Forty five: Silly

The elevator stopped when it reached the floor of Roy's Condo. Stepping out, I headed to the condo. Smiling, I took a glance at the cookie I had made for him. And, raising my neck, that was when I had to bump into someone. I would admit, I was quite clumsy. 

Ah. Shit. No. Not now. This moron, Kathleen. What the heck was she doing here? 

She scoffed. "Damn, you again? Whenever I see you, I always feel like starting my day over."

"Stupid," I muttered, scoffed as well. "Woman, you think highly of yourself. Funnily enough, you've got a really low standard. A person who can stoop so low as stealing a babe's guy, has no class at all."

"Blah blah." She flapped her hand in the air, rounded her eyes like the idiot she was, sneered as well. "Poor you. I'm so sorry for you. Like I'll say, that dude's mine. And it's so sad you're not willing to back off."

I sighed in frustration. "

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