(13)Punch you or kiss you

Two years ago,

The skies are covered with mist, the weather freezing with no sign of any sunlight, our teeth chattering under the covers, we are supposed to study but we were in our bed shivering.

"Scarlet, will you stay here?" Charlotte says hugging me closer. I lean to her warm body my eyes drooping, I nod my head mindlessly to her question. Charlotte and I share our room, both of us usually sleep together despite provided two different beds.

"Scarlet don't you dare sleep again, you are supposed to help me pack my bags " she pushed me taking the covers off me.

"It's freakingly cold, lotte please show me some mercy "

"I told you not to call me that, " she says annoyed, I call her lotte because it is similar to lotte duty-free. she'll end up pinching me if I call her that.

I woke up groggily rubbing the sleep off my eyes, It's December twenty-third, we all are supposed to go home for Christmas but I am still mad at my parents and my so-called boyfriend for sending me here. It's bee
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