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*Disclaimer* This story is based in an imaginary timeline created by myself, it includes issues as well as the lifestyle from the late 1800s and early 1900s. The book is also unedited. Hannah has always been an outcast among society, not just for how she dressed or behaved but also for what she desired secretly when Hannah falls for her friend's bride to be, in a town where such an act is punishable by death. Will she hide away her feelings? Or Will she love without regret?..

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Looking forward for new chapters!!!
2023-02-28 19:20:30
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Good book!!! love Patience and Hannah!!
2020-11-11 04:20:37
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*Disclaimer*This story takes place in an imaginary timeline created by myself, it includes issues as well as the lifestyle from the late 1800s and early 1900s, I hope you all find enjoyment while reading it.
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Hannah's POVMy eyes ran over her once more, it was unusual to find a woman with the same beliefs I had, and one this beautiful was a foreign sight."So where are you from?""I
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Hannah's POVI stood in the store waiting on the order I had made, it had been a week since I visited Walter's house, so I had no knowledge of whether or not Patience had gotten the book from Patsy.I wanted to stop by today, but I had been busy with adding the finishing touches to my house by the lake away from the outrageous castle my father had bought.
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2 Weeks LaterPatience's POVI was currently in Walter's sitting room since Claude and I were to be wedded my mother made it her to duty to have me here every day, but I was alone as usual since Claude went off to do 'Men's work' and I as his future wife was to si
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Two Days LaterHannah's POVI laughed slightly earning a smile from her as my eyes ran over her once more.
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One month laterPatience's POVI sat on the steps listening to Claude talk about himself, most of which was ignored. We were set to be wedded tomorrow, a union which I had no say in sadly, but according to my mother, it would be the greatest thing to ever happen t
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Patience's POVI watched as my mother, Lydia and my sister Faith eyes met me, I sighed gazing at my reflection in the mirror, already dreading the day that was supposed to be the most memorable o-"Brighten up dear, this is a joyous occasion," My mother pointed out
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Hannah's POVI sat on the swing rocking slightly as I took a sip from my glass of champagne, loving the fact that the trees and the night's sky worked together to shield me away from the crowds of people who were currently in the house, partying up a storm.I looked down at my feet that were pressed into the floor, knowing I would have to spend the night here since
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Hannah's POVI laid there watching as she slept, she looked absolutely beautiful, carefree and peaceful. It was a pleasant sight since I hadn't seen her like this in long while no matter how much I tried, she was always in a bad mood leading up to her wedding and on the day there was nothing but anguish and longing present in her eyes.I could've fooled myself into
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Hannah's POVI stood there placing more goods in the cupboard, ignoring the elephant in the room as I did so. She had been quiet since we left Walter's house. I knew I had overstepped last night, I wanted to apologize but I didn't know where to start, she was a married woman for God sake and I couldn't push away my emotions to respect the union she had with Claude.
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