Tribute to the Alpha

Tribute to the Alpha

By:  N Chandra  Completed
Language: English
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In the land beyond the woods of Bramble,lies the mysterious and powerful nation of Wolves, it's ruled by the ruthless and powerful Alpha, such fearsome is his countenance that faint hearts can swoon. When the time is nigh they ask for a tribute, a tribute of a fair maiden who would be sacrificed to their God, wolfano.Those who fail, they face their wrath."But nan this is just a story," said Rhiannon."Of course! my child, but some tales are true." Old nan replied.Rhiannon laughed.Little did she know that Rhiannon was going to be the next tribute, the tribute to the Alpha. To be his mate.

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Ceejay Ramirez
Wonderful Story! Direct, short, but meaningful. No unnecessary events just to drag the story and lengthen it for extra coins… Kudos and Congratulations Dear Author! Looking forward to more of your books. Just improve the editing next time to make it better.
2022-02-10 11:46:25
user avatar
Omg.. I just started reading this and I'm already hooked.. this is soooo good.
2021-08-29 22:50:36
default avatar
good story! :) by the way, do you have any socmed that I can reach out?
2021-07-08 18:58:08
user avatar
sweta singh
good story line......worth reading .......
2021-07-05 11:53:02
user avatar
Delores Tmama Harris
loved it.. Great story.
2021-06-27 21:52:13
user avatar
Deneen Elder
excellent book.
2021-06-22 20:00:47
user avatar
Marney Essoh
I loved this book! I enjoyed the storyline and the plot was solid. The character development drew me in and made me fall in love with and despise the different characters. I would recommend this book. Thank you for sharing your beautiful imagination!
2021-05-28 13:36:21
default avatar
Kayla Johansen
Can’t wait for more!
2021-05-24 07:36:38
user avatar
gina ogom
Beautiful novel, very captivating!
2021-05-09 02:36:31
user avatar
Absolutely love it. There are some spelling errors which is easily fixed by anyone’s mind while reading. Good job
2021-04-19 09:00:38
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Lele Marie
This Story was good
2021-04-08 06:37:03
user avatar
This was a fun & sexy take on Cinderella, sorta. I very much enjoyed the characters. nice storyline. Love the happy ending!
2021-03-31 08:50:42
user avatar
Dora Garcia
Great book!!! Really enjoyed reading it from beginning to end.
2021-02-24 00:21:35
user avatar
Derek Bryant
great book.
2021-02-12 08:41:58
user avatar
Jazsime Angeles
Only read first 10 chapters and loving it ❤️ Don't know if it's recent but it's showing 2 chapter 33, is that a mistake?
2021-02-11 07:48:44
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48 Chapters
Chapter 1 - The encounter
Rhiannon made her way through the shrubs, she circumvented the huge field that she had just been walking in. This was the best time to be up and about. She was 18, she was a pretty girl with porcelain skin, dark brown hair, and striking green eyes.The vibrant forest beyond, the clean, crisp air. The dew-wet grass that made up the lands around the castle somehow made the day ahead seem easier to get through. It was such a contrast to the dark castle where she lived with her father the Duke of Allendale, her stepmother, and her half-siblings. She was usually ignored by the rest. It was quite apparent no one liked her. She was the unwanted daughter of a mistress after all.She sighed in happiness, there was still time until the sun was up in its full glory.Before the farmers and workers would arise. Their busy figures roamed about the p
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Chapter 2 - Alpha of the Alphas
" You are late for breakfast again?'Rhiannon winced at her step mother's curt tone. She had learned it was prudent in such situations to remain silent."I am sorry," Rhiannon replied politely.She preferred to eat alone in the kitchen, with old nan, in the barn, or anywhere where she would not be spotted. But today was special, her father the duke was going to make some special announcement. Hence the entire family and the household was ordered to be present in the dining hall.The servants scurried around serving the warm rolls, and tea.Margaret her 18-year-old half-sister was stuffing her mouth with the rolls when the duke stepped in to speak.The duke of Allendale was a tall imposing man, he could strike fear in the bravest of men. For now, he was one of the most important men in the court, the king of Lidio trusted him.His wife, Catherine was the daughter of a baron and second cou
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Chapter 3 - The warning
The hamlet was small and isolated, nestled in a narrow valley among majestic peaks. Less than 100 families inhabited the hamlet. The land was suitable for some crops like barley.The winter was harsh though. Deep snow often made the single road that led in and out of the village impassable for months at a time. Most days were routine. Work started before dawn, and by nightfall, the villagers were in bed. It was a quiet and simple life for most of the villagers. However, all that changed the night that, their village was attacked.A band of 20 shapes surveyed the village from the mouth of the valley. Their blood lust driving them mad.The leader of the band grinned with evil anticipation. It was time to have some fun. He turned aside to give instructions to his men."Remember, don't spare anyone.No me
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Chapter 4 - Trouble
"Come on nan, just one more sip," Rhiannon forced the bitter medicine down the nan's mouth."That which! why do you go to her for such nasty stuff?" Nan complained, squinting her wrinkled face."This bitter medicine is making you well nan," Rhiannon chuckled."The Duchess wants to see you miss, she is waiting for you," one of the maids announced."The Duchess?" Rhiannon paled. The Duchess only conversed with her when she wanted to yell at her or humiliate her over something. As far as Rhiannon was concerned she had followed all her commands and kept a low profile during the king's visit.There was no reason for the Duchess to get upset with her."Miss, you must not keep her waiting," the maid reminded her.Rhiannon nodded, she wiped he
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Chapter 5 - Call of the mate
Rhiannon stood patiently as the seamstress measured her body. It was probably the first time in her life when she was getting a new outfit that would fit her.Since she was was officially"engaged" to count Belfort. She was required to appear more respectable, and attend the banquet. It was no surprise that her protests went in vain. Dejected she just allowed the seamstress to do her work while she planned her escape."I want a pink dress mother!" Margaret squealed."Of course dear, " Catherine replied."Pink would look horrible on Margaret because she is a redhead but who cares," thought Rhiannon.She was not even interested in any of this."Alright! That should be enough, by when can we expect the dresses to be ready?" Catherine asked the seamstress.
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Chapter 6 - The rescue
Rhiannon closed her eyes and held in her breath. This was much better than walking. Of course, her father would have had her hide if she attempted to borrow a horse. She wasn't even given a proper riding lesson. However, the stable boy was kind to her and so was Alfred. He used to let her ride in secret.Their group made their way towards the grassy fields. Rhiannon felt the cool wind on her face. Why not enjoy the moment while it lasted. She thought."I haven't seen you around, why is it so?" Matthew asked Rhiannon startling her.She didn't realize when he arrived right next to her."I...I don't like socializing much, your grace, I like being indoors on my own, usually," she lied."Oh! So you are a homebody, what do you like to do?"Rhiannon looked aroun
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Chapter 7 - Questions
Rhiannon shivered and wrapped her hands around herself. Her wet clothes clung to her."Rhiannon!" Alfred ran towards her. Ignoring the dishevelled state he hugged her."Thank God! You are safe sister, you frightened me."Rhiannon felt genuinely grateful, "I am ok Alfred, I was a wolf," she said."What?" He peered at her as if she had grown horns."When I woke up a wolf was staring at me.""Maybe he was contemplating lunch,"  Alfred commented," anyway let's go. The prince is worried about you."Alfred wrapped his cloak around Rhiannon which she accepted gratefully. "I am relieved to see you safe, my lady," Prince Matthew said as Rhiannon
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Chapter 8 - The mate bond
Damius smiled then took a sip of wine from his goblet."There is nothing special to know about mate bonds, which you already don't know, Vasilios," Vasilios looked at his goblet and glanced back at his tutor."Perhaps, I was not specific, I understand the concept of soul mates and it's strengths, I want to know why most Alphas shun it, specifically with humans?"Damuis kept his drink on the table and stared at his wife's portrait."Let me tell you a story, it was long ago, I was around your age. One day I went to a nearby village for the summer festival of Venus, oh ! what fun it was, they don't do festivals like that anymore," he paused," anyway, there she was dancing in the ring, I was mesmerized, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. My wolf was uncontrollable, that was it, I had found my mate." He stopped a silly smile played on his lips as he remembered t
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Chapter 9 - Banquet
Rhiannon sat in her room, idly brushing her long, dark curls, wishing she was anywhere else but in this room, in this castle, on this day. She glanced over her shoulder at the stiff folds of shining fabric covering her narrow bed.Her dress was delivered to her room and she was ordered to be excited about this banquet? It was sure to be overpopulated with arrogant nobles, she was supposed to play the demure bride of the old count.As a bastard, she was not quite a noble, but not quite a servant, therefore fitting in nowhere. The servant girls instantly ceased their gossiping when she approached. The girls of noble birth snubbed her as beneath their station as if she wanted to spend her time in their stiflingly dull company in any fashion. They bonded with Margaret though.She sighed. On the brighter side, she was finally allowed to be out of the room.
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Chapter 10 - The first kiss
"Rhiannon, you are so lucky to marry me," the count said in a slurred voice."Perhaps, you should slow down sir," Rhiannon said putting the glass away."Let's dance," the count stood up pulling Rhiannon along with him. Startled, Rhiannon whimpered, but his clasp was so rigid. She could not resist.Vasilios gripped his goblet in anger. It put a slight dent in the golden cup. He could have easily crushed the ware like wax but it would have resulted in questions. He was here to get the tribute.But the moment he entered the Castle he could smell her. Her scent was everywhere, this was her home. He knew it right away. His keen senses soon picked up the details about her. She was the bastard daughter of the duke.Not that it mattered to him. His wolf didn't care about societal reputations but his mother wou
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