Chapter 151

“So, you’re saying we can be released from the deal to suicide, to serve under you instead?” one of the soldiers asked.

“Correct” Rex replied, “Instead of your life being a waste, why not use it for something better?”

“We cannot accept that” the soldier replied, saddened, “When we swore our oath to serve, we were branded, if we break our deal, the brand kills us, so either way, we are doomed.”

“Who would make you do such a thing?” Lacey asked, she was not the only one who was shocked, the entire group was as well.

“Our new leader ensured our allegiance with spells” the soldier replied, lining up his sword, ready to pierce the heart, the rest of the group following suit, “We thank you for the offer, you are not like they say you are,” he took one last deep breath to ready himself, closed his eyes and slid the sword into his chest with a groan, after a few

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