHAKRA (OR) THIRD-EYE CHAKRA) came under the category of MONARCH Echelons.

The people who have opened the All seven chakra points (till CROWN CHAKRA) were granted the title of CELESTIAL Echelons.

Jake's Grandfather Arthur Collins had opened till Throat Chakra, the rank of the Head of a family, decided the rank of the entire family, so his entire family held the title of Monarch Echelons.

And since his grandfather had trained him, made him better than the others in the skill of fighting.

They gave him the many secret skills to improve his Chakra enhancement by the family. But he made no genuine friends, so he liked Creed's company.

Creed kicked him in the torso."Which team are you deciding to join?"

"The team which gives me my private space, and is strong enough to escape any unexpected danger," Jake grabbed the income ankle with his arm and shoved him into the ground by his chest. "I want to pass the test with the above-average evaluation or grandpa will kill me."

Creed replied as got up with a flip. "He won't kill you for not taking the leader's position?"

"Although he wants me to go for the best position in JETs," Jake said as he slashed the knife at his left eye. "He knows that I don't fancy leading others. So I can get through it."

They used to spar like this, but Jake always kept his chakra flow closed so they can be on the same level. Still, Jake would always win, but he was never happy. For the entire year, something kept bugging him.

Jake felt that the last move with which he would put an end to the duel was always unsatisfactory. He concluded that because Creed had not opened his Chakra points so there was an enormous gap between their strength, and that's why his win didn't feel like a real win at all.

In every previous match, the digital knife would always buzz in less than 16 minutes. But today he felt like they were going at it for over 30 minutes.

"Hey, what did you eat today?" Jake glanced at his digital knife, only showing 40/100 points so far. "You feel rather different!"

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