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A cosmic sentient species that called themselves "Deities" made the first contact with humans out of necessity. 100 Years later, humans have discovered fractures deep within space-time. Inside these fractures, undefined concepts redefine themselves, the rationale is irrational, life is an enigma, and time is tangled. Is it a realm of God or a sanctuary of Cthulhu? Humans call them "Akashic Glitch". A 16-year-old Cadet, Creed Gryffon at the bottom of the hierarchy, finds a forbidden artifact that might have the potential to disrupt the entire power balance.

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284 Chapters
Elder's Tablet
Sweat soaked back, heart beating like a blacksmith's hammer. In a faraway place, deep inside a dark passage painted with the smell of blood and feces, a 16-year-old paled-skin youth dragged himself forward with a flashlight in his hand. His arms shivered in dread. A firm grasp on his flashlight with luminance drove the nocturnal reptiles away from his feet. His vision was covered by his own foggy breath. With each passing breath, he was stepping towards impending doom.Chills ran down his spine. His feet cried 'run away,' but an irrational hope pushed him forward.Meanwhile, the tunnel walls secrete a wisp of fumes. His skin felt scratchy, and his mind being dosed with nausea. A realization crept over him, telling him that the situation had worsened even further.His throat dried up like a desert while his skin felt a biting sensation. He dug out a half-filled water bottle from the sling bag on his back and took a sip.~gulp~He picked up his pace after quenching his thirst and reco
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The Golden Egg
~In a garden with a sweet scent of roses and a bright sun, a little girl chased a tiny rabbit playfully. She ran around a fountain to get closer, but the fluffy bunny was always a way ahead of her. No matter how hard she ran, she failed to catch him every time. Realizing that her effort was for naught, she sat down on the grass with teary eyes. She was about to burst into tears until a boy came close to her and patted her head with a smile.~Argh…‘My head hurts!’ Creed was groggy from his 10-hour sleep. “These pills are a crucial lifesaver, but the headache is a pain in the ass!’‘And why do I keep seeing this dream?’“Do I know them from somewhere, childhood friends maybe? mhm, I’ll have to ask mom about t
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Dominant Leap
A species whose curiosity knew no bounds yearned for knowledge and every secret that the universe had to offer. They called themselves ‘Humans’.For a very long time, they found no trace of life and believed they were alone in the vast cosmos. Harboring an unbound curiosity for their existence, they grew into capable beings and kept exploring in the so-called “Local group” of galaxies.A Paradox termed as the ‘Fermi Paradox’ states conflict between the argument that probability seems to favor intelligent life being common in the universe, but strangely there was a total lack of evidence of intelligent beings having ever arisen anywhere other than on their planet.Humans concluded two possibilities. First, that there were no intelligent species anywhere in the universe. Humans got really really lucky, and they evolved until this point and will continue to evolve further.The second possibility, and a frightening one at that. Humans were on the same route to extinction as other races. U
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In The Camp
Creed was lost in thoughts, sitting on the chair while gazing at the golden egg. It was too late until he felt a strange sensation in his body; The temperature dropped by several degrees and his breathing became grim.It felt as if he was underwater inside freezing water. Though his consciousness was still with him, he felt as if he was drowning. Stuff inside his room looked blurry but still noticeable.Things quickly became spooky when he looked at the golden egg again.The egg had gained its golden glow back and was shining like a star and hovering in the air. This made him remember the scene in the elder's tablet with the crucified snake-women."Is this finally the end? Is this egg going to eat me just as it tried with that snake-lady?" Creed had a gloomy look on his face."Ah shit... why can't I just catch a break?"He could see that the egg was shining, but that was just it. He didn't get any painful feeling or energy drain either. Thou
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After receiving the lecture on his cloud drive from Jake, Creed took a 2 days' leave from the Glitch to go home. Normally, the cadets could not go outside the Glitch before they complete their training. This was a one-year cadet training regimen, and authorities were pretty strict about this rule.  However, for genuine reasons with proof, it was possible. He provided the reason as "An urgency regarding family". After teleporting back to his local station at his home planet 'Zerg', he took a ride back home to meet his mom and little sister Hannah. He reached home in 10 minutes, thanks to the efficient transportation. The condition of his house was not good. It was a normal two-story building house, but the traces of an ongoing financial crisis and a lack of maintenance were fairly visible. He opened the door
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After getting the money in his account, Creed let out a sigh. Never could he predict that things would end up like this. The world of glitches was still unknown, so the military entertained the responsibility to nurture the soldiers and help them develop their instincts.Every three months, there was a refill of cadets' gear stock. The military gave the cadets some selected resources essential for their survival, and the next month was the end of a quarter, so he had planned to return the beta-pill back to Jake next month. He did not like to under anyone's debt. However, he knew if he couldn't show a spare beta-pill to Jake, he would never take this one beta-pill back. And if Creed tried to be stubborn about it, in return Jake will pound him even more.That was the kind of guy Jake was. Even though he was play
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The Starting Line
The wooden box cracked and Creed finally got a good look at what was inside. The gray crystals were nowhere to be found and four muddy eggs were still expanding till they reached the size of double the box.Creed was dumbfounded with this discovery as it was neither observed in actuality nor stated in any research paper, that crystal could ever change into eggs of a beast."What the hell happened here?" He slowly inched closer to the eggs.After getting closer to the eggs, he touched one and felt a faint pulse from inside the egg, baffled by this he started touching all of them one by one and found out that every egg had different sizes but all of them were alive.He had heard that the all beasts in glitches breed in unique environments and unfamiliar places so and the conditions for the birth of a beast were very complex and mysterious.They had many theories, but most of them suggested that they come from their own beast nests, which hid in the d
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The Difference
"How's your sister these days?" Jake asked while sipping some juice. "Has she made recovery?""Yeah, the doctor said that she has made substantial progress," Creed smiled at him. " but they still need to keep her under observation for some tests and leftover therapy.""So that's why you keep smiling!" Jake responded honestly. "Well, I am thrilled for you, man!""Yeah... things are a little better now," Joy was apparent on Creed's face. "For me and mom too!" "So ... Have you decided which team will you choose for the upcoming 'Joint Expedition Training'?" Creed changed the topic quickly, " It's due next month, and registrations have already begun... I know you are good but don't delay your options!""Dude I am not delaying my options... I am considering them! I will pick a team soon, although I have already have had an eye on one"Jake made it sound like he had already planned it through "I don't want to be hasty and choose the wrong te
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The Plan
"Grisha, I have finally selected the 10 people you asked for," Alia handed the documents to Grisha. "So far, these are the most suitable candidates, who can be appointed as the leaders of the squads for the upcoming JETs.""That was fast! You sure about these people?"  Grisha said as she glanced at the papers. " Because some of them look like cannon fodders to me ...""We really can't do anything about that, this year's recruits are all the weakest of the bunch," Alia replied with confusion. "Although we have talented ones too, some of them didn't even apply for the position of squad leader. So these are the best, from the ones who registered!""Jake, Vick, Tanya, Rahul, Huang... I see none of these names on the list, what is going on?" Grisha was confused too."I told you just now. Many talented cadets of this year have backed off from the squad leader position." Alia tried to clarify with a hypothesis, " They are not interested in being the leaders
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New Perspective
Creed closed the door and came outside. Then he followed secretary Alia till they both reached outside his quarters."What is it, Ma'am? " Creed tried to figure out the reason for this unexpected visit. "Why did you suddenly want to talk to me?""You know JETs are due next month, right?" Alia hesitated, then looked at him."I thought maybe you might know something—""Know something? About what?" Creed inquired."It's about Jake, you are friends with him, right?" Alia clarified with bluntly. "I want to know... why hasn't he signed up for the squad leader position for the JETs?""I don't know... he is a sneaky guy and wants to keep things easy," Creed scratched his chin while he reminisces about Jake. "Squad's leadership position is too much effort for him and he is okay with the passing marks in JETs. At least that's what he told me !!""Hmm ... are you sure that is the only reason?" Alia switched to a dominant tone. "If that's the case,
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