Chloe takes the powder that was bought yesterday. Then apply a thin, brown eyeshadow on her face to make it look natural. And also nude lipstick.

"Ara how?" Chloe asked, she was just afraid that the powder she used would look thick.

It's not actually powder. This is a cushion that is said to be lighter than powder.

Arabella turned to look at Chloe's face. Nothing unusual. Everything looks perfect, clothes, make-up also look right on his body.

"Good, perfect." praise Ara.

Chloe chuckled and immediately took her backpack. She immediately put her hand on fig's arm and walked with the family from her dorm room.

Chloe told me that she saw Mashii's insta story. Tonight he's going to perform, and Chloe really wants to see him, and it has to be with Ara.

Since yesterday Ara has been very curious about Mashii's other friend. But when she wanted to ask Chloe, Ara suddenly forgot.

"Who do you mean?" Chloe asked.

"The one sitting at the table with Mashii. You remember, right?"

"I have a photo of him, yesterday I took it."

Ara took her cellphone, she immediately handed over her cellphone, and showed Chloe the man's photo. Who knows, Chloe knows him, or maybe he knows on Mashii's social account.

"Nicholas Oliver owner," said Chloe looking at Ara.

Ara confirms whether that is really her name? But Chloe immediately told me that Mashii had ever mentioned that name. And Chloe was sure that it was the name of Mashii's friend.

"You still don't believe it? I heard Mashii call him that."

"Wow ..." said Ara and laughed.

Chloe laughed too and continued her walk with Ara. You can see right, if all the men here are looking directly at Chloe and Ara. Even though the changes in both of them were only a few, and not many. But able to make all men look at them both.

"Honestly, I'm very uncomfortable being stared at like this." Chloe said honestly and made Ara laugh.

"It's not like you want to win Mashii's heart, Chloe. I have a little story about Selena if you're interested."

Selena is Mashii's lover. Either Selena or Chloe wasn't interested at all. But if you hear stories about their breakup, maybe Chloe will be very interested.

"Must be about news if they break up." Chloe said confidently.

Again Ara laughed and started telling stories. From the start, Selena was the one who asked Mashii to date. And finally they formed love. Several times Mashii had an affair, and it didn't make Selena angry. As long as Mashii still belongs to him. Even though Mashii took many other women behind Selena. But little Selena was never angry with Mashii. But will get mad at Mashii's other lovers. and immediately made Mashii angry with Selena and had a big fight.

"Stupid girl !! Why are you still holding on if Mashii doesn't really love her." Chloe's comments when Ara's story is over.

"Well the name is also love Chloe must be blind."

"But love can tell a lamborghini and a mini cooper." Chloe replied with a chuckle and made Ara couldn't help but laugh too.

"Love is not as joking as that Chloe. You know that almost one campus has had an affair with Mashii. But still, there is not a single woman who makes Mashii fall in love with him. He will make that woman bend his knees in front of him and after that leave him."

"And I will make Mashii fall in love with me, and bend her knees at my feet." Chloe replied quickly.

Ara laughed, "You're going to give Mashii the karma Chloe?"

"Maybe so, a little lesson. Otherwise all women can be hurt."


At exactly 3 pm Chloe decided to go to the cafeteria. Near the girls' dormitories on campus and basketball courts. Luckily, this campus also has many cafes that some students and other students from other campuses can visit.

This afternoon she is waiting for Arabella, who said that she has some business with the lecturer, who knows what and Chloe doesn't know, maybe the proposal case.

While waiting for Ara, Chloe played with her cellphone. Until this cafeteria door opened, Chloe thought it was Ara. It turned out to be Mashii and also Nick. Like Ara said, she has to stay cool in front of Mashii. Don't let Mashii find out, if Chloe wants hey.

Maybe because our eyes met, Mashii smiled at Chloe. But Chloe was silent, maybe he didn't smile at Chloe. But to the girl behind Chloe who immediately screamed excitedly.

Soon Ara came. She immediately sat in front of Chloe and smiled sweetly. Then direct his eyes to the side, a sign if there is Mashii and his friend.

"I know where you look !! He smiled earlier, but I don't know who he smiled with."

"Didn't he smile with you?" asked Ara.

"I don't know, but when he smiled the girl behind me screamed excitedly."

Instantly Ara laughed. She immediately ordered food and drinks. What's more, Ara's stomach has been sounding since earlier.

While waiting for Ara and Chloe's order, they told each other. What's more the case of campus chickens that are getting excited. Until finally -

"Priscilla." Call someone

Chloe immediately turned her head in surprise, and found Revin, his schoolmate, waving at him. What's more, he sat with Mashii and Nicholas.

"Revin gosh you're here." said Chloe incredulously

Revin is Chloe's longtime friend. He once confessed to Chloe. But Chloe refused, she was too comfortable to be friends with Revin than having to be in a relationship.

"I have business with my friend. What are you doing here?"

"Just drinking coffee. Who is your friend."

"Mashii and Nicholas too."

Chloe immediately gaped at Revin's words. So they are both Revin's friends? Golden opportunities shouldn't be wasted, right?

Chloe immediately looked at Ara who was also smiling. As if she knew what Chloe was thinking at the moment.

"Ah Revin, this is my friend Arabella, and this Arabella is Revin my friend from school." said Chloe introducing Ara and also Chloe.

"Hi I'm arabelle." said Arabelle, smiling sweetly.

"Hi, I'm Revin, nice to meet me." Revin replied and smiled sweetly too.

Chloe joined in smiling and looked at Ara with a wink. Of course Ara knows that meaning, a sign that she can be close to Mashii and Nicholas.

"Wow, I heard he's a Dj huh." fishing Chloe.

"Yes, you're right, he will fill the event at my invitation tonight. Come if you want Priscilla."

"Except HTM is free."

"You can use my name to come in. You haven't changed much and are getting prettier."

Chloe laughs. Revin loves flirting. There are also many lovers but one woman that Revin can't beat, namely Chloe. That's why Revin aggressively at that time, to date Chloe. But unfortunately Chloe still refused it subtly. Heartache?? Of course you are stupid !! She was the first to hurt Revin. She who taught Revin not all love can be obtained. Of course it's also karma for Revin because he hurts too many women.

"So you let me go alone Rev? Said Chloe stirring her drink.

"I'm going to ask someone to pick you up, Pris." said Revin.

Chloe pouted, she didn't want anyone else to pick her up. But Revin himself will pick him up.

Heard Chloe's request. Revin nodded, she was not the one to pick Chloe.

"Ah, you are very kind." said Chloe sparklingly.

"I'm always good if it's you, not so good with others. You're still the same, I even still have this feeling for you."

Chloe was silent as was Ara who immediately looked down. Chloe's hand grabbed Revin's hand and made Revin look up.

"I have to say how many more times so you understand. Love doesn't have to have Rev. In the past, I didn't have any taste for you, even now I still consider you a friend. And that taste can't change at all. Once I say friends, eating forever will become a friend." Chloe explained to make Revin understand.

Revin sighed "Unless you add a life partner in your words earlier. Do not you want to try with me Pris, we start from the beginning I will make you happy after that."

Chloe shook her head, if she was with Revin. Then what about Mashii when she wants a mosque.

"Being my friend and close to you like this I'm already happy. I will introduce you to my other friends. So you can forget about me and find a replacement for me."

Revin surrendered, maybe Chloe never liked him. What are you trying to be handsome? Yes. Rich too yes, but why did Chloe turn him down?

Not wanting to take too long, Revin got up from his seat and kissed Chloe's forehead. Chloe didn't mind, she closed her eyes instead. As if enjoying a kiss from Revin. Revin left Chloe and Ara also left the cafetarian to get ready for tonight.


Chloe smiled as she looked at Mashii who was standing behind the small table and the laptop in front of her, the earphones that were placed on her head were not on the ears nor on the neck. Casual clothes only use black t-shirts and black pants. Everything was all black, hair was neatly arranged, black piercings in both ears, let alone a black cross. It really made Chloe stop smiling.

Tonight Chloe comes together with Ara. Earlier, Revin picked him up in front of the dormitory. And got Chloe and Ara in for free. Not to mention that in the club they immediately split up.

Revin who approached Mashii and also Nick. Chloe and fig chose to sit in the bartender. Revin's treatment earlier made Mashii look at Chloe. I don't know what Mashii was thinking, but Chloe hoped he didn't think bad things.

Chloe enjoyed a drink in front of him. Come on. Don't think it's alcohol. It's just a glass of juice, I don't know where Ara ordered it until this juice is in front of Chloe.

Tonight she came to enjoy Mashii's performance, not to get drunk.

Maybe because Chloe was uncomfortable being stared at, Mashii looked around and looked at Chloe who was looking at her too. Mashii smiled as well as Chloe. But after that Chloe immediately left the sofa which was close to the Dj stage.

Mashii circulates her sights looking for Chloe's whereabouts. But unfortunately there aren't any, maybe she is crushed by a lot of people here.

Until Mashii's game was over. Chloe didn't go; she was just looking for a quiet place that wasn't too crowded either. Today Ara disappeared, and Chloe just found out that Ara likes to enter clubs. Even some employees already know Ara.

So this is what the night world feels like?

Chloe was massaging her forehead dizzy, she didn't like the noise that made her ears crack. But this is for Mashii's sake, she is willing to enter this club just to see Mashii. Hopefully the god of luck will side with Chloe. And bring Chloe with Mashii.

Until Chloe felt someone tapping her right shoulder. Chloe looked to the right but no one. She immediately turned to the left and was surprised, when her tiny lips kissed someone.

Chloe's eyes widened when she knew who she was accidentally kissing. What's more, that person bent over behind Chloe and smiled sweetly there.

"Thank you for the present." he said with a mischievous glance, then just walked away.

Chloe blinked repeatedly. Just now she kissed Mashii's left cheek right? Even without realizing it, Chloe touched her tiny lips and smiled.

Chloe's eyes continued to stare at Mashii who was sitting with her friend. One of them is Revin who shows a disliked face. While the other, named Nicolas, smiled crookedly at Chloe.

Then their eyes met, Mashii raised her glass in the air, and smiled at Chloe. As if he wanted to toast Chloe.

"This is called cheating." Chloe said softly.

"Who's cheating?" asked Ara who suddenly came and sat beside Chloe. "Sorry I left you for quite a while," he continued.

"He's so cheating. He made me kiss him on the cheek." Chloe sighed.

Ara laughed and she knew who Chloe meant. If it's not Mashii, she also accidentally saw Chloe kissing Mashii's cheek.

Ara also told me that she met Nick earlier. And Nick asks for Ara's cell phone number. Ah chance, immediately Ara gave her cell phone number. Anyway the golden opportunity should not be regretted.

"So which one do you choose? Revin or Mashii?" asked Ara and silenced Chloe.


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