Chapter 12 - The trial

"Will you care to explain, what is going on and why do you look so dishevelled?" Areos were hammering Vasilios with questions, the moments he had returned to the guest wing.

Although he had taken a dip in the lake to wash off the blood, he still looked dishevelled.

Vasilios sighed," I killed him."

"Yes I know, and it's going to get out of hand unless you explain to me why?"

"He touched her, he was trying to hurt her," Vasilios gritted his teeth in anger.

Arios looked confused," wait what?"

"That count was forcing himself on a lady, in the forest. I did what he deserved."

Arios raised an eyebrow," right, but we don't get involved in human affairs, also you could have just scared him off, what was the need to kill him?"

"I lost control, she is my mate," Vasilios said quietly.

Arios stared at him dumbfo

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Krystal Massa
come on.....I wanna keep reading. so far this story is seductive. just saying#
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how is that guy even king
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I hope her mate helps her

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