Trix System Unlocked: The Butterfly Effect

Trix System Unlocked: The Butterfly Effect

By:  Leafy  Completed
Language: English
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"I'm finally free!" Kiera, who was a Modern Rapunzel, finally became independent and out of her comfort zone! However, the day before her housewarming party as a celebration of her freedom, she got into an accident... or was it? "Is fate playing tricks on me? I don't mind dying but can't I at least die after I experience my first own party instead of my funeral?!" Seeing her lifeless body surrounded by her blood, she can't help but feel remorse. Feeling helpless, she followed the light shined next to her thinking it was the way to the underworld. ...she was wrong. "I think I got the wrong turn..." "Welcome players to the Enchantrix game!" _______ [Update: 1 to 2 chapters a week] [Leafy gives, upspree every ending of each arc] [Book Cover Artist: KircheLeaf] _______ Be Updated in FB: ~Original Book Cover ~Original story ~All Rights Reserved

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keep going! can't wait for more. by the way, if you have any socmed to keep up with your readers, please let me know. thank youu
2021-07-21 13:46:58
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Shianne De Kock
I actually already added this to my library when I read the blurb. The idea is so interesting and the story line is so unique I just have to finish reading this. From the first chapter I can already tell that the writing is of good quality. I definitely recommend this novel! Well done author😊
2021-03-14 03:54:26
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Leona S Mane
very interesting beginning
2021-01-14 03:34:47
92 Chapters
~JEREMY, KIERA'S FRIEND~"Kiera, where are you?" I asked through the phone as I and the group were looking for her at the supermarket."Hmm? What do you mean? I told you I'm gonna buy food for tomorrow.""Yeah, we know. But where?" We are looking every aisle just to find her and surprise her but in vain."In the supermarket, duh! You expect me to buy food in the cemetery?" She said in a mocking voice and giggles.I rolled my eyes, "Argh, geez. We are at the supermarket but we couldn't find you. Are you in the other neighborhood supermarket then?"I had no choice but to tell her we came to see her as this surprise would be useless if we couldn't even find her.Probably out of shock, Kiera didn't say anything until... "Nyah! You're here?! Nyah!! I'm outside the supermarket Z!" Like a child feeling excited, she explained to me she just got out of
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This book is rated PG (Parental Guidance). So far.Those who are underage must be guided with adult supervision._______There might be an arc that kids should not read. I Will let you know in advance if there is._______ALL RIGHTS RESERVED!!The author reserved all of the rights in this story granted by copyright law.No parts of this story may be produced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or any means without the prior permission of the author._______This story is written by KircheLeaf and had the right to publish this. Those who copy my works can be sued for plagiarism. PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME._______DISCLAIMER:I don't own the pictures used as book covers, and example pictures except the picture taken
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Table of Contents [ToC]
[Ongoing update of this TOC] _______ Prologue ToC _______ Arc 1: Enchantrix Race!Update: Completed "I think I got the wrong turn?" Kiera, who only followed the light, was lost in the unknown place. "Welcome players to the Enchantrix Game!" Said the system. "Yep, definitely wrong place..." She shrugged, "Welp, what could make it worse than getting lost after dying?" "The game is... Race of the Sperms! Good luck!" "Wtf!" ... "Sperm is a bullet of disaster, hence it is a monster race!" --Kiera, 2020 ....... Contents 0001- Can They Poof It Back? 0002- A Bullet Of Disaster! 0003- I'm Not Alone 0004- Playmate? 0005- A Glitch? 0006- Did I Cry? I Don't Remember 0007- I'm A Coward 0008- I Blinked 0009- The More The Merrier 0010- Farjo Family 0011- I Wish... 0012- I Wish For Her Happiness... 0013- Please, Add One More 0014- I Miss Her... 0015- Slap Fish! 0016- Hero Sperm 0017- You Look Like An Angel 0018- I Really Became A Tadpole?! 0019- Promise! 0020- I Didn'
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Chapter 1: Can They Poof It Back?
(Please read the Prologue first before reading this chapter for further understanding, thank you.)~KIERA~"Welcome players to the Enchantrix game!"Hmm? Players? Game?That's when I realized... "I think I got the wrong turn..."Did I even hear it right? Or this place isn't where I'm supposed to be?I don't know if I should be scared but with how I grew up, I learned how to be calm in any situation.For now, I'll just listen to what this unknown monotone voice has to say.Maybe I can join even if I wasn't invited to this game. I'm already dead, I would lose nothing except my soul, right?Will they even eat my soul just like in the novels or movies? Welp, instead of worrying, better to listen before deciding.I mean, I still didn't know if they even let me play, haha.The unknown m
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Chapter 2: A Bullet Of Disaster
~KIERA~I entered the greenish portal door not knowing what's ahead.As the lights blind me, I blinked. When I open my eyes again, I felt weird...I looked around and found everything weird! This place is weird as we are surrounded by walls of something squishy and red. I don't even wanna know nor touch what that is.And... and..."Are those... centipede?" I shook my head. It can't be a centipede, it doesn't have legs.Yes, they don't have legs! I was talking about others! Well, I think it was them as they kept moving and I haven't seen anyone around even though I'm not the first one to enter.Wait... If that is the other ghosts then...I looked at myself and I was right. Even if I can't see my whole body, I can't see my legs nor arms anymore.Now that I looked at it carefully
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Chapter 3: I'm Not Alone
~KIERA~"I can do this!""This pain is nothing!"I swam as fast as I could to get the hell out of this round. I'm not sure why, but this place hates me.[ROUND 1: VAGINAL ACIDITY]I thought that the air earlier could kill me, I didn't know the fluid in this place was the same!As soon as I entered, my body, well my tadpole-like body slowly dissipated. I felt like I was cooked in 100 plus degrees celsius! I could feel my tail burning like hell and when I look, my tail was slowly vanishing with the bubbles!I have to get out of here before I lose my tail for good! It might be my feet I'm losing!I wanted to cry but acid bubbles were the only thing in my head, in my whole body to be exact. As I swim, I saw another tadpoles-like wiggling around, most of them were also affected by the acidity of this place.&n
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Chapter 4: Playmate?
~KIERA~"Just keep swimming~ just keep swimming~"Is this what Dori felt in the movie, Finding Nemo? Except, no one is eating her tail?I looked at my tail who became thinner than before. I felt sad but happy at the same time.Did I get thin? I mean, if my tail is my real feet, well soul feet, and since I'm fat, well chubby to be exact if my tail became thin, does that mean I also became thin?I grinned but no one can see that.However, what if I just lost blood, muscles, and so on?Wait, I'm a ghost! I don't have that!Oh, what if I just lost some of my parts in my body as a soul?Arghh! This is confusing as hell! I better ask this to those voices later!For now, I have to at least finish the game! This round first!Ignoring the pain of my whole body, I keep swimming and still
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(Special) Holiday 2020
"Merry Christmas" Hohoho~"Sperm... No!" Kiera's eyes opened as wide as it gets as she was shocked by the dream she had. She clutched her chest and sit up straight,  "Ha, ha," she breathes fast and was still looking for more air. Inhale... Exhale...After she calms down, she looked around. "This..." She was stunned to see the place she's at. She's in a big red bed in a big room full of red walls. "Am I in a horror house? Well, being a sperm is much scarier than staying in this place... Where am I?""No! You are not in a horror house! That's a wrong theme!" Suddenly, there was a voice that she couldn't find.
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Chapter 5: A Glitch?
~KIERA at present~"Argh!" As I swim to nowhere, I groaned. I didn't look back anymore, I don't wanna see my tail no more. If I still have it.How long have I been swimming? That, I don't know. But this hella place is so annoying! Why is it vast?! Why is it extended?!Maybe it isn't large nor long, have I been swimming around?Nope! That can't be, I can't be lost here.My instincts told me the way is just ahead. It's probably long. I must swim fast, I don't know how long I can handle the acidity in here.And I don't know how thin did I become. Will I even make it?
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Chapter 6: Did I Cry? I Don't Remember
~KIERA, at present~"Almost there!" I can see the door to the next stage just a few feet from me! I can do it!However, I'm not the only sperm who's going in that direction. Some sperms swim fast as they entered that door.I stumbled as I couldn't take this current wave of sperms. I stayed in one place while getting bounced off everywhere.'Ahh, will I make as the last one again? Or couldn't anymore?'While rolling and bouncing around, I got a good look at my body that I tried to ignore.This is bad, now that I see it, I could feel the horrid pain. Visuals are everything when it comes to pain no matter what your mind says. That's me.
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