Chapter 9


After that incident at Best Global, I hadn't been myself. I felt like committing suicide but whenever it came to my mind, I always thought about my parents, my friends and everyone around me. 

I had to take one week absent leave from the hospital. Thanks to Cassandra and Alex, they took turn to take care of me. Alex had been so supportive. He took me out almost everyday.

Today being Friday, we settled for the cinema to watch movie, but before that he said we should do some window shopping. 

So we ended up going to Ikeja City Mall. But something happened, we saw Eric and Annabelle and I lost interest immediately. They walked up to us upon seeing me.

"Omotara," He said 

"Mr Olaosebikan how are you doing... Meet Alexander Badmus my manager," I said 

"Am okay... Wow Alexander the gre

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