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This story takes place in an imaginary timeline created by myself, it includes issues as well as the lifestyle from the late 1800s and early 1900s, I hope you all find enjoyment while reading it.

The book is also unedited.



Patience's POV

I stepped out of the carriage, my feet immediately greeting the dirt, I moved to the side allowing my mother Lucia to remove herself as well, taking a spot beside me. My eyes met the car that was parked to the side, such a sight foreign in these parts.

"Probably belongs to Claude," my mother mumbled proudly referring to the man she was trying to marry me off to.

"Don't look so tense dear" She scolded as Mr. Archer moved off with carriage leaving the dust to float in the air. I ignored her tone doing as told knowing if I disobeyed I would only earn an earful on the journey home, which was usually focused on lady-like behavior.

We made our way to the door only to be greeted by a 'helper' that I had become acquainted with from my visits to the town's market on Sundays.

"Welcome Mrs. Mathews, Ms. Mathews" She greeted staying away from any form of eye contact and I frowned hating how formal she had to be in the presence of my mother.

"Patsy" My mother greeted coldly pushing past her and I flashed Patsy an apologetic smile, wishing I had the power to do more as I trailed behind my mother, debating whether I was more irritated with her behavior or the dress I was forced to wear.

The moment we entered the sitting room Mr. Walters stood a smile on his face as his gaze met us. I had only met the man once last year when he had invited my family to one of his many events but nonetheless, I felt as if I knew him since his name was always buzzing in town backed by high praises and gossip.

"Mrs. Mathews, lovely to see you again,"

"Likewise Mr. Walters" She replied respectfully, his gaze moved to me, his smile brighter than ever as he asked.

"Is this her?"

"Yes, Steve and I's firstborn," She confirmed and he chuckled looking at me as if I was prized possession or money in his pocket.

"Patsy," He called out and she entered the room almost seconds later her eyes trained to the floor.

"Yes, Mr. Walters,"

"Take Patience here to the backyard to sit with the other girls, so Mrs. Mathews and I can enjoy some tea," He ordered firmly and she nodded respectfully, I rolled my eyes mentally, walking off with Patsy wishing there was someone to discipline his harsh behavior towards her.

"Are the girls anything like the ones we saw at the market yesterday?" I asked her once we were no longer in hearing distance wanting to ease the tension that had formed between us, referring to what happened between racist store owners and Patsy the day before.

"All but one," she replied smiling her body relaxing slightly.


"Yes Claude's friend Hannah"

"A female with a little respect for others?" I asked amused not completely sure whether Patsy was telling me a tale or not.

"And a mind of her own, I believe you two will get along quite fine" Patsy replied as the sound of chatter increased, Patsy stopped and I flashed her grateful smile taking a step forward making my way outside to see two females around my age sitting around a table enjoying glasses of lemonade.

Their gazes moved to me and mustered confidence as I moved closer, curiosity and surprise filling me as I took in the attire of the woman on the right.

"You must be Patience," The one on the left announced grabbing my full attention.

"Yes I am," I replied

"Take a seat, Mr. Walters has been boasting about you all day," she said as I sat down.

"I'm Hannah, this is Lydia an acquaintance," the other girl spoke up her blue eyes running over me and I wasn't sure if it was one of judgment or appreciation.

"Only an acquaintance, I have kept your company for days, since the moment you stepped through those doors," Lydia protested making me smile.

"Would you like a glass of Lemonade Patience?" Hannah asked ignoring her and I nodded watching as she lifted the jug pouring the last into a glass handing it to me, my mind still busy on the clothing she wore.

"Thank you," I replied taking a sip, knowing that it was made by Patsy as soon as I was left refreshed. I had always told her that if things were a little different she could own her own restaurant or even a little bakery in town.

"You seem to enjoy the Lemonade," Hannah pointed out amused looking at my already empty glass, while Lydia sent me a look of judgment.

"Anything made by Patsy is always a fan favorite," I replied and she smiled nodding in understanding her eyes staying on me.

"Well I should get going before Ralph returns from work," Lydia announced

"It was nice meeting you Patience," she added and I nodded flashing her a friendly smile as she removed herself from the seat leaving Hannah and I alone.

"Well since it's just us, we might as well get aquatinted" Hannah announced smiling, she seemed much different than usual females around here, she even dressed differently, to be honest, she looked nothing like what I was used to seeing.

Her black hair was in a low ponytail, that was done to perfection, her blue eyes bright and her face undeniably beautiful, but what caught my eye was her attire, from her tieless pantsuit, that I was sure turned a few heads especially in these parts since-

"Not used to seeing women in suits I guess," she joked and I returned my gaze to her eyes to catch her teasing smile.

"It's alien,"

"You're not going to give me a speech on how unladylike it is, are you? because I've grown tired of them by now" She asked seriously and I laughed finding her question funny.

"If you want a speech, start a conversation with my mother, she will talk until the sun goes down," I joked and she released a small laugh, her eyes running over me before returning to my eyes.

"You're not from here are you?" I asked

"I recently moved here, my father relocated his law firm and I had to come with since it's my source of income," she confided and I frowned nodding proudly, knowing that us women rarely got the chance to take part in such work fields, unless we had a husband or had a father in her case, who owned a firm or had connections.

"I'm jobless because women working is deemed 'unladylike' in my household. I'm not married but my mother has numerous plans to change that, and I'm the eldest of two,"

"I'm not married and I don't ever plan to get married" she replied probably catching the way my gaze fell to her hand.

"My respect for you has grown numerous times in a matter of minutes," I pointed out amused and she laughed.









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