(10)Unmistakenly love(1)

Two years ago,

It's November now, the month in which every student appear their exam, as for me I have my matriculation In February, Liam will appear his 11th-grade exam in January, in short, we won't be able to enjoy our holiday. Sad life I know.

I wish I could be like Justin because he just finish his exam yesterday and he doesn't have to study until the new session starts next year.

When will I grow up and marry Liam?

It's not the first time I envision my future, getting married to him on the sea beach, us having our kids, it's everything I dream of in the daytime rather than studying. If my mom knows I have feelings for my brother with no blood relation she is sure to be disappointed in me. So, I never tell anyone about my feelings for Liam.

Better safe than be sorry.

I walk down the street muttering curses under my breath, mom has asked me to bring vegetables from Liam home because their relatives sent them from their place. While I was busy sleeping considering I don't have a
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