Ten: Busted

A week had passed since I had seen Sean kiss that lady. Yep, I'd admit, I still wasn't fully able to get it off my mind. But seriously, was it my fault? Sean was the first guy I'd ever fall in love with, and the one I still kind of liked. Getting him off my mind was an absolutely huge task. 

Well, Roy on the other hand, had been coming to me frequently. After he had told me he felt something for me, I really wasn't getting myself. Even though he was being as calm and nice as possible, I had a strong feeling he was fake. That was how famous guys behaved. They just liked to use a lady, and dump her. 

"Will you be attending the dance?" Bella stood up from her bed, walked to the wardrobe. 

"You know I don't like parties. That's definitely not my thing," I told her the truth. Tugging a pillow to my chest, I sighed hard. To be honest, I would have considered going to that dance if Sean had to come with me. 

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