Chapter 11

After eating their food, all I mean Vance, Purple, Astrid, Ione, Daxon, John, Vernon and all the young wolves present in the pack.

Vance was glaring at Purple, and Purple just smirked in response. Purple was pleased to see Vance in that condition, but She also felt painful for visiting her mate in trouble.

But Purple ignored it, wolf and now plopped herself on the sofa beside John, who was looking at Purple, " Sis, that was quite rude, Alpha Vance almost died due to the chillies."

" He deserved it because He never talks to me with a nice tone; maybe He will yell or talk shit. So that was important." Purple slowly said so only John could hear as she didn't want anyone to know that she was behind all that.

“Let's watch a movie, “John said, searching for an excellent film to watch. Meanwhile purple fall into deep thought, all the incident happen today and the thing going in her life.

A year ago, she thought she would never escape that hell hol
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Cc Janis
I hate how he won't give here a chance.vance has already decided in his mind but his heart is bitter.purple is stronger to deal with the men she has and had in her life
goodnovel comment avatar
Rose SB
Vance has a lot of n nerve being jealous
goodnovel comment avatar
Jazsime Angeles
He is starting to feel the bond otherwise why would he threatened John

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