Chapter 2884

Despite the smile on Edgar's face, his eyes seemed to be scowling at Fane. Even Rudy, standing next to Fane, could see through his intentions.

Rudy frowned as various thoughts flashed in his head. First of all, he did not know who Edgar was. Furthermore, Edgar had not gotten through to the fifth level from Thousand Leaves City, but from another city instead.

Rudy would not be so confused if Edgar had been from Thousand Leaves City. After all, so many things had happened since they entered the Thousand Leaves Tower, and a few people had witnessed Fane's strength.

Even though they had some conflicts with the Unbreaking Pavilion in Black Sun City, the disciples that saw Fane had all died. Even if those wandering warriors had told the Unbreaking Pavilion about Fane, Rudy noticed just how eerily swift Edgar recognized Fane.

That could not have happened, even if those wandering warriors had described how Fane looked. After all, there was no way to perfectly describe how someone looked. T
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