Chapter 18

Purple was running at full speed. She had never felt so disgusted. A few stray tears betrayed her eyes as they rolled down her cold cheeks. She didn't care for anyone at the moment. She just knew that she couldn't stay at the party anymore; she can't let anyone see her like this. Her mind was clouded with so many pent up emotions that she couldn't think straight.

She ran across the empty streets, away from the crowd at the feast, away from her friends. She couldn't stay in the presence of that monster anymore.

She panted as she reached the room. She pushed the door open and walked straight to the bed, not even bothering to close the door behind her. She sat down on her bed when she finally released the cluster of her emotions one by one—anger, disgust, hatred, helplessness and yet sorrow.

She released them one by one as she couldn't hold them back anymore. This is not the first time she had seen a man do something so disgusting in front of her. This though

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I wonder if this person is Samuel, her "uncle's" son?

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