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*completed* Running away from her uncle, who kept her locked up in a room for almost 2 years after her parents died. He just wanted all the wealth of her parents. He tortures her to hand over the property to him. She has no choice but to run. She reached the dark forest where humans were strictly restricted to even stand near it. But entering the forest she did not know that her fate is tied with the king of the forest. Her uncle who is searching for her everywhere and the mateless alpha standing in front of her, to tear her apart. What will happen to her now??Alpha Vance" please at least be with her during her heat; she is a human Alpha, she can’t handle the heat. Usually human don’t have heat, but she is an Alpha’s mate, and an Alpha’s mate has to go through very worse heat than an omega." Astrid begged, but I didn't answer." look Vance___" I cut her off.." no, you look here Astrid. I don't fucking care if she lives or dies. I want us to be together."" How can you be this selfish?" she asked, and that made me go out of my mind." shut the fuck up, Astrid," I shouted and she flinched but didn't utter a word."She is mate or not I love you, Astrid , let her die I don't care

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69 Chapters
Chapter 1
The book is edited if you find any mistake please inform you through your comments ,I usually check comments once in a week. sorry to all of you who find difficulty in reading this book before it was edited. I am not perfect ,so there can be more mistakes. Please comment below the chapters or ,you can also comment with the lines which contains erro. Thank you so much for all of you reading this book. Have a nice day - 1 august 2021 I was scared of the room I was kept in. Only a tiny amount of light was coming through the window. I was sitting in the corner while hugging my knees. I buried my face within it. The hunger and the thirst I was going through was killing me inside. It was all because of my uncle. I never imagined him to turn out like this. My parents passed away, and I don't even know how I asked my uncle about my parents, but he never answered. All I have is a necklace my parents gave me, and I hold it tight while sobbing hard. My uncle used to be a cheerful person back the
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Chapter 2
The growling of the wolf reaches my ear's. That’s when I know that I wasn’t going to die under the man's bullets, much less by drowning because of the river's current, but somewhat under the claws of a wolf or, I should say werewolf. I have read about them and grew up listening to werewolf stories. I am truly destined to die today. But I’m not going to give up and lets myself die without a fight. I resume the race hoping to get out of the situation . once again, I ran to save my life, except that I ran away from animals this time. I never ventured into the forest, and I did not know where I was going. I was lost and distraught. The only thing I was sure of was that the howls of the wolf who was here to chase me from their land or make me their prisoner. They were getting dangerously close. I have read that werewolf has pack, mark their territory, no one is allowed to enter their territory without their alpha permission. Humans and werewolves had signed a peace treaty that both humans
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Chapter 3
“Mate!”                                                                       “ It’s only now that I can recognize it” I don’t want to turn around and look at her; I wasn’t ready to have a mate. But my wolf was forcing me to take her with me; she can die here.When I turn back to her to pick her up and take her with me, it is already too late. She was already running away.Purple POVI don’t know why but when the wolf looked at me with his cold ,glaring eye I was shivering in fright but also
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Chapter 4
It the morning, when Purple woke up, she finds herself lying on something soft and gentle. A bed. It was so long since she slept in an actual bed; she almost forgets about the comfort a bed gives she is used to sleeping on the floor. She turns her head a little to find a handsome young man who was is in deep sleep beside her. Purple flinched but calmed herself down, remembering all the incident happened yesterday. This handsome man took care of her.Remembering yesterday’s incident, it was the first time her seeing a wolf transformed into a human in front of her eyes; she was shocked to see something like that, but she wasn’t in her right mind to think anything at that time, and surprisingly she wasn’t scared of the person beside her. She wanted to move a little bit but sharp pain shoots her throughout her body, and a grown left her lips, which woke the man next to her.The sound of sheets crumpling up thoughts. “Morning” His voice is hoar
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Chapter 5
Vance  "please at least be with her during her heat; she is a human; she can't handle the heat. Usually, the human doesn't have heat, but she is an Alpha's mate, and an Alpha's mate has to go through very worse heat than an omega." Astrid begged, but I didn't answer.  "look, Vance", I cut her off.." no, you look here, Astrid. I don't fucking care if she lives or dies. I want us to be together."  "How can you be this selfish?" she asked, and that made me go out of my mind.  "shut the fuck up, Astrid," I shouted, and s
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Chapter 6
Ione stares at her body with a wide eye. Recovering from her shock, she gently made Purple sit on the hospital bed. Her brows furrowed all the time. Not a single word was shared between us.Ione started to fiddle with the appliance inside of her medical kit. It was hard for me to understand what she was thinking. Her worried expressions were changed into anger and concern.She stood up and walked to the attached bathroom; within seconds, she appeared with a bucket of water. Purple squeezed her eye shut, balling her hands into a fist, waiting for the pain. She hissed in pain as Ione gently glided a damp cloth all over her body, wiping away the dried blood. Purple bit her lip to stop herself from screaming out in pain. Purple PovThe wounds on my body never get a chance to heal as I was granted new wounds and wiped every day. I hate myself even to be related to a monster like him, to call him uncle. But its all good now; I won’t be seeing him an
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Chapter 7
Purple "Calm down, Purple. Everything will be ok soon. Just be patient." Ione said and started to create circles on my back, and I just nodded as the burn was too much; I could literally feel like someone just burnt me; my body was on fire."  I will die right," I said to her, and she shook her head as no."  Just be strong for yourself, I hear," Ione said"Move a little; all of you just let her breath properly," she instructed. There were people in room purple who did not know all of the people present just obeyed.. She gave me a sympathetic smile and brushed my hair with her hand." you will be fine," she said and got a syringe from her doctor's bag and filled it with something I don’t know." I have to make you unconscious," she said, and I nodded. She slowly pushed the injection in me for some minutes, my eyes droop, and I fell asleep." Ione, will she be okay?"
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Chapter 8
"yeah, Purple. I am here for only a day, and after that, don't you ever try to link or contact me? Got it." Vance said, but Purple didn't respond as she looked out of the window."did you hear what I just said?" Vance said, but Purple ignoring the question, asked Vance a question instead."Who is your girlfriend?""It's none of your business" Vance raise his voice.Purple ignored him again and asked, "what her name? Is she an omega?" ""Astrid, yes, she is an omega; she is my mate," he said, and Purple widen her eye, the girl who provided her food and clothes. Still, she sighed as purple knows if she would say anything, this wolf-mate Vance will take it negatively, so she just let the topic off and rested her head on the bed's wooden bar. "Are you feeling better?" Ione entered the room and sat beside her."yeah," Purple said and hugged her, who just sat down beside her and hugged her back."so, can I leave," Vance
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Chapter 9
1 week later.Purple wanted to go out; she was fully recovered and wanted to look around, but was afraid, she was only human in between 1000’s of a wolf. But till now, whichever member met her they all were very friendly. She doesn’t feel like she was in between animals. Alpha Vance never comes to meet her or care for her; she doubted that they were mate. Because according to her knowledge. Werewolves are most possessive over there mates, especially an alpha. They are known to be most possessive, dominant, and overprotective over there mates. They can hurt or kill anyone who hurt there mate, even there own family. But seeing Vance, she thing it must be wrong. She can’t totally trust a book too.It felt pain in her heart to know that the person who should love and protect her. Hate’s her to the core. Her hearts hurt knowing; her
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Chapter 10
" But you don't act like one," Purple said that made Vance just to shut up.Vance just continued walking, and Purple trailing behind him. Soon they arrived at the main hall room of the packhouse. It was an enormous room and all the pack members; pups get together in this room every day. The wolves are very close to each other; they can sense each other and know when they are sad or happy. I mean, they can understand the feelings of others.Astrid, who was with a pup playing, sensed Vance and looked at the door where the two males were standing; how much Astrid's heart softened, but she felt jealous of her mate standing next to someone else though he was Vance's real mate. Astrid carefully put down the pup with which she played and stood up for approaching the not so intimated couple.Vance saw Astrid coming, and he walked ahead only to hug her, and he also gave Astrid a peck on the lips. Astrid smiled, and Vance smiled too.On the other hand, Purple was j
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