Chapter 9: The More The Merrier

(A/N: Before we start this chapter, just a little heads up in case my sweet Trix readers would get confused. This arc is like a knowing-each-other arc. Here, you'll likely understand Kiera and the other players. Hence, it is more about their pasts and how the system chooses them. The race was more likely the bonus hehe~ Have fun!)



My life was a perfect one, well even the end of it was perfect. I got a perfect family, a perfect school, perfect friends, and... perfect me.

Well, that's what I think. Jealous people would be... jealous. Hence, they always had that frown on their faces every time they saw my family, especially me.

When I just got born, my parents locked me up in my tower, my room for how many years. They said, 'I wasn't ready for the world to see', hence I stayed there until I'm ready. 

They fed me, dress me up, let the maids play with me, talk to me, I started to talk fluently at 1 year old as my maids and butler taught me well. 

I started to study at 2 years old and slowly learn shapes, numbers, read, and write. 

My parents visited me up there from time to time to see my achievements. They didn't say anything and just stood there watching me. I knew they were my parents as the maid showed me their picture.

I wanted to reach them, however, I know that would be a bad idea. My nanny told me the dos and don'ts in this house. If I wanted their attention, I must be obedient.

Though, I was just a toddler when I realized they're my parents. How would I understand that?

So the first time was chaotic. And horrible. I was 2-years-old when I realized they were my parents, so I reach them and tried to hug me just like in the book.

However, just as I reached their shoes, they kicked me in the face that left me bruised. The maids that lost sight of me was stunned and was worried, they grabbed me instantly and one maid kneels in my place.

She was beaten so harshly by the man beside my parents. The first time I saw blood. I didn't have time to react and cry, and couldn't anymore. That's the first time I realized, what are the rules for.

Fortunately, I didn't get disfigured, and even if I did, my parents would fix it. And as for the maid that was beaten, she was still alive but got disabled. She was replaced by her sister to work beside me instead.

I don't understand what happened but she almost looks like her so I didn't mind.

After that, every time my parents came to visit,  I just stared at them just like what they're doing to me. I didn't say nor do anything. 

I was 4-years-old when they visit me that they started to talk to me, like a real conversation. They told me to come near them, so I did. They told me to slap the maid beside me, I was taken aback, but still, I did. That was the first time they smiled at me. 

I felt proud as they are to me. They left after that and came back every day to make me do some... stuff I didn't understand but made them happy.

When I was 5-years-old, my parents brought me to the forest beside our house. I was amazed as it was my first time outside my tower! 

I looked back and was amazed more, the tower I lived in was so big and tall! And the outside was vast! 

Though I had a great look from the window in the tower, I didn't understand as they were all green and the people I see were too small!

Now, I even had a great look from down here! There was more than just green!

Nevertheless, I behave even with my face was stunned. I followed my parents to where they want me to go. 

Then, they stopped in the middle of the forest, I think. So did I.

"Child, do you like this place?" My mother asked me. But I didn't understand, "What is... like?" I tilted my head, they smiled lightly... Is that a smirk I see?

She replied, "Like is something that you want."

I still don't understand, "What do I want?"

My father, who was just listening between us, laughed, "Child, what was your name again?"

"Arlo," I answered. I didn't say my full name as I don't deserve my surname yet, my maid said so, I must earn it they said.

"Hm, they raised him well," My mother whispered but I could hear it, I had a great hearing you see.

"Child, what you want is what we want," My father spoke to me, I tilted my head as I listen. "That means, whatever we say, you'll do it right?" 

I nodded.

"Because that's what you want." He continued.

I pondered a bit but I think I understand. "Want is listening? Like is listening?"

"Yes, child." They both agreed.

"Do I listen to the forest? How to listen to the forest?"

They both blinked, "What?" My father asked.

"You asked if I like this place, and you said like is listening. Do I listen to the forest? How?" I answered.

"Pft," they chuckled, "No, child. You listen to us, that's what like. ONLY TO US. And as for the question earlier, what we meant is, we want you to stay here, that's what we want, so you must listen." My mother explained.

She kept saying want and want, but I thought to want is listen? But from what she's saying, they have their own 'want' and my 'want' is to listen to them?

Hmm... That seems, okay... "Alright, I listen."

My father nodded. "We will leave you here and you stay here until tonight. When the day is up again, come back on your own. Is that alright with you?"

Stay here? Alone? 

I gazed around and the forest wasn't scary so I didn't mind. "Is that a question, father?" 

"No," Then they left and I stood there alone. 

I stood up and didn't move until the night has come. I heard noises of unknown creatures, I don't know what I'm feeling but I'm shaking.

I put on my hood and covered my face. I felt tired standing up but my parents told me to stay... until tonight? Wait, it's already 'tonight', I can move!

I uncovered my face but a flying creature passed by me! I was shocked and fell! I touched the ground! 

I looked at my hand but couldn't see that much in the dark, but I felt mushy... For the first time, I felt disgusted.

I wiped it on my clothes. I looked around, the forest does look scary... But what should I do?

Should I go to some tree? But what if something was on the tree? I shook my head, I'll just stay here. 

I sat down as I felt tired, I hugged my knees and waiting for the day to come. Fortunately, I'm wearing pants and long sleeves, the small flying creature couldn't do anything to me.

I fell asleep...

The morning came and I woke up. I don't know what time is it but I must go back. 

I tried to stand up but my knees failed me. It must be because I fell asleep in an uncomfortable position.

I took my time to massage my feet, or whatever I'm doing. 


My stomach was crumbling inside. I slowly stood up and tried to walk. Which I successfully did! 

I had a great memory, so certainly I remembered my steps here with my parents.

It took me a long time to come back but when I saw the big house, I saw my parents too. They were smiling at me, I felt light inside and I smiled back. 

As I reached their place, I stood and waited for what they will say. "What a great boy! Keep going and make us proud, okay?" Father said.

Of course, I nodded!

"Go back inside and change. Take a rest if you need." My mother told me with a sweet smile.

I felt so proud! I did it right! Right?

I run inside and do what they said.



"That child is great. He listened well and stayed where he was." The man in the swivel chair said.

The woman standing beside him massaging him agreed, "Yes, if he didn't stay there, he would be eaten by other animals or got by our trap, just like his siblings. And mostly, he came back with the steps he walked by yesterday. He had a great memory."

The forest was a dangerous trap they made, and only the couple and the secretary knows that way. Bringing their children there for a survival test was their tradition. They won't care whether they'll live or not as they could always create one.

"Hmm, he'll probably take the next test. How were the other children, Mark?" The man asked his secretary,  the man on the door standing.

Mark bowed and replied, "One child left his post and died by the trap. Two children also left their post and got attacked by the animals after evading the traps. And the other child survived the traps and the animals, but still lost at the moment. Overall today, three children died, two survived including the boy who came back in one piece."

"Hmm, the other one is obedient, the other one is wild enough to survive." The man smirked.

His wife saw it and understood, "Those children that died, clean up their towers. And make sure no one is alive... As for the boy who came back in whole, give him his present. And prepare one for the other child too, in case that child came back alive."

Mark bowed and left the room.

"Honey, if that child came back alive, we will have three children alive. Do you want more?" The woman asked.

Her husband nodded, "Yes, prepare seven surrogate mothers. The more... the merrier."



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