No. 1 Supreme Warrior

No. 1 Supreme Warrior

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Although the Supreme returns in order to pass his days peacefully, he was belittled by everyone. On his wedding day, with a wave of his arm, he summoned the Nine Great Gods of War to him, who addressed him as their master…

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The story's narrative, settings, conflict, characters, and theme are the five primary components covered in this fiction, thriller, literary, paranormal, loss, sorrow, suspense, and mystery novel. It talks about the story of Fane Wood, who was considered the Supreme Warrior. After the perilous and painful fate, Fane needed to do many sacrifices. Along his journey, he was weakened by some badges and the death of his family. Because of this, he was then belittled by everyone during his homecoming. He summoned the Nine gods of War and this changed his reputation forever...         

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Chapter 1
On the Southwest border...War between the Nine Provinces calmed down. The fortresses were secured. Each of the impenetrable fortresses instilled fear into the enemies!At that moment, within one of the big buildings, a ruler observed a young man. A scowl creased his face.“Are you really planning to return to the Middle Province? You’d like to keep this position of Supreme Warrior a secret for now?”As the ruler, the old man stared into the eyes of the man in front of him. His gaze was filled with respect.Behind the young man were the recently anointed Nine Great Gods of War.The Nine Great Gods of War were meritorious. In just five year’s time, they contributed greatly. Their existence struck fear into their enemies’ hearts. The Nine Great Gods of War were given the official title as Gods of War. They enjoyed matchless power and wealth, and would soon be returning to the Nine Provinces, each ruling over a province of their own. They had the power to decide life and death.However,
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Chapter 2
As Fane reminisced, a little girl with a dirty face walked up to the gates and sneakily looked inside.The little girl was rather skinny. She seemed to be four or five years old with a slightly yellowish skin tone. It would seem that she was malnourished.“This little girl. Those eyes resemble Selena’s!”Seeing the girl’s cute appearance, Fane could not resist smiling.A maid of the Taylor family came out. She looked at the guards standing by the door and pulled the little girl to another corner.For some reason, maybe due to the likeness of the girl’s look with Selena, Fane’s interest was piqued. He slowly walked up to them.He then witnessed the maid carefully fish out two buns from her pockets and pass it to the little girl. “Kylie, there’s only two today!”“Thank you, pretty sister!”The little girl swallowed her saliva as her stomach growled. It was obvious that she was famished.“Hurry up, eat it!”The maid patted the little girl’s head. “Sigh, Young Master Taylor is just too mea
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Chapter 3
“Fane, are you f*cking crazy? Don’t forget your own identity. You’re only someone that married into our family. Don’t think that just because you’ve been a soldier for a few years, you can play around with me with that little extra strength.”Ivan gritted his teeth and tried to stand up.Bang!Fane responded with a kick and pushed him back down, dusting up the area.“I’m not going to repeat my words!”Fane kept a foot on the back of Ivan’s hand.“Ah!” Ivan shrieked. He felt as though his bones were being crushed.“B*stard…” Ivan raised his head and was scared speechless when he looked up to meet Fane’s merciless glare.“Are you eating it or not? If you don’t, I’ll kill you right now!” Fane declared coldly.“E-e-eat. I’ll eat it!”This time, Ivan was utterly terrified by Fane. Although his heart was unwilling, he could not help but take bites off the dirt-covered buns, stuffing it into his mouth.“Shauna, thank you for your care of Kylie. Is Selena in there?”Fane walked up to the maid,
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Chapter 4
“Six minutes remaining. Clear this venue. Since you’re just offended, don’t even think about charging the fee!”Fane stared coldly at the remaining people.Although they were tough as well, they were nothing compared to Black Dragon. None of them dared to look Fane in the eye.“Everyone, leave immediately or else!”They started shouting immediately. The other customers were obviously terrified from before and ran away like their lives depended on it.They could not see how Black Dragon had died. It was as though something supernatural occurred.In less than a minute, the entire bathhouse was empty!A beautiful female server walked out meekly after being signaled by the bouncers and asked in a worried tone, “Sir, t-t-the place is empty. How can we serve you?”“Go get a set of branded clothing and a sumptuous meal for my daughter. If not, don’t even think of leaving here alive!”Fane carried Kylie inside, causing the server and bouncers to have the color drain from their faces.“Of cours
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Chapter 5
Shauna led Fane to the door of a small, dilapidated courtyard house.There was a big banyan tree in the courtyard. Looking in from there, it appeared tranquil. However, there was the problem that the place was too run down.“You’re telling me that my mother, Selena, and the in-laws are staying here?”Seeing the house in front of him, Fane felt sorry for them.Selena was the daughter of Master Taylor. She was fantastically talented. Back then, she was even known as a stunningly beautiful director that exuded pride. Countless people courted her.At that moment, because of her decision to keep the kid, she was kicked out of the household to stay at such a place!Shauna smiled bitterly. “There’s also your little uncle! He was still young five years ago, but he’s now 19 and staying here.”“That many people!”Fane’s eyes turned red. “Selena must’ve had a hard time!”However, they quickly noticed a Bentley was parked by the courtyard.“Why’s there a Bentley here?”Fane scowled, feeling suspic
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Chapter 6
“That’s right. You’re absolutely right! To be honest, I don’t really like this little girl anyway!”Fiona nodded repeatedly. “After all, she shouldn’t have existed!”Hearing those words, Fane felt the urge to kill them all in just one strike.However, deep down, he reminded himself to stay calm. After all, Fiona was Selena’s mother, his mother-in-law.This place was no longer the battlefield where he killed as he wished. At the very least, Fiona and Andrew were not his enemies.Andrew’s leg was in its current condition because of his rash actions with Serena on their wedding night.Their hatred for him was reasonable.However, there was an outsider present.Fane smiled coldly, then looked toward Young Master Clark. “Kylie is my daughter. She’s not baggage, nor is she a b*stard child. You have to kneel down and apologize for your words!”At that point, Fane paused for a moment, then continued, “If not because of my unwillingness to stain this place on my first day home, you’d be dead by
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Chapter 7
“I’ll die today? I don’t think so!”Fane was unfazed. He took a look outside and saw that Shauna had already brought Kylie to play under the banyan tree. “Hmph, I’ll see how you plan to act tough later!”Young Master Clark could not be bothered to talk with Fane. He believed that Fane would be regretting soon enough.Very quickly, a few cars pulled over just outside. Dan Jameson, the Clark family’s number one fighter, walked in along with a few muscular guys.Just as he entered the courtyard, Dan shouted, “Who’s the person that dared to bully our young master? Do you wish to die?”At that moment, Dan was furious as he had just ran into someone he could not afford to offend, causing him to lose a finger.He had just only finished treating his wound at the hospital when his master gave him another phone call, telling him that Young Master Clark was beaten up, sending him over to settle the issue.“It’s that trash named Fane Woods. He’s just a stinking, retired soldier, yet he dares to b
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Chapter 8
“Ma, no matter what you say, he’s still Kylie’s father and your son-in-law. Don’t ridicule him like that anymore!”“Those matters from the past are far behind us now. You should stop talking about it too!”Selena was just as kind and understanding as before.“Bullsh*t! We’ve never recognized him as our son-in-law. This doesn’t count!” Fiona retorted.“That’s right. If not for him, my leg wouldn’t be in this state!” Andrew was similarly holding his grudge.“But what mistake did he commit? Back then, I slept with him out of spite. I didn’t expect myself to be pregnant from that!”Selena felt helpless. It was indeed her own brazen action that caused this. However, she really could not bear aborting the child.The situations they face up to that point were considered compensations for the mistake she made back then.“But you didn’t have to carry the child.’re really trying to give me a heart attack!”Fiona stomped her foot in frustration.“Nevermind. It is what it is. He’s back f
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Chapter 9
“That’s right. These bums are talking about war and bringing glory to the country. What a joke!”The other youngster snickered along.Bang, bang!However, the very next instant, both youngsters only saw a blur then was sent flying away and slammed into the wall behind them, causing it to crash.“Pfft!”Both of them spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. Their legs stiffened, then stopped moving.“Ah! Murder!”Both the girls shrieked as though they had just seen a ghost, running away immediately.“Oh no, Fane, you’ve killed someone. What if they’re some important people or belong to some organization? What’re we going to do?”Seeing the two of them lying there motionless, Joan went pale. “Y-y-you’re just too hot-headed. This is not the battlefield. There are some people that we can’t afford to offend. Do you think you’re still on the battlefield where killing your opponent was fine?”“Why can’t you hold your temper? They’ve only said a few words!”Selena was extremely frustrated as well, u
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Chapter 10
“Are these three people sane? They look so dirty. Look at that woman wearing a street cleaner’s uniform and a straw hat. Good heavens, isn’t this an exclusive store for that famous international brand?”A rich woman sneered coldly as she looked over whilst picking her clothes. She was holding onto a branded bag.“I’m sorry, madam. I’ll have them leave immediately!”The beautiful saleswoman beside her immediately responded with a customary smile, then turned around to instruct the other saleswoman, “Go, send them out of here. Don’t let them lower our store’s class!”The saleswoman quickly strutted over in her high heels and approached Fane’s group of three. “Hello. Are you here to buy clothes? We’re a branded store. Our products are from overseas and of high quality…”That saleswoman was an experienced employee. She was sure that when put that way, those poor people would naturally realize that they came to the wrong place and quietly take their leave. However, she had obviously made a
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