Disc Jockey

Disc Jockey

By:  AgathaQuiin20  Ongoing
Language: English
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Priscilla is a new student at a well-known campus and immediately falls in love with her senior named Declan Mashii Jackson. He is one of the handsome students on campus and also works as a disc jockey. He also has a girlfriend named Selena. Initially, Priscilla just admired her to find out all her social accounts about her intimacy with her lover. Until finally Priscilla followed Declan's Instagram account and followed whatever Declan posted. Even on purpose, he also gives heart to every Declan post. Until in the end, by accident, Priscilla entered a club to meet Declan there. Everything changes when Declan enters Priscilla's life. Knowing extraordinary happiness, knowing unlimited love, to unforgettable pain.

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9 Chapters
Priscilla Chloe Peter dragged her small suitcase into the dormitory. This was the first day she moved to the dorm. Even though she had to argue with her parents first.Yes, Chloe's parents didn't allow Chloe to live in the dorm. But in fact Chloe was stubborn, and chose to stay in the dorm. With reasons of saving time.
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Chloe takes the powder that was bought yesterday. Then apply a thin, brown eyeshadow on her face to make it look natural. And also nude lipstick."Ara how?" Chloe asked, she was just afraid that the powder she used would look thick.
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Chloe looked at Ara who was silent. Since morning she has been silent without wanting to say anything to Chloe. Is it possible that Chloe made a mistake, so she doesn't want to talk to Ara.Unable to stand it, Chloe asked if she had done something wrong earlier? So that made Ara angry, and didn't want to say anything to Chloe.Unfortunately Ara shook her head. Isn't it a sign that Chloe didn't do anything wrong to Ara?"Then why are you silent? I didn't do anything wrong." said Chloe."I'm just confused, Daniel asked me to find a model for his magazine." explained Ara.Chloe thought for a moment, then nodded she thought Ara was angry with her. So that he didn't want to invite Chloe to talk. In fact she was silent only because of Daniel."Your boyfriend asked for a model? Why don't you just be the model?"Ara turned and looked at Chloe in surprise. Then chuckled, she
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Chloe povAfter a photo shoot that made me really go crazy. I immediately went to Ara, who turned out to be talking to several models here.I smiled when all the models looked at me. I think I'm a new kid so I have to be polite and image right?"Arabelle." Called me, and made Ara turn around and smile."Are you done?" he asked."Come on, let's go home. I'm very hungry." My whining.Ara really doesn't support me right now. Since last afternoon, until night like this. The boxed rice just isn't here."On the table you have your rations, I bought you dinner. You eat first and then go home. But there is only pasta, it's okay." said Ara. Maybe he's not feeling well.I smiled, "It doesn't matter if the important thing is just full."Ara and I immediately left this room. And smiled at the other models. But when I walked towards the table, I
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Mashii povI turned to the side, where the girl named Chloe was fast asleep in my car. Yes, finally she wanted to come home with me, because of my threats just now.Actually not a threat but it is true. If the night taxis rarely pass, there are also drivers who are evil and like robbing.I let out my breath, and rested your head on the driver's seat. It's already 12 pm there's no way I'll bring Chloe into the dorm. What's more, the dormitory doors close after 10pm. This is too far, did I bring Chloe to my apartment?My mind drifted and I left the campus girls dormitory. Instead of Chloe getting angry from Mass Casey, it's better, I just take her away.And in the end I brought Chloe to my apartment. Arriving at the basecamp, I immediately got out of my car and brought Chloe's bag and medicine.Hopefully when I pick her up, Chloe won't wake up or be disturbed by my movements.
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In the morning Chloe was really looking for Mashii's whereabouts. But in fact, we didn't find it, and finally Chloe waited until the first break. Hopefully Chloe can meet with Mashii, and ask what the meaning of the sign he gave Chloe yesterday.Along the campus corridors Chloe did not meet Mashii. What's more, Ara who keeps complaining of being tired, and wants to go to the cafetarian. Because Nicholas was waiting for him there. Somehow they got close like that, like postage stamps."Chloe, let's go to the cafeteria. I'm so hungry." complained Ara"After meeting with Mashii we go to the cafeteria." Chloe answered and looked around for Mashii's whereabouts."Chloe come on, who knows Mashii feels at the campus cafe. Let's go there.""Just say you want to meet with Nicholas, Ara. Don't make excuses, Mashii." snorted ChloeAra laughed at Chloe's answer. Yes, if he says that mode can be
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Mashii sits in one of the campus garden chairs.His eyes were fixed on the girl who was also sitting in the garden, but quite far from his seat."Unfortunately today I want to go to the mall, you can accompany me to the mall." said Selena.Mashii turned her head and nodded. Honestly he doesn't like it like this, close to Selena if it weren't for business. And raising her prestige now may not be MashiiSelena.What's more, she always sticks to Mashii and doesn't want to let go of one bit. It was able to make Mashii embarrassed. He prefers calm women, and not too aggressive with men.Mashii smiled and embraced Selena. Instantly Selena hugged him tightly. Mashii could only smile and ruffled Selena's hair.To be honest, Mashii never even felt close love with Selena. She only used Selena here. The intimate posts and romantic treatment, only boosting to be seen if they suspect him.
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After the incident at Daniel's studio, the relationship between Mashii and Chloe is getting closer. They often go out together, play together a few times even Mashii sneaks into the girls' dormitory, to meet Chloe. Chloe did not believe it and forbade the reckless Mashii to meet him. If the word longing has crossed his mind. He even acted stupid, by kissing Chloe in front of many children when he hugged Selena. 
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Chloe actually arrived at 8 o'clock. She was already feeling at the airport, but of course she was hiding behind the bodies of the tall people in front of her. Luckily his tiny body was able to slip in safely.While waiting for Mashii who was still releasing his homesickness with Selena in the lobby. Chloe immediately sat on the chair while waiting for Mashii to enter and meet him. After that Mashii will not meet Selena again. Oh hopefully soon.While disturbing the boredom that hit Chloe, she stuffed her ears with a headset to play her current favorite song.It's almost set at the hour and still hasn't entered, is Selena still there or don't you stop joining at this time.Chloe bravely looked back. There is still Selena who is in Mashii's arms. Mashii smiled and immediately kissed Selena's forehead. Chloe can also see that Selena is holding Mashii in and who knows what they are talking about that makes Selena nod h
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