Remembering Liam

Remembering Liam

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Scarlet and Liam were best friends since they were kids. They were basically siblings by clans. They were not allowed to have romantic feelings towards each other. As a child, it is easy to follow the rules but as they grow older it gets harder to remain only friends. Their attraction towards each other forces them to become a stranger. Will they fight for their feelings or remain practically a stranger?Remember Liam (Book 1 of Liam series)

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91 Chapters
(1)Rainy days
The sound of the rain on the tinted roof soothes me. I breathe in the smell of rain mixed with dry grass, It's the end of October and here in Imphal city, it rains for half of the month making it seem like a rainy season.It's almost 8 pm and almost all the shops were closed. I debated on walking home by myself since It is only 20 minutes walk but the last time I came home alone mom scolded me saying it is not safe for a girl to walk alone. As a mom, she cares a lot and tended to exaggerate things. I am still in my 12 grade and my pre-selection is in one week. I could hardly stay at home because of my parents monitoring my every move.Today is the last day of our tuition and here I am waiting for my dad who’d probably forgots to pick me up because he was busy persuading people to give him some more days to pay for their money.It's funny how life turns out to be, three years ago, dad started his own business and wasgrowing successfully until his friend betrayed him. His stocks and sha
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(2)I believe if it is with you
The sight of the familiar street used to lighten my spirits but it's only a constant reminder of what I couldn't get. The all too familiar house with one storey and the sight of the Gulmohar trees in the sidewalk brings back too many memories. The trees shed most of their leaves and stood in the cold October morning. I've never realized it's already been eleven months the last time I stood here.As, I continue trotting down the street, with the cold air hitting my face, and the skies so dark except for the morning star and the moonlight making the place looks so serene and pleasant. It captivates me how beautiful the skies are before the daylight, and yet everything disappears when the sun rises. Nothing stays the same way I thought, I need to learn how to accept my reality but it's not easy. I just want to stop being ungrateful. I rounded the corner and headed towards my home wondering why I thought it was a good idea to come here. Today is the last day of my high school, I consider
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(3)He's back?
"Are you okay now?" Liam asked me bringing me out of my thoughts. We were in the kitchen, I am sitting in the counter and he standing between my legs wrapping my hand with the bandage. It is a lot to take in, me running and hiding under my bed, Liam suddenly in my home, it feels like tomorrow I will wake up and everything will be a dream. We were standing too close for my liking, my heart is beating at an unusual speed, I worry it will explode."I'm okay" I mumble looking away from his worried pair of eyes."Okay""Thanks," I said referring to my hand. I pull my hands away from his warm one, he nodded in understanding and step away putting some distance between us. "How did you get in? I remember locking the door" I said curiously as to how he got in."Ah about that, I pick up Justin from his school and met your mom. She requested me to drop those vegetables here and gave me her keys" he explained pointing his hands towards the vegetable sack. That explains why there were vegetable
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(4)Your boyfriend?
"Liam " I yell trying hard not to cry. We were alone in his home playing hide and seek. I was in his parent's room hiding in the closet. But it's almost been an hour and it's getting creepy. It reminded me of the horror movie, the girl hiding in the closet and then her phone ringing.I bit my lips hard willing myself not to cry, it's dark in here and I couldn't find the courage to yell again fearing of any spirit. I fear that if I scream, a hand would suddenly clamp my mouth threatening to kill me. I pray in my head mentally, sweating profusely.Tick Tock Tick TockI was counting down seconds when the closet door yanks open."BOO""AHHHHHHHHHHI woke up alarmed and sat up yanking the covers off me. I look around frantically and my eyes landed on Liam sleeping figure at his chair. I look around his huge room, the walls are painted in a light shade of blue, the while ceiling and the white concrete, there were pictures of us when we young, us in the elementary school, the BBS, pictures
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(5)Little crush
Two years ago,Zinc granules react with dilute sulphuric acid to give hydrogen gas. Hydrogen burns in air with a pop sound.I yell almost tearing my hair out, our school conducts a monthly test and I have chemistry paper tomorrow but I haven't touched a single thing. When it comes to chemistry I could hardly understand anything, although Liam excels in every subject, I don't. Sometimes, I wanted to smack him hard for being so smart. Liam is older than me by only four months but he's my senior. I am in 10th grade which makes him 11th grade this year. Liam is the one who always helps me with my studies but he's caught a cold this time and I have no one to study with. I know I'll have a hard time without him when he graduates earlier than me. I knock the door rapidly knowing Liam is probably asleep or playing video games. The door creaks open revealing Liam messy hair and puffy eyes wearing three layers of the jacket, I feel like sweating just by looking at him. I would have laughed at
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(6)Ray's of hope
I stood on the balcony gazing at the sight of the mountains and skies. Manipur is truly beautiful, the cities are surrounded by hills on every side. The place gives a lively vibe and looks so gentle and peaceful. It's such a beautiful sight and I would have felt like it was okay but I could never be happy knowing my mom and dad are running away from the deceased family. Liam dad is a lawyer and he's trying hard to solve the problems, he got a call from my parents last night asking about me. It's been exactly two months since the ex-employee of my dad committed suicide, the news is the talk of the town for the whole week, it still is. I have moved in the guest room last week although Liam strongly disagree, I never knew why he would want me to stay with him, he probably pities me and thinks one day I am gonna break which is far from the truth because I don't even know what to think. I stop caring and I am too sad to cry. Why dwell on the what if's? I would accept what life throws at me
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(7)Little acts of love
Two years ago, It's Monday morning, another school day if it was a normal day I would have been jumping around acting cute around my mom when she makes my breakfast. Being the only child, my parents pampered me endlessly. Liam would tease me I am a brat. Maybe half true though. Liam, my heart flutters at the thought of him pecking my cheek. I have been avoiding any chance of interaction with Liam since that day that makes it two days. Two days without Liam, it's a record. "Scarlet eat your food, you'll be late for school," mom says flicking my forehead. "Mom do you think I could stay home today, my head hurts" I lied holding my head as it hurts. Truth is I don't know what to do if I meet Liam. "Young lady, I know what you are playing at?" Mom says suspiciously. "What do you mean mom?" "You are scared you'll get your test paper today, ""What? I don't even think about that, now that you reminded me, my head hurts more " "Stop whining or I'll tell your dad," mom says sternly. "M
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(8)Promise me
It's December twenty-fifth and almost three months I never got to talk with my parents, I am mad at them for leaving me alone but I couldn't bring myself to contact them either. The town is celebrating Christmas but I stay alone not really in the mood for Christmas. Days turn months and soon months will turn year. If only my parents are with me I would have bought gifts and we would have been so happy celebrating Christmas together. As he said Liam goes to college from his home, we would never stay alone together, so we hardly talk with each other. Chase texted me last night to meet up today and I am meeting him later. I know it's unfair for him to prolong this relationship and it needs to stop. No matter what I am breaking up with him. I was watching a movie with a phone in my hand scrolling the Instagram feed. I raised head and froze when I see Liam in the doorway staring at me. The intensity in his eyes makes me want to run out of the rooms. He was supposed to be in the church and
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(9)Do you know how beautiful you look today?
It's new year's eve today, I woke up with a huge headache, I indulge myself in the book most of the time because honestly, that's the best distraction I could find. Justin would play with me sometimes, probably Aunt idea but that kid makes me laugh so hard sometimes. He's ten this year and being the youngest one still acts like a kid. A week passed and I haven't seen Liam since that night, the whole week is really hard for me, I only think about him. Aunt Ruth refuse to let me stay home for the rest of the week so I would sometimes go to church or tag along with her to the malls and grocery store. She's the epitome of a cheery woman. I decided to work at the town library for my expense and Aunt Ruth got the job the for me. I am glad I don't have to haul myself in the room for the whole day. As for today, I decided to join the New year's function because Aunt is too persistence. Youths are supposed to decorate the church and the town entrance. Liam and I always use to go and play with
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(10)Unmistakenly love(1)
Two years ago, It's November now, the month in which every student appear their exam, as for me I have my matriculation In February, Liam will appear his 11th-grade exam in January, in short, we won't be able to enjoy our holiday. Sad life I know. I wish I could be like Justin because he just finish his exam yesterday and he doesn't have to study until the new session starts next year.When will I grow up and marry Liam?It's not the first time I envision my future, getting married to him on the sea beach, us having our kids, it's everything I dream of in the daytime rather than studying. If my mom knows I have feelings for my brother with no blood relation she is sure to be disappointed in me. So, I never tell anyone about my feelings for Liam.Better safe than be sorry. I walk down the street muttering curses under my breath, mom has asked me to bring vegetables from Liam home because their relatives sent them from their place. While I was busy sleeping considering I don't have a
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