(16)The beast


It's been three months since my mom and dad left me, three months since Liam came back, nobody would tell me about my parents and I stop asking. My board exam just ended last week, I would be going to college in the summer, away from the town. I still have three more months until college, three months to finally escape from this place.

"Scarlet you hear me?" Jamie waves her finger in front of my face. We've been working together for almost a week now, the first day she came to work Jamie got a whole lot of scolding from our rude boss. Ashton hardly smiles to everyone which is so hard for Jamie and I. Jamie being so clumsy knock over the books in the second row earning three minutes session of warning from Aston, the poor girl is almost in the verge of tears when Ashton scolded her in front of many strangers, the second day she came she's a lot more okay when asked if she was always clumsy, she replied was " Oh I forgot to wear my glasses yesterday " we both have laug
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