Magnus: Dragon Prince

Magnus: Dragon Prince

By:  Sir Rocket  Completed
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Book one of the Magnus series. A Fantasy Novel that brings Rex Magnus's struggle to life. After he was left by his birth parents, given to his grandmother, Iris who tries her best to shield Rex and bring him up to be the best he can be, he is constantly getting beaten down during his 17 years, soon he will be 18 and before he knows it, will unlock secrets he didn’t think could exist, he was part of a royal family of people who had mastered the skill of fusing their souls with dragons! This brings certain perks and power and he soon finds out, brings just as many negatives with it. He will meet new friends on his journey to claiming his birthright, some helpful and some with their own agendas and he hopefully can form a normal family after 18 years of separation. It isn’t long before he is challenged by creatures of shadow, beasts of legend and races of people that possess great power who want his for their own. Using his new found abilities and friends he will carve a path that will be remembered for centuries, being next in line for emperor over the land of Dracoterrum possessing the power of dragon should make it an easy task, right?

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158 Chapters
Chapter 1
‘What a great day to go for a swim,’ Rex thought to himself, taking a look out of his bedroom window, watching the sunrise creeping over the trees in his street. Perfect start to the weekend, having quite a terrible week at school, as usual, Rex was turning 18 in 2 weeks, so this year at school was going to be his last, the only problem with school for Rex was that he was an outcast at his school, he was a constant target for bullies, being an outcast also meant his pool of friends was quite small, almost not existent you could say. But not today, today he would go and spend the day in the sun, relaxing in the river to clear his thoughts with some music, Rex liked to spend most of his time either exploring or swimming on his weekends, being by himself a lot for so long cause Rex to enjoy his own company more than with others. Getting ready for his day, Rex changed into his usual t-shirt and board shorts, fashion was never one of his strong points, ‘everything works with jeans and bo
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Chapter 2
Whack!! The force from Dean’s punch to his face was enough to rattle his teeth and it sent Rex scrambling, a trickle of blood now trickling out from the edge of his mouth, in typical bully style, he gave no warning of ill intention, this was the way Dean operated. "How dare you try to stand up to me, you are nothing, stay down on the dirt where you belong" Dean sneered looking down at Rex, “People like you need to be reminded who is at the top around here, know your place and stay on the ground, it's even more pathetic that your weak grandmother can't even help you, she always appears at the right moment to save your ass, but not this time, you’re all mine today, it’s embarrassing, you’re even 18 soon and still worthless like her, even my dad says it’s hilarious, she hangs on so tightly to that house, he even offered a sum of money worth way more than it’s worth." Rex had never been so angry in his life, he didn't care that Dean would tease him, but the moment he brought his grandmo
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Chapter 3
Rex decided he would make for home after the events that unfolded at the river with Dean. He was going to leave and he planned on taking the same track he came in because it was the quickest route, but after the altercation earlier, he changed his mind, he was not wanting to risk running into the group again on the way out. 'An extra 20 minutes to go around him and his friends won't kill me' he thought as he picked up his bike and started off up the hill, going along the road headed in the opposite direction he used to come in.The only problem was the other track he knew about that would lead him back towards home was a very steep and rough goat trail that went over the eastern hills behind the town that cut through the forest area that many people avoided, there were many stories from the locals about strange things that happened in that forest. Stopping just outside of the edge of the tree line, Rex had an odd feeling like someone was watching him, looking around for any signs of
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Chapter 4
"I'm serious Iris! That is what happened!!" Rex exclaimed when Iris did not believe him. "Ok dear, you're here and you're fine, that's all that matters," She said in a soft tone, "Go upstairs, clean yourself up, and try to relax a little, it sounds like you've been through alot." "Well, no…I…fine…" Rex grumbled, admitting defeat, he was not impressed she thought he was lying about the events that had just unfolded, so after she smiled at him once more, he stood up quickly and stomped up the stairs, shutting the door loudly, getting himself undressed and ready to clean himself up, after having a warm shower, Rex threw on some clean clothes and sat in his chair and stared at the wall for a while. 'What an odd day I've had' he thought, he tried to focus on slowing his breathing because he felt like his headache was going to return if he didn't stop trying to make sense of everything, he took one look at his computer and thought, 'well Iris said my brain is already rotting, no more harm
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Chapter 5
Once Rex was upstairs, he changed into his usual attire, sat in his chair, and flicked on the tv. "I'm off to the shops," Iris said, poking her head into the door. "Ok gran, please be careful, remember to take a list with I'll be here watching a movie and relaxing" Rex replied trying to add a believable smile, no way was he planning on staying, he was going to follow her to find out what she is hiding. Once Iris had walked out the door and started off down the street, Rex was straight up out of the chair, climbing straight out onto the window sill. "If I'm going to follow her, might as well do it like a ninja so I don’t get seen," he said with a grin, in all the movies he had watched the fastest way to get to the ground was to go out of the window. Grabbing onto the drain pipe that ran next to his window, Rex shimmied down, making sure to jump the last few feet. Landing on both feet, he threw his arms up "And the dismount is a 10!" He chuckled imitating a cheering crowd. Time to
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Chapter 6
"My brain hurts, thanks gran" Rex replied, totally lost at her latest statement. "Let me start at the beginning to make it a little easier on you," she said sitting down with her coffee, "this may take a while, and please save the questions for the end." Rex sat hurriedly, totally enthralled that he was finally going to find out things he had merely dreamt about, he was secretly hoping for a mention of why his parents dropped him off and had not come back for him. Taking in a deep breath, Iris began her explanation, "This existence isn't the only one that connects to this world, there are a few more, that both you and I and many more belong to, in these places things not thought possible there exist in harmony with everyone, things like magic, for example, as I hear you have already had a small taste yourself. In our world what you would think impossible is quite common, like your feat of strength and the slowing of time, which is quite rare I must admit, the reason why I was surpr
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Chapter 7
"Now that I have told you all I can tell you for now, you need to get yourself sorted for tomorrow," Iris said, standing and washing her cup before placing it on the sink. "What's tomorrow?" Rex asked, not hiding a little excitement just in case it was something to do with the news he had just heard. "School of course dummy" she laughed. What a letdown that was, Rex thought to himself, he had let his imagination run wild and had forgotten that tomorrow was still Monday, which meant he was back to school. Back to another week of torture, he sighed, for that was what awaited him each day he went to school. Just like at home it seemed that Rex had the same routine at school, every day he had his classes, lunch by himself, more boring classes, then home, a little homework, and then video games until dinner, and then it was a shower and a little sleep. So, when Monday came around, true enough, his routine kicked in, he had breakfast, got ready, and rode his bike to school, but instea
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Chapter 8
"So have you lived here long?" Vanessa queried. "I came to Oak when I was a baby and yourself?" Rex replied. "I'm from a small town called Valen," she said. "I've never heard of a place called Valen," Rex said racking his brain for a place with that name, "Where is that?" "It's a small place, to the east, not far from the ocean," she smiled, "My mother moved here for an important job, and she dragged me with her," She frowned, Rex could tell she was not happy about it. "Well with it being so close to the end of school exams, I'm not surprised you're not happy about the move, new school, new teachers, that's a lot of pressure on you," Rex sympathized. "My mother certainly puts a lot of pressure on me, that's for sure," she muttered, still frowning. To lighten her mood Rex asked about her likes, they spoke about movies, and books, and Rex spoke about the river. *RIIIIIINNNNGGG* Damn! Just when Rex thought he was truly getting somewhere with her, lunch was already over, he waite
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Chapter 9
"Is that you Rex?" Iris called out, rounding the corner into the dining room at the same time Rex had entered, "Oh my god what happened to you?" She exclaimed, seeing him covered from head to toe in dirt and wearing torn clothes, "Did those boys beat you up again? I might have to talk to their mothers" she said angrily while fidgeting over Rex to examine his injuries. "No gran, it wasn't that, my front tyre on my bike blew and threw me forwards over the handlebars, I'm ok except for a few cuts and scrapes, my clothes seem to be the in the worst condition" Rex said trying his best to get Iris to stop fussing over him. "What cuts and scrapes?" After turning him around and looking him up and down once more, she said, "you have none on you that I can see." "What do you mean? My knees and elbows are all busted...up??" He stammered, getting confused as he twisted and turned his arms and legs around in shock, there was nothing to show what damage he had sustained from his bike accident th
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Chapter 10
Rex could barely hold his attention in his class, the only thing he could think about was dinner plans, what meals he wanted to try, dining setup, he was putting a lot of thought into trying to make the night memorable. The sound of the end-of-class bell brought him back to reality, quickly packed up and he made his way to his bike. Nothing had made him this happy in a long time, he was not going to ruin it! Rex peddled quickly as he made his journey home, wanting to give himself as much time as possible to be prepared. Galloping into the house after dropping his bike off he was that preoccupied he nearly ran into Iris. "What has you in such a hurry!!??" She cried out just being able to jump to the side in time. "I'm going to need your help gran, I have a visitor coming for dinner tonight!!" He chirped. Must be an important person Iris thought, "who is this visitor?" Blushing a little, he said sheepishly, "It's a girl from school." "My my is that so?" Iris grinned, "what do you
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