Chapter 2888

Fane nodded, saying quickly, "Do you remember how Grayson looked at you when you were questioning him? He looked at you as if it was the first time he has seen you. He did not seem to know the two of you, and looked at us like enemies when you questioned him!"

Rudy had a dark look on his face and replied, "That's true! That's what happened! So he recorded your image with a special array and broadcasted it. He really doesn't know us, and wanted to figure out where you're from…"

Fane nodded. That should have been what happened. That was the only reason he could think of after considering everything that had happened. However, a bigger question remained; What did Grayson go through?

Could Grayson have done all that just to try and figure Fane out? Fane sighed…

"There are too many questions regarding Grayson. The information we can get is not enough to determine what happened to him. Why doesn't he know us? Why was he looking into us? What does he want…"

After saying that, Fane no lon
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