Two years ago,

"Merry Christmas" we all shouted in unison, The people around us were laughing and hugging wishing each other. It's midnight exactly and all the church members were sitting around the bonfire waiting for midnight. The representative's blast beautiful fireworks, the skies fill with multiple colours, Liam grips my hand tighter as we watch the firework display, it's such a beautiful moment, I wanted to replay it over and over again.

"Merry Christmas scar, I love you so much " he whispers in my ears kissing my cheek. We were at the back so it's hard for people to see us, I grin up at him mouthing back the word 'I love you'

If only I could stay like this forever.

Soon, my parents came to wish me, my mom pinching my cheek playfully.

"Merry Christmas love "

"Merry Christmas mom, where is daddy?" I ask looking around for my dad.

"He went to sleep early honey, are you ready to go back?"

"Hmm, mom can I stay a bit longer, Liam can drop me home," I ask hoping she would say y
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