Chasing his

Chasing his

By:  Praise Odulesi  Completed
Language: English
9 ratings
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For the mission, for his ego, for his love, for it all, he had to get her. Renee was smart, gentle, beautiful, cool, loved by everyone. Working at the club one night, as usual, she bumped into the hot dude. The most famous guy on campus. All she wanted to do was to serve him one drink, but he wanted something more. Daily, she began to see him. He began to chase her. He wanted her. Just her. Renee on the other hand, had a lot to think about. The survival of her little family was borne on her. But, wouldn't she still have to fall in love someday? The moment she decided to give him a chance, they all came. The ones who loved each of them. The guy who liked her, the ladies who liked him. What could this be? A love triangle? Against all odds, they tried to be together. But, in this journey, would they be able to be with each other? Would they be able to fight the battles in their love life? Even if they were able to go through this, what would happen to their love story when the past haunts? When something unexpected strikes in the end?Read to know more! *Not fully edited* *Will be on daily updates*~ Thanks for reading!❤️

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Jade Friday
You did very well, Im definitely going to read the next book! Good job!
2023-01-11 20:57:44
default avatar
wow. that was crazy
2021-05-28 10:04:10
user avatar
This is a very good book! Kept wanting to speed read ahead but I couldn't. So much focusing on all of the crazy friendships & love battles I only thought about the necklace a few times. Totally shock about Roy, Kath maybe but not Roy! im going to the CHASE HER right now. Congrats to the Author!
2021-05-21 02:16:10
default avatar
Fab book, can’t wait for the next one
2021-02-16 05:18:29
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Praise Odulesi
Hey guys, I want to inform you that the book 2, Chasing Her, is now up. Kindly check it out, and continue the story of Renee and Roy. ? I hope you like it. Thanks for reading. Also, don't forget to drop review/comment.
2020-11-10 06:15:23
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Renee Higgins-Gilmore
dirt bag Scott and Roy and how will Renee feel when she finds out Roy was lying all this time and that Roy's dad killed her dad. I've read all your other books ...they are great stories.
2020-11-05 09:43:54
user avatar
You don t need any introduction Praise Odulesi, everything you write is wonderful. I am loving your work!
2020-10-31 23:24:23
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Kamogelo Kamzz
The constant "woah, woah, woah" is annoying and making it hard to read this book
2021-07-04 02:59:56
user avatar
Itz Rachy Idika
interesting start. Can't wait to read it finish. first Eight chapters are superb. ?????
2020-10-30 06:42:01
50 Chapters
John____The tiny grasses in that bush had caused a lot of wounds on my feet and its sole. As I ran with all energy I could presently build, my abdomen and chest region held a choking pain. The friction between the asphalt and my feet was an enormous one. Bruises were on my face, arms and shoulders, while wounds mirrored on my feet, legs and hands. But, in all, what was this pain compared to the pain I'd face if anything had to happen to my family?The sky was dark. Really dark. When I had taken a look at the wall clock in the building I had been captured, it was almost midnight. Above my head, stood the tall palm trees my wife and I loved to view every year we visited this place. Right now, the only bright thing was the fulll moon. It gleamed on the road, serving as an illuminant to direct my path. A path that led to the hut my wife and daughter was. "Helen, Renee," I muttered underneath my breath, trying to remain strong. Those people were the ones that could give me the strength
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One: Chase
Twenty three years later… Roy___ Leaning my back against the huge glass door, trying as much as possible to ignore the deafening sound coming from the club behind me, I scrolled through my Instagram account, smiled on seeing Amy Walter's last post on her having to break up with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend who was my irresponsible friend. Childish youths.  Inhaling hard, I dropped my phone into the pocket of my jean trouser, stared up at the dark sky. I was getting impatient. So impatient. I just needed Greogory to get here as soon as possible, so I'd know what I was to do.  Someone hit the door behind me, which made me step forward. As I had expected, it was Jeo, my bud. He peered his head through the small opening of the door, his eyes moving unstably as a result or his groggy state.  "Come on, man
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Two: Not again
Renee_____ The sun that passed through the small opening of the curtain, teased my eyes, slowly pulling me from my fantasy. My dream. I heard the faint sound of something. And the sound mixing with the disturbing sun, was definitely a great inconvenience to my sleep.  Ah, shit, Bella must have forgotten to lock the windows properly. What did she ever do right? Woah, that wasn't the important thing. The important thing was, what was that faint sound?  Oh, no! The alarm! Conscious, I tossed the pillow that was over my ear, sat up straight. Moving my eyes to the bedside alarm, I gasped. It was eight already! My class was in only thirty minutes! Frowning, I leaped from my bed, hurried to Bella's.  "Sleepy head!" I tapped her arm. She moved lazily on the bed, ignored me, only throwing a pillow over her head. Was I surprised by that? Definite
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Three: Defense
I blinked four times. I just had to be really, really sure I wasn't dreaming. For goodness sake, this dude was literally one of the most famous guys on campus. How could he call me pretty? Or wait, did he seriously want a hookup? Damn, he had come to the wrong lady.  "Um, hey?" I furrowed my eyebrows at him, denoting I was confused.  He waggled something in the air. Moving my eyes to it, I gasped on seeing my necklace. How in the world did he get that? I must have forgotten to put it on.  "How did you—" "Huh-uh." He grasped it the moment I attempted to take it from him, hid it behind him. No, no. That necklace wasn't something anyone could play around with.  I glared at him. "Can you please give it to me? I don't play around with it." He licked his lips, winked at me. Gross.  "You're sure about that?" He rai
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Four: Drama queens
I sat by the selling counter, waiting for another customer to approach me. Well, since it was Monday, I didn't expect many customers to come to this store. This place was usually boring, so it was the exact reason I preferred to work at the club. But, well, I couldn't work at the club always. I was only a part-time bartender there.  I took my phone to check what time it was. Seeing it was eight already, I dropped my forehead on the counter. I had an hour left before leaving here, and I had hardly gotten five customers. That meant I wouldn't get so much commission for today's work. So annoying.  "Hey?" Hearing that thick voice, I raised my head immediately, glad that I had another customer. But, seeing this dude who had been disturbing me for a couple of days, I hissed. Seriously? "Oh. You." There was a bit of disappointment in my tone.  He smiled, the blue color of his eyes glinting mo
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Five: Noodles
I kept staring at them, helpless. Why did they always have to behave like babies? Virg had also seen him, but she didn't react. But here they were, embarrassing me.  Was I supposed to talk now? "She's not my girlfriend," Roy spoke first.  Phew, good. I looked at him, smiled uncomfortably. "Can you give me a sec? I'd like to speak with them." "Sure." Turning to my two childish friends, I glared hard at them, took their hands, pulled them somewhere I wasn't sure of. Well, somewhere was the door of the store I just stepped out of.  I released their hands from my grip, sighed, and gritted my teeth. First, I turned to Bella. "What's wrong with you guys? Do you think it's funny?" "Oh, yeah! We're just happy for you!" Barb shouted again. This girl seriously needed a zip on her lips.  
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Six: Dilemma
"You smell like a rose." Sean played his nose through the skin of my neck, up to my hair, as we sat on the beach sand.  Staring up at the Azure sky of the evening, I giggled at the feeling of his warm breath against my skin. He cupped his arms around me, pulled my back closer to his torso, although there was hardly any inch left between us. Leaning closer to my neck, he kissed it.  "I miss your tiny body. I love you." His naked chest locked to my back, causing goosebumps to rise on my skin.  "I love you too." My reply came out in a whisper. Since I was wearing a singlet, his lips could also make contact with the skin of my shoulder. He kissed my body passionately. Very passionately. And at this moment, I decided to enjoy his touch.  I shut my eyes, inhaled the cool air that surrounded us. A low gasp left my lips when his hands moved to my waist, and before my body could react furt
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Seven: Pizza
Barb stared intently at me, not saying anything. We were seated in the school library, studying together. But, obviously, how would I study with a person like her? She was a great distraction to me.  "What?" I waggled an eyebrow at her, pressed my lips against each other.  She batted her eyelashes, a weird smile on her lips. "Behind you," she whispered.  I rolled my eyes. The drama Queen was back.  "You've got a test. You know that, right?" I said.  She dropped her elbow on the table, cupped her jaw in her palm. "Yeah. I know. Don't tell me what I hate." "Okay." I returned to studying.  "Hey, Renee?" That voice startled me. Oh, no, no! Not again! I shut my eyes, ready to see the dude who had been stalking me.  "Hey," I returned his greeting as soon as he sat on t
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Eight: I hate you
I continued to gasp for air, but the middle aged man only stared blankly at me. I couldn't even tell what he would do next.  Slowly, the corner of his lips formed a small smile. A smile that was almost like a smirk. And then, he released his grip against my arm.  "Hi, Miss?" He stepped backwards, putting his hands into the pocket of his trousers.  My eyes were still widened, fear swaying through me. I was particularly dreaded because of the way mom had cried over the phone. What made her do that?  "Who're you? What do you want?" I demanded.  He chuckled, and muttered something I wasn't sure I had heard. Something like “mother-daughter”.  "You haven't answered me yet." I managed to remain dauntless, trying as hard as possible to catch my breath.  He smiled. But, although his smile loo
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Nine: Shall be mine
Renee______ I stared at Bella as she laid on her bed, weeping. To be honest, I hated to see her this way. If I had known she would see Jason today, I wouldn't have gone to the library with her. Since we had returned from school, she wasn't talking to anyone, doing anything.  "Gosh, this makes me sick," Barb murmured. Turning to her, I just sighed.  "Me too," I affirmed. "I'm so surprised to see her this way. I thought she had completely forgotten about him." She nodded, pulling a sad look. "I know, right? But what can we do? Don't you think we should talk to her now?" "It's not like she'll listen," I said.  Virginia scooted closer to Barb, smiled at me. Since I was sitting on Virg's bed, opposite to them, I could see them clearly.  "You know what? I think Renee's more experienced in things like this." She poked
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